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The Sworn ch 32

Title: The Sworn
Fandoms: SS501, Super Junior, cameos from SNSD, TVXQ and EXO-M
Chapter: 32/44 + Epilogue
Main Pairings: JungMin/YoungSaeng, KyuHyun/SungMin, KiBum/KyuJong, HyunJoong/DongHae
Minor Pairings: HyungJoon/Sunny, HeeChul/Han Geng
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: They paved the way for justice in a dangerous city, and swore to protect the innocent lives of it's citizens. An accident made them turn their backs and break their oath. It takes a man who sees it all to bring them back, to stop the coming darkness that threatens everything.
A/N: Our 8th story. Please comment! <3

SungMin's lips thinned, and he adjusted his grip on the gun to hold it to his hostage's temple instead. "I'll ask one more time. Away from the door, and face the wall."

"Please... please help me," Sunny's boyfriend whimpered, and KyuHyun could see the whites of his eyes he was so scared.

"I'm going to find you, and kill you myself," KyuHyun said lowly, moving away from the door and facing the wall. "Just don't hurt him, please."

SungMin didn't reply, pulling the boyfriend out of the room. Downstairs, the few people that were starting to wake up were in no condition to stop him as he left, bringing the other man with him.

As soon as KyuHyun heard SungMin leaving, he barrelled down the stairs. "Where's RyeoWook?" he asked, looking at the people who were still looking up. "Where is he?"

"KyuHyun? What...?" KyuJong was on his knees, rubbing at his forehead.

"He was downstairs." JungMin was pushing himself to his feet, eyes wide. "What was that gunshot? Where's YoungSaeng?!"

"... I think he's dead," KyuHyun said, moving past him to go down the stairs. "RyeoWook? Are you down here? I need your phone!"

JungMin's heart stopped. Ignoring the unconscious people around him, he staggered to the stairs and ran up them, stumbling and falling once but picking himself up to keep going.

Arriving at the bedroom, he froze inside the doorway. YoungSaeng's shirt was soaked red, and he wasn't moving. "...Saengie?" his voice cracked as he staggered to the slumped form in the corner, kneeling beside him. "YoungSaeng?" Shaking fingers brushed YoungSaeng's cheek.

There was no response, YoungSaeng's cheek was still warm to the touch though and his chest still rose and fell in small shallow breaths.

Realizing this, JungMin's eyes widened. YoungSaeng wasn't dead. "Healer...we need a healer!" He yelled, hoping someone heard him. "He's still alive!" Pulling off his shirt, he pressed it to the wound in YoungSaeng's chest and held it there tightly, hoping to slow the blood flow.

"Why do you think I was calling for RyeoWook?" KyuHyun was coming back up the stairs, RyeoWook's phone in his hand. "You remember the healer that you had called? You know what her name was?"

"It— TaeYeon, her name was TaeYeon," JungMin answered, pulling YoungSaeng into his arms to pick him up and bring him to the bed. He laid the unconscious man down, keeping his shirt pressed against the wound.

"Hopefully she's got her phone on," KyuHyun said, finding her name in the contacts and dialing. Luckily for them all she answered and KyuHyun told her she needed to get to the house immediately. Hopefully she would be in time. "She's on her way," he said, hanging up the phone. "I'm sorry JungMin... I am... so sorry."

JungMin exhaled shakily, blinking back tears as he looked down at YoungSaeng. "...What happened?" He asked lowly, looking at KyuHyun with dark anger in his eyes. "What the fuck happened, who shot him?"

"...SungMin," KyuHyun replied, looking down. "This is my fault, I believed him and he was using me..."

The redhead's jaw clenched tightly, and he looked down at YoungSaeng again. "...We'll talk about this after. Go check on the others, get some of them watching the area. This place isn't safe anymore."

Nodding, KyuHyun left the room and went back downstairs. Some of the others had woken up by then, KyuJong crouching next to KiBum. He looked up at KyuHyun with questioning eyes. "What happened KyuHyun?"

"It's... I don't know," KyuHyun shook his head. "I'm going to go patrol, make sure he doesn't come back."

RyeoWook had staggered his way upstairs by then, still a little woozy. "I'll go with you," he said, straightening. KiBum inhaled sharply as he opened his eyes, blinking up blearily at KyuJong.

"HyungJoon oppa?" They heard Sunny's voice from downstairs as she searched for her fiancé. "Oppa, where are you?"

"...Nova," KyuHyun took a deep breath, walking towards the stairs. "Sunny, come here."

"KyuHyun?" Sunny appeared at the bottom of the stairs, making her way up. Her eyes searched the main floor as she reached the landing. "Where's HyungJoon? I could have sworn he was right next to me..."

"I'm sorry, he's gone," KyuHyun said, shaking his head. "He... SungMin took him. We'll get him back okay? I promise."

"What do you mean SungMin took him?" KyuJong asked, looking up from KiBum. "Took him where?"

"...I don't know," KyuHyun said. "He betrayed me."

"He's...gone?" Sunny's eyes were wide and confused. "But...why? He doesn't have...his power doesn't even do much, why would— oh God, he's going to be killed isn't he?" Tears started to fall from her eyes, hands shaking.

"We'll find him," KyuHyun said, putting an arm around her shoulders and pulling her in close. "I'm sorry Sunny. I'm going to find that asshole and kill him, and then kill him again if HyungJoon has so much as a scratch on him."

Sunny wrapped her arms tightly around KyuHyun's middle, crying into his shirt.

The front door burst open, a very stressed TaeYeon appearing. "Where is he?"

"Upstairs," RyeoWook said, and she ran up the steps.

It took a few minutes before KyuHyun could get out of Sunny's grip, passing her over to KyuJong before heading out to patrol with RyeoWook. He was angry, and for the first time in his life he was considering murdering someone. He had been betrayed in more ways than one, and how he could have been so stupid as to believe the honey dripped lies was something he'd probably think about and hate himself for for a very long time.

At the house, KyuJong and Zhou Mi had taken up getting everyone awake and passing out tea to help with the affects of whatever it is that had happened to them. KyuJong kept glancing nervously towards the stairs waiting for some kind of news. He didn't know what to think if YoungSaeng actually died, least of which would be how JungMin would handle it. If he knew JungMin, not well at all.

It was half an hour before the stairs creaked, someone coming down. KiBum looked up to see TaeYeon slowly making her way down. "How is he?" he asked quietly.

"Sleeping," She gave a tired sigh, sitting down on the last step. "He was lucky...the bullet missed not only his organs, but all major arteries, and went clean through so there was no lead poisoning. It will take him a while to heal properly, but he's alive."

KyuJong felt a wave of relief at hearing that. "Thank you for coming once again at such short notice," he said, getting up to his feet. "I'm going to check on JungMin," he said to KiBum, giving his hand a light squeeze before going up the stairs. Knocking lightly on the door, he slowly peeked his head in. "Min?"

JungMin had pulled up a chair next to the bed, holding one of YoungSaeng's hands in both of his own and looking down at the sleeping man. He didn't look up at KyuJong's appearance, though he knew the other man was there.

"I almost lost him," he said quietly, running his thumb over the back of YoungSaeng's hand.

"But you didn't," KyuJong said, kneeling down next to JungMin's chair. "I don't know if you know or not, but SungMin took HyungJoon. When we've recovered, we're going to have to go out and find him."

Breathing in deeply, JungMin nodded. "I should have protected him...should have protected them both," he swallowed thickly. "This wouldn't have happened if I'd done something about it...not just hid away in here like a coward."

"You can't think that way," KyuJong said softly. "You didn't do this, that assassin did. We did our best to protect YoungSaeng, and he's going to be okay. We can do something now, and help HyungJoon, and bring SungMin and whoever he's working for to justice."

Nodding again, JungMin turned his head to look at KyuJong beside him, lips pressed into a thin line. "I think it's about time the Sworn finally came out of retirement. They're not going to get away with this."

"No they're not," KyuJong agreed, his expression determined. "I called Dust, she'll be here tomorrow. I know YoungSaeng said she and Nova won't be involved, but it doesn't feel right without them." He sighed a little and looked at YoungSaeng. "What are we going to do about KyuHyun?"

"We can't do this without him," JungMin said, looking back down at YoungSaeng's limp hand. "And it's only fair that he get to face the guy who betrayed him."

"Then we agree," KyuJong said. "There's one other person I want to bring in on this... because it will involve him. HyunJoong. He knows SungMin better than any of us."

JungMin's eyes narrowed. "Can we trust him, KyuJong? I don't want this to happen again."

"Neither do I, but despite everything HyunJoong has done, I trust him still," KyuJong said softly.

"...Call DongHae then, get him and HyunJoong over here," JungMin closed his eyes. "I hope you're right. I don't know if we can stay here anymore KyuJong, he knows where we are."

"And if he comes back, we'll be waiting," KyuJong replied. "I'm not hiding anymore. Not from SungMin, not from anyone."


Humming to himself, DongHae leaned back with a sigh and beamed at the canvas that wasn't so empty anymore. It would take several more layers of paint to finish, but the second layer was drying so he couldn't work on it for now. At least it kept him out of HyunJoong's hair for when he was doing work; they didn't really leave the house that much, with everything going on.

Hopping to his feet, DongHae went to go wash the paint off his hands. On the way to the bathroom, he poked his head into HyunJoong's room curiously, looking for the other man.

HyunJoong wasn't there, but there were some questionable noises coming from the kitchen as if someone was trying to cook and failing.

Blinking, DongHae straightened and followed the commotion to the kitchen. He leaned into the room. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to make eggs," HyunJoong replied, scowling down at the pan. "I thought I'd surprise you and make lunch, but it's going miserably."

Lips spreading into a wide grin, DongHae walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around HyunJoong from behind. "Thank you for trying to make lunch!"

"Trying being the key word," HyunJoong sighed. "They're burned, but still gooey. How the hell does that happen?"

"Don't ask me, I don't cook," DongHae chuckled, peering around the other man to see the pan. "It's the thought that counts."

"Guess we're ordering take out again," HyunJoong sighed, turning off the burner and dumping the pan in the sink. "I really, really miss having room service."

"This isn't that bad though," the other man smiled, unfazed. "Hey, maybe we can go eat dinner somewhere tonight, I'll pay!"

"With what money?" HyunJoong looked over at him. "And maybe another night...I'm not feeling up to going out tonight."

"Oh, okay," DongHae blinked, pulling back enough to look up at HyunJoong properly. "Are you okay? You're not catching sick, are you?" He reached up to feel HyunJoong's forehead.

"I'm fine," HyunJoong replied, pulling away from the hand. "Just... feeling a little useless. I can't even cook stupid eggs right."

"I can't cook either, the eggs would have probably ended up on the ceiling," DongHae chuckled. "You're not useless, your skill set just doesn't include cooking." He took HyunJoong's hands, pulling him away from the counter.

"My skill set includes bullying people into doing what I want, that's not exactly boy scout stuff," HyunJoong said, letting himself be led.

"Your skill set includes managing a huge company and dealing with all the paperwork and crap that comes with it," DongHae replied, bringing the other man into the living room area to sit on the couch. "Not everyone can do something like that."

"I wouldn't consider that useful," HyunJoong said, sitting down and closing his eyes. "What were you doing that I distracted you from?"

"You didn't distract me, I'm waiting for the paint to dry," DongHae dropped down beside him. "I'm working on those paintings! Nowhere near done yet, but I can't work on them when the paint's wet."

"Ah," HyunJoong's lips quirked into a smile. "Can't wait to see them."

"I hope you'll like them," DongHae smiled cheerily, before perking up. "Oh! Right! Stay right here!" He bounced up from the couch, the furniture creaking in protest as he headed back down the hallway to his room.

When he returned, it was with both hands behind his back and a wide grin on his face. "Close your eyes and put out your hands."

"My eyes are already closed," HyunJoong said, holding out his hands. "If this is an animal or something I'm going to be cross."

"Uh oh," DongHae laughed, before placing something solid and slightly cool to the touch in HyunJoong's hands. "Okay, you can open them!"

Opening his eyes, HyunJoong looked down at the small stone carving in his hands. "Uh... you got me... a paperweight?" he said, looking at DongHae in confusion.

"It's a tiger carved out of black soapstone," DongHae beamed happily. "Since you said you like tigers. I mean, it has been a couple years since I carved anything detailed so it might not be perfect," he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

HyunJoong looked back down at the carving, chuckling a little. "It's fine. It's very... you."

"I'll take that as a good thing?" DongHae grinned, crouching down in front of him. "All polished and everything, but the more you handle it, the shinier it'll get. I wanted to make something for you, something no one else will ever have. That's a one-of-a-kind tiger, just like you!"

"..." HyunJoong shook his head at that, looking at DongHae. "Thank you, it's a very thoughtful gift."

DongHae chuckled at that. Half-standing, he leaned forward and kissed the other man, hands pressing into the couch on either side of HyunJoong's head.

When he pulled back, he smiled widely at HyunJoong. "Y'know... I love you."

That caught HyunJoong slightly by surprise and he looked back down at the tiger in his hands. "You're the first person that's ever said that to me... and I'm sorry but I can't say it back."

Blinking, DongHae looked confused. "Okay, that's okay...can I ask why? It's not...did I say it too fast?" he deflated a little.

HyunJoong sighed, shaking his head. "No, DongHae... you said it when you felt ready, and that's okay. I don't want to say it back unless I know for sure... because I want to be sure."

The smile returned to DongHae's face. "Oh, okay." He leaned in and kissed HyunJoong again before dropping down beside him. "I just wanted to let you know, I hope it's not gonna be all awkward now."

"Why should it be?" HyunJoong said, shifting a little and putting his arm around DongHae's shoulder. "I'm glad you told me."

DongHae leaned against HyunJoong, closing his eyes. "I just don't like holding anything back, y'know? I mean...anything can happen, there's no guarantee both of us will still be here tomorrow, so there's no point in holding it in."

"I think that just shows you're a far braver man than I," HyunJoong said, pressing his nose into DongHae's hair and giving him a kiss. "If it helps any, I really like you."

The other man grinned widely, heart swelling. "That means a lot. It really does."

They were interrupted by DongHae's phone going off somewhere in the building, making him jump a little. "Oh...I left my phone in my room," he squirmed out of HyunJoong's hold to go answer.

"It's probably just KiBum making sure you're alive," HyunJoong said, sprawling out on the couch cushions and closing his eyes.

"He doesn't usually call though," DongHae called back as he disappeared into the bedroom. Checking the caller ID, he blinked when he saw it was KiBum. He picked up the phone. "Hi KiBum!"

There was silence from the bedroom for nearly five minutes. When DongHae reappeared, he was a few shades paler. "We have to go to JungMin's, right away."

"Why, he blow something up?" HyunJoong snorted, opening his eyes and looking at DongHae. He realized it wasn't a joke when he saw DongHae's expression and sat up. "What's wrong?"

DongHae held onto his phone tightly in one hand. "SungMin turned traitor and shot YoungSaeng, and kidnapped Nova's fiancé. They need to talk to us."

HyunJoong's expression hardened at that, and he got to his feet. "I'll call for the car," he said, brushing past DongHae to go to his room to get his phone. "Get your shoes on."

Not arguing against that, DongHae ran to the door to pull on his shoes, jamming his cell into his pocket. He hovered in the doorway, waiting for HyunJoong and barely able to stop himself from pacing.

"Yes, out front," HyunJoong emerged from his room, phone at his ear as he walked quickly to the door to put on his shoes. Hanging up, he didn't even look at DongHae as he breezed through the door and started for the apartment building across the alley. "He kill YoungSaeng?"

"KiBum said YoungSaeng's going to be okay, a healer saw to him and he's recovering," DongHae replied, lengthening his stride to keep up with HyunJoong.

"Small favors I guess," HyunJoong replied. There wasn't much else said after that, even in the car ride over to JungMin's place. HyunJoong's hands clenched and unclenched, like he was itching to hit something. When they finally arrived, he opened his door and stepped out, glancing around the street before going up the stairs to knock on the door.

KiBum was the one to answer the door, looking between them and stepping aside to let them in.

"How is YoungSaeng?" DongHae asked, totally serious for once as he stepped inside.

"Upstairs, he hasn't woken up yet," KiBum replied. "JungMin's with him."

"And the others?"

"KyuHyun and RyeoWook are out patrolling, everyone else is here."

"What happened?" HyunJoong asked, mindful enough to take off his shoes before following KiBum into the living room. There were some other people sitting around, some HyunJoong recognized and some he didn't.

"We're not... entirely sure," KyuJong said, sitting on an arm of the couch where he'd been talking to Zhou Mi.

"We wanted you to be here for this," KiBum closed the door and locked it after them, going back to lean against the wall beside KyuJong.

"Should I go get KyuHyun and Wook?" A voice floated out of the kitchen before ChangMin stepped out. His eyes narrowed slightly at HyunJoong, and he gave the man a small nod before looking at KyuJong for his answer.

"If you can find them," KyuJong nodded. "RyeoWook should be easy to find, I don't think I've seen KyuHyun since he left earlier."

"Find one then find the other," ChangMin sighed, turning around to head out through the back.

They spent a few minutes in relative silence, DongHae sitting down on the floor next to KiBum and motioning HyunJoong over. Finally ChangMin returned, RyeoWook and KyuHyun in tow. "We didn't see anything," RyeoWook said, arms folded over his chest as he went to Zhou Mi. Yixing was slumped over next to the other Chinese man, looking like he was fighting off a migraine.

"Okay, so, can someone explain what happened?" HyunJoong asked, arms crossed. "How the hell did you all let SungMin in here and shoot that precog?"

KyuJong frowned, speaking up before anyone else could get a word in edgewise. They didn't need a fight right then. "We didn't let anything happen, HyunJoong. KyuHyun, you need to tell us what happened before you got here."

KyuHyun was glaring at HyunJoong for the question, but looked away before he started. "Yesterday, SungMin told me he knew who one of the assassins were that had been hired to kill heroes. We went and confronted the guy, and SungMin killed him. Before we left, a phone call came in and I traced it to an apartment building. I assumed it was from whoever had hired SungMin in the first place. When we got there, no one was there but a phone went off again and SungMin answered it. He didn't tell me what whoever it was said, but that we had to come here because someone was either already here or on their way."

"Fascinating, what does that have to do with SungMin shooting YoungSaeng?" HyunJoong said shortly.

"I'm getting to it," KyuHyun said, hands clenching. "I got here first, all the lights were out through most of the streets surrounding, and when SungMin followed we came in and saw everyone on the floor unconscious."

"...Why unconscious?" DongHae blinked, worried. "If SungMin was with you, why would everyone be unconscious?"

"We don't remember anything happening," RyeoWook said quietly, looking between the others who had been there. "We were just...doing normal things, and suddenly we were waking up on the floor. By that time, SungMin was already gone." Sunny sniffled from where she was curled up in her corner.

"Continue, KyuHyun," KiBum said quietly.

"Like I said, everyone was unconscious," KyuHyun said. "I heard something upstairs, SungMin went up to see what it was while I checked on everyone. JungMin woke up first, and he asked where YoungSaeng was. I didn't see him around so I figured he was upstairs. SungMin still hadn't come down so I went up, and when I walked in, SungMin shot YoungSaeng. Just like that. No warning or anything. Then he threatened to kill Sunny's fiance if I didn't get out of his way and then he left, taking the guy with him."

"Why would he do that, though?" DongHae asked.

"Most likely killing YoungSaeng has been his objective all along," KiBum said. "HyungJoon was a hostage so he could get away. I don't remember seeing anything about HyungJoon on that list of targets."

"So no one has any idea where he would have gone?" HyunJoong asked, looking at KyuHyun.

"No, I don't know," KyuHyun replied. "I checked his apartment but he's already had it cleared out."

"What are we doing next then?" DongHae's brow furrowed.

ChangMin rubbed Sunny's back slowly, looking over at them. "We go after him and whoever he's working for, and get HyungJoon back. They couldn't have left the city."

"Any ideas on where to start?" HyunJoong asked, looking at each of them. He glanced over his shoulder when there was a knock on the door. "Are you expecting anyone else?"

"...Sorta," RyeoWook blinked. KiBum got to his feet, heading over to the door to unlock and remove the deadbolt, pulling the door open.

"Where is she?" A figure even shorter than RyeoWook pushed past and made their way into the living room. "Sunny, oh my god are you okay?"

"..GyuRi?" KyuJong blinked as the girl came in, immediately drawing Sunny into a tight hug.

Having remained just barely composed for the past couple hours, Sunny immediately burst into tears again at the tight hug. "Unnie," she hiccuped, hugging GyuRi back just as tightly. "I'm so glad you're here, unnie..."

"I'm here for you," GyuRi said, rubbing a hand up and down her back. "I came as soon as KyuJong told me what happened."

"I missed you," Sunny sniffled, squeezing her eyes shut as she continued to cry. ChangMin moved out of the way so GyuRi could sit down next to Sunny.

"I missed you too, if I would have known how bad things were getting I would have been here sooner," GyuRi said.

"You weren't exactly easy to get a hold of," KyuJong said with a frown. "And we didn't want either of you involved in this."

"Obviously we are now," GyuRi said, glowering over at KyuJong. That's when she noticed HyunJoong was there and her grip tightened on Sunny. "The hell is this asshole doing here?"

"He's on our side," DongHae immediately put out in HyunJoong's defense, straightening.

"We still haven't heard if he's going to help us or not," ChangMin said, arms folded across his chest.

"Who are you?" GyuRi blinked at DongHae, then realized ChangMin had spoken and her eyes widened. "Oh... oh my god... you died."

ChangMin's smile was tight-lipped; he was still getting used to the whole idea of being two years in the future, and it was starting to take it's toll on him as the reality finally sunk in. "So I was told. It's, uh...a bit of a long story, but I'm obviously not dead, so maybe we should talk about that later?"

"Yes, we have a few things to go over still," KyuJong said, giving ChangMin a sympathetic smile. "GyuRi, we'll get you caught up but maybe you should take Sunny downstairs and give her some calm down time."

GyuRi sighed a little at that, but she nodded. "Okay, but later I'm getting every detail I've missed. Where's JungMin?"

"He's upstairs, with someone who was shot and is recovering," RyeoWook said, standing up. "I'll make you both some tea." Sunny stood up slowly, head down and not letting go of GyuRi.
Tags: fandom: dbsk, fandom: exo, fandom: ss501, fandom: super junior, fic: the sworn, pairing: hyunjoong/donghae, pairing: jungmin/youngsaeng, pairing: kibum/kyujong, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, rating: r
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