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30 August 2013 @ 11:14 pm
Decerto: Road to Freedom  
Title: Decerto: Road to Freedom
Chapter: 38/40 + epilogue
Fandoms: Super Junior, U-Kiss
Pairings: KyuHyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/HeeChul, KiBum/SooHyun
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Taking place six years before the events of Decerto, the story of how a human and a slave started a revolution.

Inside the arena, Zhou Mi had finally got to the top floor, panting a little at having to climb so many stairs. He needed to work out more if a few flights would wind him like that. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he exited the stairwell and started for his office. His office. With any luck the little weasel hadn't left yet.

Jogging down the hallway, KyuHyun struggled to keep his breathing under control. Now was not the time for an attack. "What are we even doing?" Asked JungMin behind him, the dragon following with HyunJoong.

"Getting control back," KyuHyun answered, sparing them a glance before looking forward. A familiar lanky figure was leaving the stairwell, taking the corner, and he ran faster. "Yah, wait up!" he shouted, catching up with Zhou Mi around the corner.

Relief swept through Zhou Mi as he stopped and looked over his shoulder. He wanted to wrap KyuHyun up in his arms and never let him go. But he had to focus, there was still too much to be done. "I'm very cross with you KuiXian, I wasn't ready for that. You're just lucky I was paying attention," he said, allowing himself a flicker of a smile. He barely noticed the two Signs that were with him.

"Yeah, well, they were going to start revolting anyways, that's what happens when stupid people get the idea of pissing off a bunch of angry fighters."  KyuHyun skidded to a stop next to Zhou Mi, panting. He returned Zhou Mi's small smile, relief in his face.  "I brought backup."

"I'm not sure that will be necessary," Zhou Mi said, eyeing the two fighters. "I've already called the shareholders. They are not pleased at all, and no one can find Master Jung so they're reversing the decision as long as I can get the fighters under control."

"Guess we're sticking around for the show," JungMin commented, hand in HyunJoong's.

"Let's go then." While they'd been talking, KyuHyun had regained his breath. The snake slipped around in front of Zhou Mi, hurrying up the stairs. "I'll go first in case someone tries to put a bullet between your eyes," he called over his shoulder.

"Please be careful, KuiXian," Zhou Mi sighed, following after him. He didn't want to lose him all over again now that they were back together.

At the top of the stairs was the reception area, the poor receptionist looking absolutely terrified. Her eyes widened when she saw Zhou Mi, and she got to her feet. "He's still in there sir, he's locked the door."

"Thank, you should probably get out of here now," Zhou Mi told her gently, watching the girl take off. "Open the door KuiXian."

"The nice way, or the hard way?" KyuHyun pressed both hands to the door over the lock, brow furrowing. He couldn't warp the metal and break the lock, but the wall it was attached to was another matter. Concentrating, he was rewarded by a crunching noise and the door opened without resistance.

He heard the click of a gun the same time HyunJoong did. "Get down!" the tiger hissed behind him, KyuHyun hitting the ground hard as the gun fired, missing.

"Get out of my office!" Kang wasn't giving up without a fight.

"He's got a gun," HyunJoong scowled, glancing at JungMin. "I can't get close enough, deal with him."

"Why me, you're the metal elementalist," JungMin huffed before suddenly shifting into full dragon, his clothes tearing.  If it were any other time but now, KyuHyun would have been crying-laughing at the pony-sized dragon JungMin was. The snake rolled out of the way and JungMin darted past him into the office on all fours.

There was a gunshot and scream from the man inside, then a thump and a string of curses.  KyuHyun poked his head into the room, seeing the dragon sitting on top of the commissioner, gun tossed to a corner of the room and the hatchling growling in the man's face.

"That's why," HyunJoong chuckled in reply to JungMin, as he helped Zhou Mi back up to his feet after having pushed him over. Zhou Mi appreciated that he hadn't been shot, but he didn't like being knocked over.

"Well then, thank you," Zhou Mi said, dusting off his shirt and following them into the room. "I'm sorry to say, but the shareholders don't think you're being as affective as they hoped you would be," he said, leaning over JungMin's shoulder and peering at the man on the floor. "They have a message for you. You're fired. If I could get you two to take out the trash, I have some fighters to wrangle."

Kang continued to spew obscenities until JungMin blew smoke in his face to shut him up. The hatchling climbed off the human, gripping the front of Kang's shirt with sharp fangs and dragging.

"I think he needs a little help there," KyuHyun rolled his eyes, maneuvering around them to get back beside Zhou Mi. His arm brushed against Zhou Mi's lightly.

"You're going to burn him alive," HyunJoong sighed, pulling the man up to his feet. Taking another coin out of his pocket, he wrapped the metal around the man's wrists, cuffing them together. "Where are we taking him?"

"Outside, the fighters can deal with him," Zhou Mi said, frowning at the mess on top of his desk. "KuiXian, I'm going to want to make an announcement, can you get that arranged for me?"

"Let's go scales for brains, I'd like to know where our masters have gone too," HyunJoong said, pushing the trussed up man in front of him to start walking. As soon as they had left the room, Zhou Mi let out a heavy sigh of relief and pulled KyuHyun into a tight hug.

"I was so... so worried," he whispered, squeezing the life out of the snake.

Wincing at the tight grip, KyuHyun returned the hug. The snake buried his nose in Zhou Mi's shoulder and inhaled deeply. "Me too," he murmured, running his hand along Zhou Mi's back. "Let's not ever do that again, deal?"

"Deal," Zhou Mi nodded, turning his head enough to kiss the side of KyuHyun's head before finally pulling back. He brought up a hand to trace over the bruise on KyuHyun's jaw. "I should have him torn to pieces for this... did he hurt you?"

"Not that much, I didn't give him much opportunity," KyuHyun smirked a little, pulling Zhou Mi's hand away from the bruise before leaning up and kissing Zhou Mi softly. "There's only one person I've ever called master, and it sure as hell isn't him."

"As far as I'm concerned, you'll never call anyone master ever again," Zhou Mi replied. "The laws passed the senate, Geng did it. I'll have to get a hold of him and have him come down here... Need to have a meeting with the house owners." He pulled back, taking a deep breath. "First thing's first. We need to get those fighters off the street and back into the collosseum. I'll want to speak to them, and then the house owners."

"Okay," KyuHyun nodded, straightening. "I'll go down there, make sure they listen." He could hear the chaos from outside was slowly quietening. Squeezing Zhou Mi's shoulders, he stepped back. "I'll meet you back inside?"

"Yeah... I love you KuiXian," Zhou Mi said, allowing himself a real smile for the first time in days. "Be careful out there."

"Love you too," KyuHyun chuckled, lips quirking before he turned and left the commissioner's office. He set out in a light jog back down to ground level.

By the time he got outside, the fighters and protestors had subdued a lot of the police. There were sirens in the distance, either more police on their way or ambulances. Looking around, KyuHyun could see people injured, human and Sign alike. Hopefully there weren't too many deaths.

There was only one staff member left that Zhou Mi could find, but it was enough for the two of them to get the recording equipment and microphones back up and running. When the green light on the camera came on, the staffer nodded and Zhou Mi smiled at the camera. Hopefully KyuHyun was in place by then.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. The fighting must stop, all fighters need to return to the arena. House masters, I require your presence in the general admission stands. KuiXian?"

Waiting by the colosseum entrance, KyuHyun stomped a foot into the ground and lifted himself up on a stone pillar. He could see the fighters turning to look at him as he came into view. "Fighters, please proceed to the arena," he said into his microphone which he'd somehow managed to keep a hold on through the chaos.  "Allow for emergency crews to arrive and take care of the injured.  Any injured fighters will be seen to by medical crew in the arena.  Can police officials please join the house masters in the general admission stands.  No violence will be tolerated."

He could hear murmurs of discontent, some of the fighters inching back. DongHae was making his way to the entrance, smiling despite one arm being visibly broken. He gave KyuHyun a nod.

"Everyone inside!" HyunJoong's voice hollered over the crowd, KyuHyun looking and finding the tiger not far away. "If KyuHyun says it's okay, then it's okay."

Smiling, KyuHyun stayed up on his pillar where he could see easier, keeping an eye on the fighters. DongHae was ushering people inside near the entrance, SungMin and HyukJae dropping back to keep anyone from running off. As the fighters headed inside, ambulances were finally able to pull up and paramedics tend to the injured humans lying around the streets.

Once all the fighters were in, KyuHyun hopped off his pillar and followed DongHae, SungMin and HyukJae inside. The arena inside was crowded, fighters milling around.

"Go get that arm looked at," KyuHyun said to DongHae before searching for Zhou Mi.

The arena floor and been partially covered to allow for the fighers to stand on solid ground, Zhou Mi talking quietly to two staffers off the to the side His expression was grim and he kept glancing towards a corner of the arena before he noticed KyuHyun. Nodding politely to the workers, he met KyuHyun halfway. "Master Jung is dead," he said quietly, continuing towards where the fighters were all waiting.

Blinking, KyuHyun wanted to say 'good riddance' but figured that wasn't the appropriate reaction to someone's death, and Zhou Mi wouldn't appreciate it. "What happened, did one of the fighters get to him?" He followed along beside Zhou Mi.

"He fell from his balcony," Zhou Mi said. "They're reviewing the security tapes and will get back to me." Approaching the fighters, he climbed up onto one of the jutting rocks and held up his hands for silence. "Afternoon, thank you for joining me," he said, smiling at them all. "It has been a very long day for all of us, but I want to assure you that you have been heard. The callous actions of a misguided man will be rectified, I promise. There will be no more deaths in the tournaments."

KyuHyun stood beside the rock (more to make sure Zhou Mi wasn't going to fall than anything), looking around at all the Signs looking at them. There were still grumblings through the crowd, some of the fighters looking at each other.

"No deaths, ever?" Asked a small rat fighter standing off to the side away from the bigger Signs, clutching his tail in both hands. "Next year too?"

"Never again," Zhou Mi said, smiling down at the rat. "You should be the first to know that Senate has just passed laws giving Sign's rights. No more deaths, no more abuse at the hands of masters. No more dying in the ring... Or fighting if you don't want to. Soon... you'll even have your freedom."

Shocked noises erupted at that, some fighters not believing it and others wanting more information. KyuHyun listened to them for a minute before raising his voice. "Be quiet," he shouted, the same time DongHae called from the back, "Shut up and let the man talk!"

The fighters fell silent again. "That law, that just passed, that's giving us freedom?" Asked HyukJae, the monkey sitting up on a rock not far away to see Zhou Mi clearly over the rows of fighters.

"Unfortunately no, the laws just passed guaranteed protections to all Signs," Zhou Mi said. "I will be able to explain more when I have more information. A representative from the senate will be here shortly and I can have him explain more in detail. Abolishing slavery is the next step... and it's a step I for one will not give up on."

"Our masters, they're going to punish us for this," the rat fighter said quietly.

"No, the Games Commissioner just said that's what the new law's going to protect you against," KyuHyun said, shaking his head. "You don't have to worry about that."

"What happens now?" asked someone else.

"Now I need to talk to the house masters and inform them of the changes," Zhou Mi said. "Go back to the fighter wing, get cleaned up, something to eat. I promise, nothing will happen to you. Please trust me, I'm doing everything in my power to make sure you all stay safe."

KyuHyun watched as the fighters slowly started to leave, those injured going first so they could head to the infirmary. SungMin ushered people back out of the arena, sending Zhou Mi a smile over his shoulder before disappearing through the gates.

"One down, one to go," KyuHyun sighed, kicking the side of the stone Zhou Mi was on and forcing a step to protrude from it. "Before you slip off and break something."

"Always looking out for me," Zhou Mi said, using KyuHyun's shoulder for stability as he climbed down. "I'm not looking forward to this next one."

"Geng should be here soon, so you'll have backup," KyuHyun waited for Zhou Mi to get off the rock before moving towards the closest doors, the referee entrance. "And me too, even if I can't snipe at those people like the fighters."

"No, but don't feel like you have to hold your tongue completely," Zhou Mi said. "KuiXian... Before the house masters get here, would you do me a favor? Go find Kevin and KiBum if you can... see how things are faring for them out there?"

"Yeah, okay," KyuHyun nodded. "Kevin's the blond one with the megaphone, right?" He'd never actually met Kevin himself. Reaching the referee's room, he closed the door after them and spared a moment to pull Zhou Mi into a kiss.

Zhou Mi returned the kiss, his hands at KyuHyun's waist holding him tightly. As much as he really wanted to pull KyuHyun down to the bed and make up for the night missed, there was too much to do. Finally pulling away, his lips quirked a little. "I think we'll have to save that for later... meet me up in general admission seats soon as you can. I'll begin when Geng gets here."

"I'll be right there," KyuHyun returned the smile. He turned and left the room, headed back out to the streets. He would be glad when all the running around is over.

Leaving the colosseum, KyuHyun looked around the protestors left outside with the police. Those with serious injuries had already been carried off by ambulances, paramedics still around checking those remaining. He couldn't see KiBum or SooHyun anywhere, but after searching the grounds he did find a kid with bright blond hair.

Approaching, KyuHyun stopped beside him. "You're Kevin, right?"

Straightening from where he was helping an injured protestor, Kevin nodded. "Yeah... KyuHyun right? Everything okay in there? It's going to be a while before this mess is sorted out here."

"Everything's good, all things considered," KyuHyun nodded, looking around the area. "Zhou Mi will be talking to the house masters in a few minutes, but he wanted to know how things are out here with you and KiBum. Not too many people injured, I hope?"

"Not... too many," Kevin said, chewing on his lip. "KiBum though... he got hit. I don't know all the details but he got shot in the head, and they took him to the hospital. I don't know if he's okay."

KyuHyun's eyes widened. "Oh…I'll let Zhou Mi know. If you hear anything about him, let us know, I don't think we're going to be leaving the area for a while. Are the police giving you a hard time? Zhou Mi should be talking to them the same time as the house masters."

"No, they're more concerned with making sure the hurt people are taken care of," Kevin said. "I think they're more at a loss as to what happened here than anybody. I guess that's a good thing. I need to get back to work, there's so many people injured... if I find out anything about KiBum I'll let you know."

"Okay, good luck," KyuHyun nodded, stepping away. He turned and headed back towards the entrance at a brisk walk. As he was entering the colosseum, he saw YunHo and YoungSaeng heading the same way. Their expressions were solemn, and slightly shocked. Sparing YunHo a tight smile when the human met his eyes, KyuHyun turned away and sped up when he saw Zhou Mi up ahead. There was no sign of their senator yet.
Amaranth Pearbuckleapearbuckle19 on August 31st, 2013 09:20 am (UTC)
I'll never ever get over Hatchling!Min ... ever.

I'm sooo happy about Master Jung being dead ...

I still think it's a little amazing that the fighters all returned, that none were just too traumatized to stop. It's a testament to the build up and planning.
renichifreakrenichifreak on August 31st, 2013 11:28 am (UTC)
baby dragon Jungmin will forever be the death of me and even though Hyun couldn't laugh on the outside, I'm sure he was cracking the hell up on the inside~

can't wait to see how things go from this side of things though~~
TahJae0025: irresistibletahjae0025 on August 31st, 2013 04:20 pm (UTC)
aaahh...Baby Dragon..even in a tense situation he is too adorable to resist!

Glimpses of Hyukkie...my heart flutters...lol

It's ending...can't beleive it...gah! bittersweet moment..T_T

That QMi hug touched me deep down after all the worry
NT59NT591 on August 31st, 2013 06:20 pm (UTC)
JungMin turning to his dragon form never fails to leave me in laughing fits!! ha ha haaaaa!!

hyunaeparkhyunaepark on September 5th, 2013 04:17 am (UTC)
Min I swear to god THE BEST
and Master Jung
fuck yeah
screefvrdb; I teared up again like I did the first time ;~; ugh