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04 May 2013 @ 12:09 am
Decerto: Road to Freedom  
Title: Decerto: Road to Freedom
Chapter: 27/40 + epilogue
Fandoms: Super Junior, U-Kiss
Pairings: KyuHyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/HeeChul, KiBum/SooHyun
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Taking place six years before the events of Decerto, the story of how a human and a slave started a revolution.

Tournament month was Zhou Mi's least favorite out of the whole year, and two weeks in he always felt like he wold rather jump off the blacony himself than watch another day of fighting. On days where Han Geng wasn't watching with him, he busied himself with paperwork and kept an eye on the monitors in case there was any trouble. He felt safer knowing KyuHyun was out of reach of most of the fighters. On the last match of the day, three days into the second tier, Zhou Mi finally called it quits and sat down to watch.

KyuHyun was perched on a pillar well out of harm's way, settled into a crouch as he called the shots. A dog and a tiger fought down below, the tiger taking big chunks out of the ground as he went and continuously making KyuHyun stabilize his perch before the whole pillar could come down. The dog was good, manipulating water and keeping his distance, but was tiring. There wouldn't be much longer to the match.

Frowning, KyuHyun knew the tiger could tell as well as he that his opponent wasn't going to make it much longer. There was a dangerous curl to the fighter's lips and with a loud roar the fighter stomped both feet into the ground. The dog was nearly launched into the sky, rolling himself off the unstable piece of ground.

The tiger hit the dog with a solid kick and the other fighter smacked into the elevated stone with a crack. When the dog hit the dirt and didn't get back up, KyuHyun called the match won by the tiger to loud cheers from the crowd.

"Thank you for watching another day of matches!" He spoke into the microphone. "We'll be back tomorrow with the last day of the second tier…" KyuHyun trailed off, realizing something was wrong. The tiger was crouching next to the dog down below, not exiting the ring.

Sliding down the pillar and landing on solid ground, KyuHyun jogged over. The tiger rolled the dog over, the other fighter's wide eyes stared up at the sky unseeingly.

Over the noise of the crowd that became louder the longer KyuHyun went without closing off his speech, the snake heard an anguished shout from the fighter's pit. He looked up to see DongHae vault over the edge of the pit only to be tackled down by security. The Lee dog screamed in despair, struggling to get up and straining to reach out to them.

"JinSang! Get up! JinSang!" DongHae's screams choked off as sparks flew from his collar, and the fighter was subdued by security.

KyuHyun drew in a shaky breath before standing, stepping back to let the medical team put JinSang onto a stretcher and carry him out. "JinSang, a dog fighter from the Lee house, has just passed away," he said quietly into his microphone, the audience falling quiet. KyuHyun could hear DongHae's distant screaming again from beyond the gates leading to the fighters' quarters. "Please join me in offering condolences to the others of the Lee house affected by this. Thank you, and have a good night." He turned off his microphone and turned to head for the gate where security had taken DongHae.

Up above, Zhou Mi watched the monitors as the cleanup crew took care of the fallen fighter. It had been an accident, and the first death in the tournament thus far. Chewing on one of his fingernails, Zhou Mi got to his feet and slowly walked towards the balcony, leaning up against one of the pillars as he looked out over the crowd. Three years ago, the crowd would have been on their feet, crying out for more blood to be spilled. A death was something that was celebrated and encouraged.

Now though, Zhou Mi could look out over the crowd and see the looks of despair at a fighter's life taken so easily. It was something Zhou Mi should be grateful for, and pleased about. But he couldn't bring himself to be happy about anything right at that moment. Nothing about it was worth being happy over.

One of his assistants slipped into the room, getting his attention. "Tell KyuHyun I want the fighter that ran out onto the field brought to me." The assistant bowed and disappeared out the door again.

By the time KyuHyun caught up with DongHae, the dog fighter had been locked up in his small room to cool down. Leaning against the door, the snake listened to the screams and crashes from inside, eyes lowered. There was no getting a word in edgewise right now.

Zhou Mi's assistant found him then, and KyuHyun nodded in understanding. He waited until the screaming had tapered off into sobs, and those had quietened somewhat before bringing a guard over to unlock the door again.

DongHae looked up at him from where he'd flipped the bed over, hands gripping his hair tightly and face drawn. "Come on, someone wants to see you," KyuHyun sighed softly, looking at the guard. After a bit of arguing he convinced the guard that he could handle DongHae himself; by then the dog had joined them at the door, tear tracks visible on his dirt-smudged face.

The walk to Zhou Mi's office was quiet, KyuHyun knocking on the door before pulling it open and ushering DongHae inside. The dog bowed stiffly.

"Lock the door please, KuiXian," Zhou Mi said, watching the dog with sad eyes. "What's your name?" he asked, sitting down on one of the couches and patting the seat next to him.

"DongHae, sir," the fighter replied, not moving from where he'd stood.

Locking the door, KyuHyun looked back at them. "Go sit down Hae, before you fall over," he said. The dog's eyes went from him to Zhou Mi and back again before DongHae walked to the couch slowly. His body was tense as he sat down.

"It's nice to meet you, DongHae. I'm Zhou Mi, but I'm sure you knew that," Zhou Mi said. "I know this is a very bad time for you right now. The fighter, JinSang? He meant a lot to you. I'm very sorry about what happened, I wish there was something I could do. You have my deepest sympathies, DongHae."

KyuHyun leaned against the wall with his arms folded across his chest, watching DongHae's facial expression flicker between wariness, grief, and anger. "We're fighters, sir," the dog said lowly after a pause. "It…happens."

"I know, and I wish... it didn't," Zhou Mi said, sighing softly. "I wish I could have done more to protect him, and I am sorry that I wasn't able to. Do you love him?"

DongHae's lower lip trembled slightly, another tear tracking through the dust and dirt. "…Yes."

"If there was one thing you could do right now, anything at all, what would it be?" Zhou Mi asked, motioning to KyuHyun to bring him the box of tissues from his desk.

"I don't understand," DongHae said, eyes on the floor. KyuHyun went to the desk and picked up the box, handing one tissue to the dog and the box to Zhou Mi beside him. DongHae looked down at the tissue blankly.

"I mean... if there was any request you had, I would grant it," Zhou Mi said. "Losing someone you love, is something no one should ever have to go through, especially in such a violent way. I want to change that so it doesn't happen again, but I feel I owe it to you and to JinSang to make it up to you in some way."

"Can't make it up," DongHae whispered, more tears falling as his shoulders shook. "Can't bring him back, ever."

"No, I know," Zhou Mi said, sniffling a little himself. "If you ever need anything DongHae, please don't hesitate to ask."

Shuddering, DongHae's fingers clenched into fists around the tissue in his hands, tearing it. "If there was one thing I could do," he said lowly, looking up at Zhou Mi with haunted eyes. "I would show humans that JinSang deserved more. Show them they can't make us die down there."

Zhou mi frowned slightly at that, leaning a bit closer. "Show them how?" he asked in a near whisper.

KyuHyun had to step closer to hear what was being said, frowning. "Show them…show them they can't control me," DongHae whispered, hands shaking. "They can't control us. We still have power…dead men have nothing to fear."

Zhou Mi sat back at that, his expression guarded as he mulled over DongHae's words. "Maybe one day you can, DongHae. KyuHyun, if you could have a guard escort DongHae back downstairs? I believe his owner will be looking for him shortly."

Nodding, KyuHyun stepped forward. "Come on Hae," he sighed, waiting for the dog to stand before heading to the door and slipping out with the other Sign.

He returned after sending DongHae off back to the fighters' quarters, closing the door and locking it again behind him. "What do you think of all that?"

"You know, I've had many meetings over the past couple of years about fighters being involved in relationships," Zhou Mi said, back at the balcony. "I've heard arguments for and against outlawing fighters from being involved with one another. But I'm a romantic at heart, as you know, and I can't stand the idea of telling two people they aren't allowed to love. Especially two people who put their lives on the line every day."

KyuHyun slowly approached to join Zhou Mi at the balcony, stopping beside him and looking down at the ring where he had been not that long ago. "I'm not sure if it's crueler to outlaw love in the ring, or to let people go through what DongHae just did."

"Keeping two people apart is a crueler thing by far," Zhou Mi replied. "Because as broken as DongHae is right now, at least he got the chance to love. So many fighters never get that opportunity, and that to me is a shame, a crime even. These men are laying down their lives and they never get to experience the single greatest emotion there is." He looked at KyuHyun with a sad smile. "That's why DongHae said what he did. That he wanted to show everyone he couldn't be controlled. Because he got to be in love, and it was taken from him in the worst way imaginable."

"Not much he can do though, is there," KyuHyun said quietly, meeting Zhou Mi's eyes. "At most, he could go on a rampage and be put down like a rabid animal, and that won't show anyone anything."

"A rampage... no, that wouldn't be a good idea," Zhou Mi said, turning to lean his back fully against the pillar, arms crossed over his chest. "But what if it wasn't just him?"

"Wasn't just him?" KyuHyun's brow furrowed. "You mean other fighters? They still wouldn't get very far…unless you mean all the fighters."

"The problem we seem to run into, the same problem KiBum ran into with his club, is that most people don't care," Zhou Mi said, glancing towards the nearly empty stands. "They sit out there, watch Signs hit and kill each other. They've started to care that they're dying, only because you've given them names to go along with faces. But people still assume the fighters are happy with their lives. If every fighter in the tournament stood up, said enough, and walked out... people would have to stop and listen to them."

"You know how dangerous that could be though," KyuHyun pointed out. "Not all the fighters are mellow like DongHae, some are just plain trouble. And even those who aren't, if the police or security come after them, won't stand around peacefully. They'll fight back, and a lot of people could get hurt or killed."

"It could take a while for police to get here, if there are hundreds of protestors blocking the streets," Zhou Mi said. "You've spent a lot of time with the fighters, would they follow you? Would they listen to you if you told them not to hurt civilians?"

"…To a point," KyuHyun said slowly, trying to follow Zhou Mi's train of thought. "I'd need help convincing some of the rowdier ones. There are some fighters down there that even those in rival houses respect enough to listen to if it came to it."

"I'm thinking... we may need to change how security operates in the fighter's areas next year," Zhou Mi said. "Right now, the fighters are watched like hawks. Houses are allowed to use their own security forces to keep their fighters in line. Next year, no private security. Only those loyal to me in fighter areas. And during your breaks, instead of seeing me, you'll spend time with the fighters. Listen to their concerns, talk to them."

"…Do I still get to spend some breaks with you?" KyuHyun protested that, unhappy at his precious few breaks being taken away from him completely.

Zhou Mi's expression softened and he chuckled at that. "Of course, KuiXian. But I don't think you're quite understanding... next year, things will change. I'm getting tired of pretending to be something I'm not. I'm tired of watching good people die and the heartbreak it leaves behind. I want this to end. Either way, next year, this is ending."

"Next year?" KyuHyun blinked. "You really think we can end this next year?" The snake straightened from where he'd been leaning against the balcony.

"I do," Zhou Mi nodded. "Things are happening quickly KuiXian. Even some of the shareholders were discussing Sign rights at the last meeting. The idea of owning slaves has fallen out of favor among the highest in society. I don't think we've really stopped to look at what we have accomplished so far. A revolt at the games, Signs and humans together protesting for equal rights? The nail in the coffin that we need."

"…I told SooHyun we might be free in twenty years, maybe," KyuHyun looked a little dazed. "It's sooner, isn't it?"

"It is," Zhou Mi nodded, pulling KyuHyun away from the balcony. "Are you still with me?"

"Of course," KyuHyun nodded, hands resting against Zhou Mi's hips. "What, you thought I was gonna ditch you after all this?"

"I had to be sure," Zhou Mi said, breathing out a little in relief. He pulled KyuHyun closer, pressing their lips together in a slow kiss. "I'm asking so much of you, I wanted to make sure you didn't think you had to do anything."

"I can deal," KyuHyun murmured against Zhou Mi's lips, arms circling more securely around the older man's waist. "I'm just grumpy that our free time's gonna disappear."

"Just look at it this way," Zhou Mi replied, pressing light kisses to KyuHyun's nose and cheeks. "Once it's done, we'll have all the free time we want, and we wouldn't have to be stuck at home if we wanted to go out and do something."

"And no collar?" KyuHyun inquired, lips curling into a smile.

"Definitely no collar," Zhou Mi chuckled, dragging KyuHyun over to the couch to sit. "We'll have to talk to Geng again, he's going to be put out with me that I went ahead and changed our plans again."

"He can deal." KyuHyun knelt on the couch next to Zhou Mi, practically knocking the human onto his back before kissing him.

Zhou Mi let out a very undignified squeak as he pushed backwards, his arms going around KyuHyun's waist. "You locked the door right?" he asked around the kiss.

"Of course I did," KyuHyun mumbled, biting Zhou Mi's lower lip. "I'm efficient. Fix your stick legs," The snake prodded at one knee that was jammed into his ribs.

Groaning softly at the bite, Zhou Mi complied with the demand and shifted so they were better situated on the couch. Knees slightly bent, he pulled KyuHyun to straddle his hips. One hand settled at the snakes waist, the other slid up the back of his shirt to press down onto his back and pull him even closer to kiss him deeply.

Jerking when Zhou Mi's hand settled against the line of scales that ran down his spine, KyuHyun returned the deep kiss. His fingers dragged along the front of the human's shirt. Undoing the few buttons for Zhou Mi's collar, he broke the kiss to press his lips to Mi's exposed throat.

Zhou Mi's head tilted back on the arm of the couch, humming in approval at the kisses. "KuiXian..." he breathed, the hand on KyuHyun's hip sliding into the back of his pants. "I love you."

A low chuckle escaped KyuHyun. "I love you too…still don't regret buying a snake? Could have had a cute, meek bunny." He nipped at Zhou Mi's neck lightly.

"Never," Zhou Mi said, his eyes cracking open to look down at KyuHyun. "Why would I want a bunny, when I have a KuiXian?"

"Wouldn't have to deal with the shedding, for one," KyuHyun smirked, pulling back enough to look down at Zhou Mi and hands bracing himself over the other man.

"But it still wouldn't be you," Zhou Mi said, smiling fondly up at him. "I fell in love with you, despite you being a snake, and because you're a snake. No one is as perfect for me as you are. Not even a cute, fluffy bunny."

A small grin appeared, the snake's sapphire eyes looking into Zhou Mi's. "I think we need a long vacation after this." KyuHyun brushed his thumb over the shadow under one eye.

"Somewhere warm with lots of water and a beach," Zhou Mi nodded, leaning into the hand. "Nothing to worry about, and no tan lines."

"Just us," KyuHyun chuckled. "And a better handle on English this time." He leaned down to kiss Zhou Mi again, eyes closing.

"Sounds perfect," Zhou Mi mumbled against KyuHyun's lips. The only caveat to these plans though, is that they had to succeed. Years of work had built up to this final year, and it was far too important now to give up, not when they were so close. There was still so much work to be done, and so many people they had to maneuver into the positions they needed to be in. The logistics of it all made Zhou Mi's head hurt sometimes, but in the end it would be worth it. It will be worth it when Zhou Mi could remove KyuHyun's collar for the last time, and kiss his neck without that barrier between them.


A week after meeting with Zhou Mi and Han Geng, KiBum began his summer job as Han Geng's assistant in the senate. It was only the first day, but he could tell he was going to learn a lot from this job. His tasks included taking detailed notes of everything that happened, and his writing hand was cramped and ink-smudged by the time they retired for the day. Maybe he should have learned how to write with both hands, to at least distribute the pain evenly.

At least he had SooHyun with him. Even if he couldn't always talk to the goat like he talked to Han Geng, the smiles he would send and get in return were enough for him until they could leave. He wondered why HeeChul wasn't with them, but when asked, Han Geng just laughed sheepishly and said it would be akin to torture to make HeeChul sit still and listen to senators argue all day.

Gathering together all his notes and folders as they prepared to leave, KiBum looked up at Han Geng as the Chinese man stopped beside him. "It was a good first day, what do you think so far?" he smiled.

"I think I'll learn a lot here," KiBum chuckled, wincing and flexing his fingers.

"A shorthand too, from the looks of it," Han Geng smiled. "Oh, Zhou Mi forgot to offer his congratulations last week, I'm to pass them on."

"Congratulations? For?" KiBum blinked, straightening.

"For your brother's engagement, we heard about it some time after the pre-tournament."

"…Huh?" KiBum looked at him in utter confusion. "Why would… To who is he engaged to? Why?"

Realizing KiBum truly had no idea of HyungJoon's engagement, Han Geng answered the questions. "To Senator Kang's daughter, they haven't been engaged for very long yet."

KiBum looked across the hall to where said senator was talking with some others. "…That man?" Senator Kang was far from pleasant, from what he could tell.

"That would be him," Han Geng's smile hinted he knew what KiBum was thinking. "Well…congratulations either way."

"Yeah, uh…I guess, thanks," KiBum looked down at the table, picking up his armful of folders and pushing them into a briefcase. He hadn't spoken to HyungJoon since leaving home. "Ready to go, SooHyun?"

"Yes, sir," SooHyun said, taking KiBum's briefcase for him and shuffling a little out of the way. The poor goat looked uncomfortable, his ears flat against his head and he trembled a little. It had been a very trying day for him, being around so many people he didn't know. There were a couple of other Signs in the halls, though none seemed to acknowledge SooHyun at all, not even another goat who was cleaning out trash cans.

"See you tomorrow KiBum, SooHyun," Han Geng smiled at them. KiBum was glad he was working with someone who also cared for Signs, and wouldn't bat an eye at him worrying over SooHyun.

Saying goodbye, KiBum lead the way out of the immense building. Once they were out on the street, he sighed in relief and looked back at SooHyun with a small smile. "Where to first, food or home?"

"It looks like you need home first, I can make us something to eat," SooHyun said. "The apartment has a very nice kitchen, and I like cooking for you."

"Well, I'll never say no to your cooking," KiBum chuckled, dropping back a couple steps to walk beside SooHyun. "You're a great cook."

"Thank you, no one's ever complimented my cooking before," SooHyun said, ducking his head to hide the blush. "Should we ask Kevin if he wants to eat with us? It doesn't seem like he eats enough."

"He really doesn't, guy's a twig," KiBum nodded. "We'll ask him. I'd offer to help, but well…" he chuckled sheepishly. Yes, he could do simple stuff. But he'd been banned from the kitchen by both Kevin and SooHyun when he sliced his hand open instead of the carrot he'd been aiming for.

SooHyun hailed a taxi for them, opening the door when one stopped at the curb. "Do you think you'll like working for the Senator? It seems like a hard job."

"It does, and I might need a new hand when it's over," KiBum said as he climbed into the back of the taxi and scooted over so SooHyun could get in too. Giving the driver the address of the apartment he now shared with Kevin, KiBum rubbed his sore hand. "But I think I'll learn a lot more there than I will in class. Including apparently, my brother being engaged," he frowned down at his knees.

"I'm not completely sure about human things, but isn't that the kind of thing family tells each other?" SooHyun asked, mirroring KiBum's frown.

"Yeah," KiBum nodded. "But my brother and I haven't really spoken since I left for university, guess he didn't think it was important to let me know. He's probably busy managing the house."

"You talk about him a lot, how come you haven't spoken to him?" SooHyun asked. "Did you fight?"

"We always fight," KiBum tried to smirk, but the expression disappeared quickly. "I can't even remember what it was about now, probably something stupid. But we haven't been particularly close ever since Dad started getting sick. Guess we just grew apart."

SooHyun's brow furrowed at that, and he looked out the window as he chewed on his lip in thought. "It's been almost four years since you saw him last? Is it because he runs a fighting house that you don't want to see him even now that it's summer?"

"Maybe…part of the reason," KiBum said quietly. "I just know that if I go back there I probably won't be able to keep my mouth shut on how wrong it all is, and he doesn't need that on top of everything else."

SooHyun's hand found KiBum's, holding on to it lightly. "Maybe he'd listen though... everything that you've told me about him, seems like he'd at least listen. He'd be happy you've been working so hard for something you believe in, wouldn't he?"

"That something I believe in, is something that wants to end everything he's spent the past four years and longer working on. That our family has done for generations." KiBum looked at SooHyun, eyes bleak. "No SooHyun, he'd hate me."

SooHyun's ears flattened at that and his shoulders slumped. "That's why you don't want to see him, isn't it? You don't want him to hate you... maybe he won't? Maybe he'll listen to what you have to say and agree with you, stop owning slaves?"

"I'm just his kid brother…he's never been very good at listening to me," KiBum shook his head. "It's…I'm just about done with school anyways. One more year…then I'll go back home. At least then if he hates me, I'll be able to get myself a job in the city out of his hair."

"For what it's worth... I hope he does listen to you," SooHyun said softly, leaning his head onto KiBum's shoulder. "I know how important he is to you."

Smiling sadly, KiBum closed his eyes and rested his head against SooHyun's. "Whether he does or doesn't…will you stay beside me?" he whispered, fingers curling around SooHyun's.

"Where else would I go?" SooHyun replied softly. "It's not like I can just move out, sir."

Twitching unhappily at the word 'sir', KiBum sighed and straightened. "I guess not…but you know if all this planning goes well, you won't always have that collar on," he murmured, looking out the window. "And you won't always be forced to stay with me."

"No, but far as I see it, there isn't anywhere else out there for me anyway," SooHyun said. "As long as you don't mind keeping me around."

"No, as long as you actually want to be around," KiBum replied quietly. They pulled up outside the large apartment complex, KiBum paying the driver before getting out.

SooHyun followed KiBum up to the building, opening the door for him. It wasn't until they were on the elevator, gate closed that he turned to KiBum with wide eyes. "Of course I want to be around, I don't want to be anywhere else but by your side. Do you think I would leave if given the choice? Because I wouldn't, I don't want to be anywhere but by your side."

"Promise me that?" KiBum asked, stepping closer to the goat. "That even if everyone else leaves me, you won't?"

"I promise," SooHyun whispered, nearly launching himself at KiBum. Pressing the human up against the wall of the elevator, he smashed their lips together in a haphazard kiss. There was no way he would ever leave KiBum, not even if he was given his freedom.

Staggering as he hit the wall, KiBum returned the kiss, fingers twining around locks of SooHyun's hair and trying to get across how thankful he was for the goat. When the elevator stopped and the gate opened, he pulled back from the kiss, panting. "Come on, let's get somewhere we're not going to scar anyone for life," he whispered, pushing SooHyun's hair back out of his eyes.

SooHyun nodded breathlessly, taking KiBum by the hand and nearly dragging him towards the apartment. The door was unlocked, which meant Kevin was home, but that didn't deter SooHyun. Soon as the door was closed, he had KiBum up against it to renew the kiss, arms winding around KiBum's slender waist, fingers pressing into the fabric of his shirt.

"Should I lock myself in my room?" Kevin was sitting on the couch nearby, bowl of rice in his hand and looking at the two with a raised eyebrow. "I don't mind if you want to do it up against the door, just give me about ten seconds to leave the room."

Squawking, KiBum flushed and managed to escape from between SooHyun and the door, taking the goat's hand. "No, sorry. Someone's a little impatient," he lightly flicked SooHyun's forehead. He never hit the goat, even teasingly. "How was your day?"

"Boring," Kevin sighed, slumping a little more in his seat. "You got the coolest job in town you know that? I had to take a stupid internship with the parks department. How'd your first day go? Meet any important people?"

"Tons of them, not that any of them are gonna talk to a note-taker," KiBum chuckled, pulling SooHyun over to the sitting area. "And I'm sure my opinion of this job is going to go down after another week or so of arguments, I might want to switch with you."

"No way, the games commissioner himself got you that job," Kevin said, shaking his head. "No way are you backing out now. You're working with Senator Han Geng! He's like... the most important person in politics right now!"

"Should I get his autograph for you?" KiBum grinned, sitting down. "He might find that a little creepy, Kev."

"What? I'm being serious!" Kevin huffed at him. "He's introduced so much legislation about Sign's rights, he's like... my idol. I don't know how you got in so good with the games commissioner but don't you dare screw up that opportunity or I'll kill you myself."

"I told you, I was in his Signs Relations class while he was a professor," KiBum said, amused. "Fine. I'll see if I can get you some sort of job in the senate too, if he knows of any other people who can use note-takers."

"Really? You'd do that for me?" Kevin nearly tackled KiBum over, arms going around his neck. "Thank you, you're the bestest friend ever. Maybe then I'll know what it is you and the Senator talk about during all those meetings you've had with him and the commissioner."

Yelping as he nearly fell off the couch, KiBum laughed. "Yeah, yeah. You might get a chance to talk to them soon, I mean you are the face of the student club now." He patted Kevin's shoulder.

"That would be so cool... hey maybe we can get him to talk at one of our meetings," Kevin said. He looked up when he heard a cough, SooHyun shuffling anxiously from foot to foot nearby. "Oh, sorry," he said sheepishly, scooting back over to his seat.

Wrinkling his nose with a grin, KiBum sat up straight. "Han Geng? Maybe, I'll bring it up to him. He's been very interested in the club, so who knows. Why are you still standing SooHyun, come sit with us," he held out his hands to the goat.

SooHyun made an anxious half bleating noise, but he took KiBum's hands. Sliding in behind KiBum, he nuzzled into his neck with his arms around KiBum's waist.

"You two are sickeningly cute," Kevin grinned, picking his bowl of rice back up. "Oh! A letter came for you KiBum, it's from Henry," he said, nodding towards the envelope on the coffee table.

"Oh?" KiBum's eyes lit up and he leaned forward to snatch the envelope up. He made himself comfortable against the couch and SooHyun, giving the goat a peck on the lips before tearing into the envelope and pulling out the letter. "Been a while since he wrote."

"You should convince him to come visit," Kevin said, watching them. SooHyun was nibbling at KiBum's neck, though trying to act like he wasn't. "What's it say?"

"Visit, maybe…if he'd want to," KiBum trailed off, reading. "Aw, I'm actually missed. He's saying hi to you both too," he reached behind himself to lightly pinch SooHyun's side in retaliation for the nibbling. Reading the next part, he snorted and started to laugh. "Well he finally asked Amber out. It only took the three years I knew him."

"Amber was the rabbit right? That's a strange mix, rabbit and tiger," Kevin said. He glanced over at the clock and sighed. "Well, I have to get ready to go to the meeting, were you coming tonight?"

"Uh…yeah," KiBum blinked. "I'll show up a bit after it starts, have to sort out all the notes from today and get something to eat. We need to go over what we discussed, about the protests at the games."

"Yeah, we're going to have to get everything planned out before we present it to the group," Kevin nodded. "I don't know if we'll get everyone from all the clubs, but I'm sure we'll get a lot. People might think it's too dangerous, so we'll have to make sure everyone is going to stay safe."

"Safe, for sure," KiBum replied, having a hard time focusing with SooHyun still attacking his neck. "It's just peaceful protests, we'll have to stress to everyone that. Maybe we should have a few protests outside the tournament season first, get people used to the idea before we propose protesting at the heart of the tournament."

"That's a good idea, maybe we can start with some of the shadier breeding houses," Kevin nodded, getting to his feet. He dropped his bowl off in the kitchen, finding his bag and checking the contents. "Or the auctions. Whichever would get more exposure."

"Both would get us exposure, maybe bring it up and have members vote?" KiBum asked, watching him. "Are you okay with managing things?" He still felt guilty for having to dump the leadership role on Kevin, even if the younger man was a brilliant leader.

"Of course, this is the most fun I've ever had," Kevin grinned over at him. "I feel like we're really making a difference, that makes me happy. I totally understand why you had to step back, if my brother was a major fighting house owner I would too. It's probably better this way too, since because of that, I don't know if people would have taken you as seriously..."

"Yeah…" KiBum frowned, shoulders slumping. He was aware that being the youngest son of a large fighting house hadn't worked in his favor as the club leader. It didn't lend him much credibility for wanting to help Signs. "You're doing an amazing job, I couldn't imagine a better leader for the club," he chucked.

"I for one thought you did an amazing job," Kevin said, buttoning his bag back up and slinging it over his shoulder. "Even when it was just me you and Henry. To me, you're still the brains of the operation, but I'll gladly be your mouthpiece. Shoot, I have to get going. We can talk more at the meeting okay?" he said, already on his way out the door.

"You're hardly just a mouthpiece, Kev," KiBum smiled widely. "Yeah, I'll see you there, he waved as Kevin left. Once the door was closed, he shifted in SooHyun's lap to purse his lips at the goat. "That makes it very hard to hold a conversation."

"But you like it," SooHyun pointed out, his arms tightening around KiBum's waist.

"Never said I didn't," KiBum chuckled, turning around so he could straddle the goat's lap. "We've got about…half an hour or so."

"That's not really enough time for you to eat," SooHyun said, nosing KiBum's collar and pressing light kisses to his shoulder.

"I'll eat when I get back," KiBum hummed, eyes half-closing at the attention. "Rather spend the time with you." He ran his hands along SooHyun's sides.

"I won't argue, but you can spend time with me any time," SooHyun said, though his hands were sliding up the back of KiBum's shirt. "Maybe we should continue this conversation in the bedroom... Kevin might not appreciate us having sex on his couch."

"You mean like he didn't appreciate us making out against the front door?" KiBum chuckled. "I don't really want to get kicked out." He stood up, pulling SooHyun to his feet and walking backwards to their bedroom.

"I'll try to be better about that," SooHyun said, following KiBum into the bedroom. "But I just can't help it when I'm with you... I kind of forget other people are around."

"I don't mind that, considering you're a bundle of nerves the rest of the time," KiBum chuckled. Stepping into the bedroom, he kicked the door shut after them before pulling SooHyun to the bed. "It's just Kevin, you don't have to be so worried."

SooHyun pouted a little, playing with the hem on KiBum's shirt. "I don't know people like I know you," he said, his brow furrowing. "Other people were allowed to use me.. do anything they wanted to me. It's habit for me to think that's what they want."

KiBum's eyes saddened, reaching up to brush locks of hair out of the goat's eyes. "You know Kev's not like that," he said softly. "He wouldn't be one of my best friends otherwise. And if anyone dares to touch you without your permission, I'll kick their ass, and you have full permission to kick their ass too."

"I know he's not, I know he's your friend, and he's nice to me," SooHyun said, closing his eyes and taking a slow breath. When he opened his eyes again, he smirked a little as he pushed KiBum gently onto the bed, crawling on with him. "Only one allowed to touch, is you," he said, head dropping to kiss the sliver of skin showing where KiBum's shirt and ridden up.

Whatever KiBum had been about to say turned into a low whine. "Have I told you before how much I like seeing you confident like this," he uttered, fingers smoothing through SooHyun's hair and playing with his ears.

"You... make me confident," SooHyun said, nudging KiBum's shirt up a little with his nose. He scraped his teeth lightly over KiBum's belly, looking up at him with a smile.

KiBum made a choking noise. "No teasing," he half-whined, squirming a little.

"Right, only a half hour," SooHyun hummed, dropping a kiss just below KiBum's rib before he sat back. Pulling his shirt off and dropping it to the side, he helped KiBum divest himself of his clothes, fingers roaming over his skin. "I like touching you, how is that teasing?"

"Because I can't do anything back, you've got me pinned to the bed and you're not exactly easy to move," KiBum huffed, face flushed as he kicked their clothes off the bed. "If we had more than half an hour, I'd show you exactly how that's teasing."

"Maybe when we get back?" SooHyun said, grinning down at him. "Until then, I'll just tease you some more."

"…But that's just not fair," KiBum protested, bucking in a rather useless attempt to get SooHyun off him.

"I don't see how it's unfair," SooHyun said, shifting his bodyweight. Using one hand, he held KiBum's wrists above his head, his other arm hooking under one of his knees as he leaned down to brush his lips over KiBum's again. "Keep squirming and I won't be able to do more than tease."

Grumbling half-heartedly, KiBum returned the kiss. As much as he squawked, he really enjoyed this confident side to SooHyun that was comfortable pursuing what he wanted. It hadn't really appeared outside of the bedroom yet, but KiBum could wait.

That didn't mean he wasn't getting SooHyun back for this later tonight.
silverstorm666 on May 4th, 2013 06:12 am (UTC)
Ooh things are moving forward fast.

Awww, kibum wants soohyun to stay with him always. So sweet. That must have stung a bit when it sounded like he had no choice though.

Confident soohyun is sexy! :)
dune_ashesdune_ashes on May 11th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
More, more <3
TahJae0025tahjae0025 on May 12th, 2013 08:09 pm (UTC)
well...since i'm playing silent reader in this verse, decided to just ask...how come no upd8 this weekend? My schedule all off now....lol

i like this verse too...