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12 May 2013 @ 11:06 pm
Decerto: Road to Freedom  
Title: Decerto: Road to Freedom
Chapter: 29/40 + epilogue
Fandoms: Super Junior, U-Kiss
Pairings: KyuHyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/HeeChul, KiBum/SooHyun
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Taking place six years before the events of Decerto, the story of how a human and a slave started a revolution.

"Welcome back for our exciting conclusion to the Decerto pre-tournament! We're down to our final four fighters, and if the competition was intense before, it's really heating up now!  We have three houses in the finals, all vying for that prize at the end of the day, but only one fighter can come out on top!"

KyuHyun smirked slightly as the crowd cheered. While he still wasn't the best commentator ever (a fact he would forever blame on snakes not being people-signs), the audience was especially receptive to his efforts this year. Three years ago, they had ignored him, but now they responded to his questions and interacted with both him and whatever fighter happened to win the match.

It was the last day of the pre-tournament, and things were heating up not only inside the colosseum, but outside it as well. The number of student protestors had grown by the day, especially as school finished for the various universities. Their chanting was audible from Zhou Mi's office. So far there had been no sign of KiBum, but Han Geng had informed them the younger Kim was keeping his distance to avoid being spotted by his brother. Not that HyungJoon would be paying attention to anything other than the matches right now. Two of his fighters were in the final four.

KyuHyun jumped up onto the ring, bowing deeply towards Zhou Mi up in his box before continuing.  "Introducing our final four!  From the Jung house, JungMin the dragon!  From the Lee house, DongHae the dog!  And from the Kim house, HyunJoong the tiger and KyuJong the rabbit!" The cheering from the crowd increased with each name.

"And now without further ado, let's begin the Decerto pre-tournament semi-finals!  And our first two fighters for the day..."  KyuHyun pulled out an envelope from his pocket, tearing it open and pulling out the slip of paper from inside.  "...KyuJong and DongHae!"

The gates at opposite ends of the ring opened slowly. KyuHyun watched the two fighters named appear, KyuJong looking considerably less nervous than he had that first day. To be honest, KyuHyun was surprised the other man hadn't gone full bunny in fright yet, let alone make it past experienced fighters all the way to the semi-finals. DongHae leapt up on the other side of the ring, his easy-going appearance deceiving; the dog was a good fighter.

"Are both fighters ready? Begin!" KyuHyun leapt back out of the way as DongHae closed the distance between him and KyuJong. The rabbit was surprisingly skilled, or at least skilled at getting his opponents so turned around they'd fall right off the ring from dizziness. But DongHae wasn't having any of that, halting KyuJong's attempts to retreat and herding the rabbit towards the edge of the ring.

"And we have our first hit!" KyuHyun announced as KyuJong managed to make it back to the center. Blood stained the rabbit's side. DongHae didn't give KyuJong much reprieve, attacking again.

Then vines erupted from the center of the ring, nearly startling KyuHyun off the edge of the ring himself when the stone cracked by his feet. DongHae was seized by one ankle and tossed right off the ring with a yelp.

"And that's that!  The Kim rabbit moves on to the final round!" KyuHyun announced to loud cheers and catcalls.

Up in his viewing box, Zhou Mi's lips curled slightly at hearing that. The final match was going to be very interesting now, though he doubted KyuJong would be able to beat whoever won the match between the Jung dragon and the Kim tiger. Two more matches to go and then they would have a break, something Zhou Mi was looking forward to more than anything. His attention was diverted when he heard the door opening behind him and he looked over his shoulder. "You came at a good time," he said, motioning for the two who came in to take a seat. "Can you believe how far this rabbit has gone?"

"I'm still in shock he made it through the first round," Han Geng chuckled, closing the door after them and going to sit with HeeChul on the couch. "I wonder if this means more people will be taking a second look at the stereotype of rabbits being only good as bedwarmers." He watched KyuJong hurry out of the arena, one hand against a bloody cheek. "There's just one match left?"

"One before the final yes," Zhou Mi nodded. "The Jung dragon and Kim tiger are next. It's the match I think everyone has been waiting for. The biggest two rival houses and rival Signs. Plus, they've both proven to be impressive fighters in all their matches."

"They have, the tiger's looking much better than the last time we saw him," Han Geng smiled. "And the dragon hasn't shown any sign of rampaging yet, so I guess getting Master Jung out of the arena was a good idea after all."

"The Jung house fighters have done better this year than they have ever done," Zhou Mi nodded. "Master Jung handing over control to YunHo has been the best thing for the tournaments and my sanity."

"And with the amount of matches the Kim house has won, I don't think they'll be having any trouble again anytime soon," Han Geng chuckled, looking up. KyuHyun had reappeared after a short reprieve, the ring patched up after KyuJong's plant had broken it in half.

"What an intense opening to our semi-finals!  Our workers have the ring back in top shape for the next match, who wants to see the two remaining fighters of our final four? Let's hear it for our remaining fighters!  From the Jung house, JungMin the dragon!"

The gates were open again; the dragon forwent walking out in favor of flying to his end of the ring. JungMin was a new face to the tournament, but for a green dragon, he'd done unexpectedly well. From how he lifted his chin as he landed, he knew it too.

"And his opponent, from the Kim house, HyunJoong the tiger!"

HyunJoong's approach was less showy than JungMin's, but his shoulders held the same confidence. This was no green tiger; HyunJoong had been a top contender before the mauling two years ago, and if his performance in the arena this week was any indication, he hadn't lost any of that skill.

"Are both fighters ready?" KyuHyun called, the crowd's roar nearly drowning him out. "And begin" He backpedaled to get out of the way.

"Come on scales for brains, let's see what you're really made of, or if you're just all mouth," HyunJoong called down the ring.

"Look who's talking furball!" JungMin countered before darting forward, closing the space between them quickly.

KyuHyun did his best to keep up with the fight, giving commentary where he could. These two were in it to win. JungMin was slammed onto his back and wings with a shout of pain, before smashing one heel against HyunJoong's chin to get the tiger off him. The bantering back and forth continued into the fight, and was far from friendly. Apparently, killing the opponent wasn't entirely out of the question either. Fire burned brightly, embers flying all over the ring.

"Can't even fight me without resorting to cheap tricks, you're a disgrace dragon!"

"Would you look at that, a circus clown with a superiority complex!"

And then suddenly both fighters were out of the ring; HyunJoong had tackled JungMin, without realizing how close the dragon was to the edge of the platform. Running over, KyuHyun leapt off the platform just as the tiger punched the dragon in the jaw; a violation of the rules. The dragon snarled and returned the hit with one of his own.

"Time! The match is over!" KyuHyun yelled. Neither of them were paying any attention to him, so he stamped one foot into the ground. A stone spike jutted out of the ground and effectively separated the two fighters, dragon and tiger rolling down opposite sides of the spike as KyuHyun turned it into a solid wall. The tiger was ready to round on KyuHyun for that, before security appeared to get the fighters off the field.

Watching them go, KyuHyun hopped back onto the platform.  "Well, that was exciting!  For the outcome of that match, we are waiting for a decision by the judges."  He looked up at the commissioner's box.

"If only the dragon hadn't hit him back," Zhou Mi frowned, shaking his head. "Rules are rules though," he said, getting to his feet and striding over to the edge of the balcony. "Your attention please!" Zhou Mi raised his hands, waiting for the noise of the crowd to die down before speaking again. "Due to the actions of the Kim tiger and Jung dragon once the match was over, it has been decided that the match was a draw, and as such, the Kim rabbit has been declared the winner by default. Congratulations, KyuJong! The first rabbit to ever win the pre-tournament!"

The crowd was near deafening, KyuHyun wincing and resisting covering his ears. The first rabbit entered into the tournament in decades, and he won. By default, yes, but it was still a win. They would be talking about this for a long time.

Workers were hauling a very confused KyuJong back out onto the field, the rabbit making his way back to the center where the referee was waiting.

"A round of applause for the Kim house and their rabbit fighter!" KyuHyun called over the din.

"…Wow." Han Geng blinked. "Did that really just happen?"

"Yes, it did, and it couldn't have come at a better time," Zhou Mi said, sitting down at his desk. "Attendance for the tournament is going to be through the roof, everyone is going to want a piece of that rabbit."

"I still want to know why HyungJoon would send his personal slave out to fight, but oh well." Han Geng watched KyuHyun lead KyuJong off the field. "They'll be up here soon, the press is going to be horrible."

"Yes, you should probably..." Zhou Mi looked towards the door as it slammed open, Master Jung walking in with one of Zhou Mi's assistants trailing after him.

"I'm sorry sir he wouldn't," Zhou Mi's assistant started to say, but Zhou Mi waved her off.

"It's alright, close the door please," Zhou Mi said, lips thinning at being so rudely interrupted. He could see HeeChul out of the corner of his eye slinking down in his seat. "What can I do for you that warranted breaking down my door?"

"You are an absolute disgrace," Master Jung sneered. "You would let a rabbit win by default? No one wins by default, not in the tournaments!"

"I beg to differ," Zhou Mi replied coolly. "The rules are quite clear. Any fighter engaging in fighting outside of the ring after the match is called are disqualified. Therefore the dragon and the tiger were disqualified."

Standing after the sudden entrance, Han Geng stepped forward, placing himself between Master Jung and HeeChul. "Master Jung, both fighters were fully aware of the rules; if no punches had been thrown outside the ring, they wouldn't have been disqualified. The audience doesn't seem to have your displeasure at the Kim rabbit winning, he fought as hard as any other sign." It was still hard to hear over the din outside.

"Then redo the match!" Master Jung roared, brushing past Han Geng to walk closer to Zhou Mi's desk. "I've been in the fighting industry for longer than you've been alive and when I say a fighter can't win by default then they can't win by default!"

"I will remind you that I am the games commissioner, and not you," Zhou Mi said, getting to his feet. He had a few inches on Master Jung and used every bit of that height to his advantage. "How dare you come into this office and question my decisions. I do not answer to you. I answer to the shareholders and the general public."

"Right, the shareholders," Master Jung smirked at that. "I'm sure they'll be interested in my opinion on the matter."

"Doubt it," HeeChul muttered, seeming to forget where he was. Eyes widening, Master Jung whirled around, eyes settling on the rooster.

"Excuse me? What did you say to me slave?" Master Jung hissed.

"Do not speak to him," Han Geng snapped, accent disappearing as he stepped up in front of the older man. "And he is absolutely right. You're no longer a house owner, Master Jung, and I do not see your son up here causing a fuss about his fighter being disqualified as per the rules. I feel that the safety of the commissioner and my slave is being threatened. Please see yourself out, or security will escort you off premises."

Master Jung's eyes went from Han Geng to Zhou Mi, scowling at the two. "So I see that little rumor is true then. Damn Chinese pansies are taking over. You can be sure I'll be talking to the shareholders Zhou Mi, I'm sure they'll want to know what sick things you two are doing up here."

"Leave Master Jung, and next time you wish to speak to me, make an appointment," Zhou Mi said tersely.

"Right," Master Jung snorted. He gave Han Geng a once over before turning and leaving, the door slamming against the wall in his wake. Zhou Mi felt like the air rushed out of him as he slumped into his chair and breathed a sigh of relief.

Han Geng remained standing, narrowed eyes on the door for a long moment. Exhaling slowly, he turned back to Zhou Mi and forced a smile. "That was going to happen sooner or later. Though a little more warning would have been nice."

"And I'm sure he'll be back over something else I did wrong," Zhou Mi said, rubbing at his eyes. "Thank you Geng, I'm not sure I could have handled that without you here."

"No thanks needed. I think we're going to take a quick break though, get some fresh air," Han Geng said, obviously still very angry. "We'll be back once the reporters stop swarming. HeeChul?" He held out his hands to help the rooster up.

"I'm sorry," HeeChul said, pouting a little as he took Han Geng's hand and got to his feet. "This is why it's not a good idea for me to go anywhere in public, the words just come out and I can't stop them."

"That's fine. I was looking for a reason to tell him off, even if I have to be politically correct about it." Han Geng curled his fingers around HeeChul's. "I'm just glad he didn't try anything, because then I would have punched him and bloodied Zhou Mi's expensive carpeting."

"Would have been worth it," Zhou Mi said. "I'll see you two in a bit... they're probably bringing the winning rabbit up here right now."

"Congratulate him for me," Han Geng nodded, leading HeeChul to the door and leaving.

They weren't gone for more than a minute before there was another knock on the door, KyuHyun pulling it open. "And here's our winner," he said, stepping inside. KyuJong followed after him, bowing to Zhou Mi. "The game organizers are here as well."

"KyuJong, it's good to see you again," Zhou Mi said, smiling warmly at the rabbit. "Congratulations, you did very well this entire series."

"Thank you sir," KyuJong said, nervously shuffling away from KyuHyun. The snake wrinkled his nose slightly before frowning at Zhou Mi. He could tell something was up, but couldn't ask about it with the games organizers coming in to congratulate Zhou Mi on another smoothly run pre-tournament.

Zhou Mi made light conversation with the organizers until HyungJoon arrived. It was obvious by the way the young house master was looking at his rabbit how much he cared for KyuJong. They were definitely closer than they had been when Zhou Mi had seen them last, though HyungJoon had tired dark circles under his eyes. Zhou Mi was aware of the situation with the Kim house, and how much KyuJong winning would mean for them.

After they had left and the door was finally closed so it left Zhou Mi alone with KyuHyun. He smiled tiredly at his snake, holding out a hand to him. "Geng and HeeChul will be back in a bit, but we have a few minutes for us. Ready for a break?"

"Hell yes." KyuHyun took the offered hand, stepping closer. He leaned in to kiss Zhou Mi deeply, free hand twining into the human's hair. "A long break without anything to worry about. You look like you've been chewed up and spat out."

"Master Jung was just here, making waves," Zhou Mi said, pulling KyuHyun down to sit in his lap. "How are the fighters feeling about a rabbit winning?"

"Oh some of them squawked, but I think more were impressed he made it that far, let alone won," KyuHyun replied, eyes tightening slightly as he made himself comfortable. "What did the old sourpuss want?"

"Tried to tell me how to do my job again," Zhou Mi said, nuzzling into KyuHyun's neck and just holding him. "Can I just avoid the press until we come back from break? They're going to want me to talk about KyuJong winning and what it will mean. I don't want to."

"A rabbit won, let them run with that themselves for a bit." KyuHyun ran his fingers slowly through Zhou Mi's hair. "I think we can convince your assistants to distract the press while we sneak out the back way."

"As much as I would love to, I should probably make a statement," Zhou Mi sighed. "But then we're leaving the city for the next month. I need to buy a house in the country. Somewhere we can go where no one knows where we are."

"I like the sound of that," KyuHyun chuckled. "No one around but us?" He pulled back enough to look into Zhou Mi's eyes. "And you can finally lose the raccoon look."

"I don't know, after so many years I think it's permanent," Zhou Mi pouted at him. "We should go. Faster I give a comment the faster we can get out of here and go home. Geng and HeeChul are around here somewhere if you want to find them while I make a statement to the press."

"We'll find them later." KyuHyun kissed Zhou Mi's pout, nipping his lower lip lightly. "Someone has to get you back out of there before they eat you alive."

Zhou Mi hummed a little, leaning in to kiss KyuHyun properly. "What would I do without my KuiXian?" he murmured against KyuHyun's lips.

"That's scary, let's not think about it," KyuHyun mumbled back, returning the long kiss before pulling back and climbing off the human's lap. "You'd have to kill all the spiders in the loft yourself, for one."

"Don't even joke about that," Zhou Mi said, getting to his feet. "Can you imagine me trying to deal with spiders by myself? I'd probably just end up moving."

"After breaking everything in the apartment," KyuHyun grinned. "And leaving dead spiders all over the place because you can throw shoes to kill them, but there's no way you're going to pick up the spider or the shoe afterwards."

"You're enjoying this aren't you," Zhou Mi huffed, stalking towards the door. "I for one am glad there are no spider Signs. If you had turned out to be a spider you would have been sent right back."

"What, don't want a boyfriend with eight arms?" KyuHyun grinned, following after him. "It could be really interesting."

"I prefer a boyfriend with two arms," Zhou Mi said, shuddering. "Anything else is unnatural. Now I'm not going to be able to look at you without thinking about you having eight arms. That is not a mental image I need."

"There, now you'll be too focused on the idea of spider boyfriends to worry about the statement," KyuHyun smirked, nudging Zhou Mi's side before pulling the door open for him. "I'll help get it out of your head after," he added in Mandarin.

"You better," Zhou Mi replied in kind, stepping out of his office. As he expected, he was set upon by a couple dozen reporters and flashing cameras. The assistants and guards had been quickly overrun in trying to keep the press in their own little corner but Zhou Mi just smiled. His statement was brief and to the point, congratulating HyungJoon and his rabbit and thanking every fighter. "We will return in month's time, and as the pretournament was very exciting, I'm confident the real games will be even better. Thank you." Nodding politely, he let KyuHyun lead him through the press and to the stairs where they would descend to his waiting car. From there, it was a month of sleep, good food, and rolling around in sheets with KyuHyun. He'd worry about the games once they came back from break and not a minute before.
TahJae0025tahjae0025 on May 13th, 2013 04:02 am (UTC)
after going thru Decerto I just h8 old master jung even more...the bastard...

Hangeng is a super hero! and Heechul is just pure comedic relief...lol

cheering for Kyu! /both of 'em/ heehehehehehe but especially Jongie!

I just love any verse that combines SS501 and SuJu!

OMG! i'm finally first in commenting on a fic! /falls over/

Edited at 2013-05-13 04:02 am (UTC)
Amaranth Pearbuckleapearbuckle19 on May 13th, 2013 02:43 pm (UTC)
Yay for update! :D

It's exciting reading the parallel story now that everything has caught up. Kyujong's entire experience as a fighter was one of my favorite things in the previous story so loved each mention here.
the detachment of dreams and reality resemble youryeouknim on May 13th, 2013 11:24 pm (UTC)
Oh....ohhhh! The stories are merging! I so like it! (And the icon lol)