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Decerto: Road to Freedom

Title: Decerto: Road to Freedom
Chapter: 38/40 + epilogue
Fandoms: Super Junior, U-Kiss
Pairings: KyuHyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/HeeChul, KiBum/SooHyun
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Taking place six years before the events of Decerto, the story of how a human and a slave started a revolution.

The first night without KyuHyun had been terrible. Zhou Mi had tossed and turned, only catching snatches of sleep. He was jolted awake every time he heard a noise outside the door, terrified that Master Jung had somehow found him. The day after proved to be not much better. KiBum and Kevin had gone to the protests, leaving Zhou Mi alone with SooHyun at the apartment. If anything, the goat was more on edge than he was, shrieking when when Zhou Mi accidentally dropped a plate.

It was decided after that fiasco that Zhou Mi would go to the protests with KiBum, despite the young human's protests. Zhou Mi couldn't stand the idea of being so far away from the arena, and from KyuHyun. If sleeping alone at night was bad, having to watch KyuHyun on the monitors was going to be even worse.

It was only the third morning since Zhou Mi had been ousted, and it felt like it had been a lifetime. All he wanted, was to see KyuHyun and make sure he was okay.

Inside the colosseum, KyuHyun was warily approaching the commissioner's box. He'd been summoned to collect the list of fighters for the day, and just wanted to grab the list and go. He'd spent as much time down in the fighters' wing as he could, avoiding being around his new master. The man made him sick.

He missed Zhou Mi, missed his loud laughs and silly, overly sentimental smiles. At least he could be sure that Zhou Mi was somewhere safe…he hoped. If Zhou Mi was in trouble out there, KyuHyun couldn't protect him.

He just hoped the revolt would go well and Zhou Mi would get his position back. The snake might be able to hide from Commissioner Kang while the tournament was still underway, saved in part by the lack of replacement referee, but if he was still under the man's 'care' after the season was over…he wasn't sure he'd last a month.

At least he'd managed to rescue his spare inhaler from inside the desk before it could be discovered. He didn't want his asthma known; Kang would be sure to use it against him somehow.

Stopping outside of the office, KyuHyun looked at the assistant sitting behind a desk in the lobby. She looked just as stressed out as he felt, avoiding looking at the snake. KyuHyun's lips thinned and he knocked on the door, waiting a moment before pushing it open.

Commissioner Kang was seated at the desk, frowning at the piles of paperwork that had piled up around him. It seemed like he didn't know what he was supposed to do with it all, poking at one of the folers when KyuHyun came in. He looked up, eyes narrowed. "There you are, I summoned you half an hour ago." Getting to his feet, Kang picked up a file from the top of one of the stacks and shoved it out to him. "Here's the list, and the new rule changes. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them, you'll need to know this before the first match."

KyuHyun walked to the desk, eyes narrowing slightly. Rule changes? The file being shoved at him fell off the desk and onto the floor, KyuHyun crouching to pick up the papers that had spilled out.

He straightened, looking down at the one on top of the messy pile. The new rule changes…

Reading the first line, the snakes eyes widened. "What?!" He looked up at Kang, expression shocked. "All third-tier matches ending in a death? Are you mad?!"

"Don't you dare raise your voice to me!" Kang snarled. "I will make whatever rules I wish, I am the commissioner now!"

"Yeah, a fucking moron of a commissioner! You kill off all the best fighters and soon there won't be a tournament anymore!" KyuHyun snapped back. "Even your daddy won't be able to save you then!"

The sound that came out of Commissioner Kang's throat at that was not much different from a wounded animal, and he lunged around the desk to get at KyuHyun. "Don't you say a fucking word about my father!" Raising his fist, he swung at KyuHyun, backhanding him across the face. "My father was the greatest commissioner the games ever saw!"

Staggering, KyuHyun managed not to bite his lip this time. He rattled lowly in his throat, eyes flashing; while he might hiss for any number of reasons, he rattled only when he was really pissed. "Yeah, and that's why the shareholders kicked him off, he was so great he couldn't even fill half the stands. I was there when they replaced him, and let me tell you, he wasn't the greatest of anything."

"Shut up! Shut the fuck up!" Kang roared, arm sweeping the paperwork off his desk. "You know nothing about my father! That chinese asshole ruined him and now I'm going to make him pay!"

"Doubt that," KyuHyun said, slowly backing away to the door with the lists in his hands. "You're going to fail just like him, and just like him, you're gonna do it all by yourself." The snake took off right after that, not sticking around to see the result of his words. Sparing the assistant outside a tense smile (she looked mildly terrified now), KyuHyun took off in a light jog towards the lower levels.

Once he was in the referee room, he stopped and looked down at the list in his hands. Anger boiled under his skin, and he ripped the paper in two before dropping it on the ground. No, he wasn't going to follow through with what that asshole wanted.

Sorry, Mi, we can't wait any longer. The revolt was starting now. And thinking of how to signal that to the fighters, KyuHyun thought about HyunJoong and JungMin. The two who were in love, who would never fight if it meant killing the other in a death match. The snake smirked; it didn't matter who was on that list to fight first, because he was making his own list.

"…Is it starting?" KiBum frowned, holding onto SooHyun's hand as they looked up at the large screen outside the colosseum. It displayed static, before switching to a view of the commissioner's box.

Rather than KyuHyun starting things off, the new commissioner was standing at the railing of his box, microphone in hand. "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please," the man said gruffly. "A new rule has been passed effective immediately. All third tier rounds must end with the death of the opponent. Any fighter that refuses, will be punished accordingly."

There was an obvious sound of shock that rose up not only amongst the protestors, but inside the arena as well, the microphones picking it up. Zhou Mi felt like the ground beneath him had opened and swallowed him whole. "KiBum... get Kevin," he said, his hand resting on KiBum's shoulder. This was going to end badly.

Eyes just as wide, KiBum turned and hurried through the crowd to get to Kevin in the middle, pulling SooHyun with him. The protestors were getting agitated at the news, shouting louder than before.

Reaching Kevin, KiBum looked back just in time to see KyuHyun taking his place on top of the platform. The snake was sporting a bruise along his jaw, eyes dark.

"May the first set of fighters come forward," KyuHyun's voice rang from the speakers. "HyunJoong the tiger, and JungMin the dragon!"

Zhou Mi's eyes narrowed when he saw the bruise, and if he was a tiger his hackles would be up. That asshole had touched KyuHyun, hurt him. He would rip the man limb from limb. Nothing else mattered at that point, not the revolt, not anyone else around them.

By the time KiBum and Kevin returned, the arena gate was opening. The tiger and dragon were coming out together and approaching KyuHyun on the platform. A hush fell over the crowd inside and outside, everyone curious to see what they would do.

Head up, ears out, the tiger raised his voice enough to be picked up by the camera microphones. "We refuse to fight," he said clearly, taking the dragon's hand in his own. "And you can tell that asshole I said so."

The smirk on KyuHyun's lips was pure mischief, and KiBum knew what the snake was going to do even before he did it. Turning around to face the commissioner's box, KyuHyun yelled as loud as he could. "YAH, ASSHOLE!  They refuse to fight!"

The camera switched to the commissioner standing there fuming. "Then all three of you shall be executed," he hissed through the microphone. "Guards! Apprehend them! This tournament hasn't seen a proper execution in a long time."

The reaction outside was instantaneous, shouts going up as people started to push. KiBum pulled SooHyun closer, wide eyes on the screen. Guards were rushing into the arena, heading for the three Signs in the middle.

"We're done dying for you!" JungMin's loud voice rang out before KyuHyun leapt up and stomped both feet hard into the platform he was on. Slabs of stone burst out of the ground on either side of the guards approaching, trapping them.

The moment things exploded, Zhou Mi rounded on Kevin and KiBum, trying to keep them together. "Listen!" he said, getting their attention. "Whatever happens, keep the fighters in the street, do not let them get out into the city! They know you're on their side, but don't let them hurt anyone!"

"What about you?" Kevin asked, nearly stumbling when someone knocked into his shoulder.

"I have to find KuiXian and get my job back!" Zhou Mi said with a grin, patting their arms and ducking away. He was lost in the crowd within minutes. Having been commissioner for as long as he had, he knew all the ways into the building. Especially ones that the fighters wouldn't be pouring out of like the main doors. Once inside though, he would have to make it up to the top level to get to the commissioner's office without using any of the lifts as they probably weren't in service anymore. He just hoped KyuHyun would find him quickly.

KiBum lost sight of Zhou Mi quickly, looking back at Kevin. "We need to get between security and the fighters! We still have some time before the fighters get out here, let's set up a barricade!" He could hear sirens approaching over the chaos; they wouldn't have long before police and riot squads got here.

The only word that SooHyun knew that could describe what was going on around them was chaos. Mere seconds after KiBum and Kevin had started yelling to get people organized, the main arena doors burst open. Humans and Signs came pouring out like ants out of an anthill, the humans doing their best to get away.

With some help from a few of the fighters who seemed to be acting like wranglers, a three person deep line was formed of protestors around the Signs. SooHyun could see a few of the fighters were attempting to break free but quickly pushed back in by a dog. People were screaming and running every which way, but the crowd soon parted for police vehicles. SooHyun was more than a little worried as KiBum had positioned himself right in front, right in harm's way. He didn't see where Kevin had gone, but could hear his voice on a megaphone from somewhere.

Heart racing, KiBum watched the riot police approaching, bellowing for the protestors to move. He couldn't tell if the adrenaline rush was from excitement or pure fear. Probably somewhere in the middle, and he made sure there was no room between him and the person beside him for someone to pass.

The police were right across from them now, KiBum lifting his chin even as a gun was leveled at his head. "Stay with me?" he heard himself ask, hand finding SooHyun's.

"Wasn't planning on going anywhere," SooHyun said, taking KiBum's hand and holding it tightly. It was tense, beyond anything that SooHyun had ever felt before. Police were shouting, fighters were pushing on them from behind and any second the protestors could be shot down.

A familiar voice reached SooHyun's ears from somewhere beyond the police, and his ears flicked up at that as he looked right at where HyungJoon and KyuJong were being pushed back by a police officer. "KiBum, look," he nudged him.

Tearing his eyes away from the officer with the gun, KiBum looked to the side and his eyes widened. HyungJoon. "Hyung!" he yelled, his voice getting lost in the crowd. Why was HyungJoon out here, why wasn't he getting somewhere safe?

The ground rumbled and bucked beneath them, a fighter breaking through the line of protestors and lifting the ground up from under a police vehicle. Gun shots rang out over their heads, the riot police rushing the protestors as more fighters broke through.

Pain exploded, and KiBum blacked out for a split second. When his vision returned, hazy and doubled, he was on the ground. Someone tripped over his legs, but it barely registered as he gasped for breath.

"No!" SooHyun was down on his knees, protecting KiBum with his body as people shoved and fell around him. He had to get KiBum out of there, to a hospital, he couldn't lost KiBum like this. He barely registered HyungJoon crawling over to them.

"KiBum? KiBum!" HyungJoon was at SooHyun's shoulder, eyes wide.

Eyes closing, KiBum forced them open again at his brother's voice. Everything was going dim, but he could just barely make out HyungJoon's face.

"Hyung," he whispered, before HyungJoon's face faded into darkness.
Tags: fandom: super junior, fandom: ukiss, fic: decerto: road to freedom, pairing: han geng/heechul, pairing: kibum/soohyun, pairing: kyuhyun/zhou mi, rating: r
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