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27 April 2013 @ 12:17 am
Decerto: Road to Freedom  
Title: Decerto: Road to Freedom
Chapter: 26/40 + epilogue
Fandoms: Super Junior, U-Kiss
Pairings: KyuHyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/HeeChul, KiBum/SooHyun
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Taking place six years before the events of Decerto, the story of how a human and a slave started a revolution.

The Decerto tournament was the very last place KiBum wanted to be, ever. And yet here he was, stepping off the bus and looking up at the massive colosseum straight ahead. Right in the middle of tournament season, with matches underway. Why had he agreed to this again?

Because Zhou Mi had been the one asking him to show up. Right.

"I don't like this, at all," KiBum sighed, looking around for where he was supposed to get in. There was no reply from the goat one step behind him, making this on par with how the rest of the month had played out.

After KiBum botched up by giving in to how much he'd wanted to kiss SooHyun, any progress between them had ground to a halt. SooHyun had gone back to being the perfect wallflower slave, and KiBum had spent most of the month resisting from either beating his head against the wall or smothering himself with a pillow. Even Zhou Mi's advice no longer had any effect it seemed, and KiBum did his very best to not press SooHyun into doing anything.

Instead of letting himself stew in the frustration and depressive thoughts whenever SooHyun refused to use his name, KiBum threw himself into the club. Leadership had been passed on to Kevin, who was running the club amazingly, but KiBum still did a lot of helping behind the scenes. Only a few people knew he was still an integral part to the club, those he trusted and who knew how precarious his position was just then.

The club's roster of members had added another forty students to their list, and it was more than KiBum could have ever hoped for. They could really do this. They could really make a difference.

Finally arriving in the lobby outside the commissioner's office, KiBum hesitantly walked to an assistant. "I'm here to meet with Commissioner Zhou Mi? My name's Kim KiBum."

"He's expecting you, if you want to head on in," the assistant said, motioning towards the door. SooHyun reached it first, opening the door and bowing to let KiBum enter ahead of him.

"KiBum!" Zhou Mi's voice floated out from inside, the commissioner waving him in as soon as he had seen the door opening.

KiBum smiled at Zhou Mi, putting SooHyun out of his mind for now as he stepped into the room. "Zhou Mi, hi. How have you been?"

"Hey," waved KyuHyun from where he was sprawled out on the couch. The snake was in the outfit of a games referee, and from the book opened over his head had either been reading or sleeping.

"Very busy, we're already getting close to the end," Zhou Mi said, paperwork scattered all over his desk. "I'm glad you could make it down, how are things with you?" he asked, looking between KiBum and SooHyun, the latter closing the door and standing up against the wall.

Removing the book from over his face, KyuHyun just caught the slight glance towards SooHyun before KiBum smiled at Zhou Mi. The action was a little strained. "Well…we got another 40 members since we last talked, so things are going well. If we keep gaining people like this, we'll have a lot of weight to throw around."

"Come on and sit down," KyuHyun sat up and scooted to the side so there was room for both of them on the couch. KiBum walked to take a seat.

"And what would you do with that kind of weight?" Zhou Mi asked. He wasn't oblivious to the fact that SooHyun wasn't moving away from the wall, eyes forward and blank.

"I don't know yet," KiBum sighed, rubbing his temple and looking down at the floor. "We've got some ideas for fundraisers and campaigns over the summer, but nothing solid yet. No one has any real idea where to start."

"I guess the real question is what you want to do," Zhou Mi said, drumming his fingers on his desk. "I think forming a club to educate people about Signs is a great idea... but you obviously want to do more than that."

"I do," KiBum nodded. "And I'm not the only one. It took a long time to catch on, but I think a lot of people in the club really want to make a difference, this isn't just a passing fad." He messed up his hair with one hand. "But what can we do? We're just students still, not many people are willing to listen to a bunch of crazy uni kids. Waiting until everyone's graduated just doesn't…sit right with me."

"It doesn't sit right with me either," Zhou Mi said, looking over at KyuHyun. "Which is why I took the internship here at the gaming commission in the first place. Being a teacher, helping students think for themselves is a noble cause, but I didn't have the time to wait for the next generation to finally do something."

"We don't want to wait either," KiBum shook his head, not looking up from the floor for a long moment. Sitting beside him, KyuHyun could see the stress in the young man's posture.

KiBum looked up at Zhou Mi finally, putting on a smile. "Why did you want to see me, anyways? I uh…usually try to stay as far away from the tournament grounds as I can."

"Well, actually I wasn't the one who wanted to see you," Zhou Mi said, giving KiBum a sympathetic smile. Getting to his feet, Zhou Mi wandered over towards one of the windows that looked down at the street below. "You're from a fighting house KiBum... so I'm sure you've been to at least one game in your life. How do you feel about the protesters who sit outside while the tournament goes on? There's so few of them, most people don't give them a second glance."

"I…didn't even know there were protesters," KiBum blinked. He hadn't passed by any on his way in, had he? He'd been too focused on his destination and ignored the rest of it. Standing, he followed Zhou Mi to the window to look down.

Sure enough, there were about fifteen or so people sitting around the entranceway with signs and banners. "They protest the tournament? Who are they?"

"I don't remember their organization name, but they protest in the name of Sign rights and equal protection," Zhou Mi said. "There's never been more than a handful in any given year, and most people just ignore them... but how many members did you say your club had?"

"Just…under 300," KiBum said slowly, brow furrowed in thought. "Not everyone shows up to every single meeting, but we're a pretty hard group to miss in the school now."

"I bet you'd be hard to miss in the middle of the street too," Zhou Mi said, glancing over at him. "Kind of hard not to hear too."

KiBum took in the small group below before looking back at Zhou Mi. "…You've given me something to think about. Won't that be a hell of a mess for you though?"

"But what could I do? Demonstrations are legal, as long as no one gets violent then I can't have people cleared from the street," Zhou Mi said, his lips quirking slightly. "Protests are actually the least of my concern... and might be able to help me in the long run."

Nodding slowly, KiBum smiled at the older man. "Well…I'll talk with the others about the protests here, I'm sure they'll find it interesting." He stepped back away from the window. "But if you didn't want to see me, who did?"

The door opened after a light knock. "Sorry I'm late," Han Geng stepped in with HeeChul.

"KiBum, you remember Senator Han Geng," Zhou Mi said, nodding to Han Geng. "It's okay, KiBum and I were just talking anyway. Would anyone like a drink?"

"Yes," HeeChul replied, taking one of the couches for himself and stretching out. "And no ice this time KyuHyun."

"You could do with a little diluting, and why am I making your drinks, again," the snake kicked HeeChul's foot as he stood and walked to the bar. "This was supposed to be my break before I go back down there to watch people beat each other up."

"Good afternoon, Senator," KiBum bowed politely.

"Now I feel awkward, please don't do that," Han Geng chuckled, nodding and going to sit down on the arm of the couch HeeChul had claimed. "How much longer before matches resume?"

"If there are no delays, another hour or so," Zhou Mi said, looking at the clock. "One of the fighters in the next match needs a bit more time with the medics. I offered to postpone their match until tomorrow but the house owner doesn't want to lose out on the bets already placed. Probably against his own fighter I imagine."

"Sad," Han Geng frowned before shaking his head. "I actually wanted to speak with you KiBum, Zhou Mi tells me you're planning to go into politics?" he smiled at the student.

"I…want to be a lawyer, yeah," KiBum blinked.

"Have you had a chance to work in politics yet?" Han Geng inquired. When KiBum shook his head, the Chinese man chuckled. "I've been looking for an assistant in the senate, if you have no plans for the summer. It could give you some experience dealing with politicians, and make it easier to keep in touch with us."

"Oh…Well I didn't really have anything planned for the summer," KiBum thought about that. He'd hoped to visit Henry, but knew he needed to find a job desperately. "What would being your assistant entail?"

KyuHyun wrinkled his nose as Han Geng launched into descriptions of the job, finishing the drinks and passing HeeChul his. He glanced at SooHyun at the same time, eyes narrowed.

Zhou Mi was only half paying attention to Han Geng and KiBum at that point, having already known what it was Han Geng wanted to see the younger Kim for. It had been partially his idea after all. He saw the way KyuHyun was looking at SooHyun, and he could tell the goat was acting a bit stranger than he had the first time they had met. He looked even more pitiful now than he had before and the way KiBum's eyes had gone to him a couple times, something wasn't right.

Getting KyuHyun's attention, he motioned the snake over. "Take SooHyun and find out what's going on, he's got that dead eye thing going and I had hoped he'd be past that by now. Take HeeChul with you if you need someone to kick him," he murmured quietly to the snake when he approached.

"Well, HeeChul loves to kick people," KyuHyun murmured in return, nodding. He'd been debating saying something anyways, though hadn't been able to see an opening.

"I need to uh…get something from the referee room," the snake said. "SooHyun, can you lend me a hand? You too HeeChul," he gave the rooster a serious look.

"Excuse me?" HeeChul raised an eyebrow at that. "Why do I have to? What were you two conspiring about?" he frowned.

"HeeChul, if you could please?" Zhou Mi asked with a smile and HeeChul let out a resigned sigh, getting to his feet.

"Hey, how come he's not moving?" HeeChul nodded towards SooHyun who was still standing like a statue against the wall.

"...KiBum?" Zhou Mi turned his attention to KiBum. "Is SooHyun okay?"

KiBum looked utterly defeated, eyes going between the others who were now looking at him, and the goat. "SooHyun, could you lend KyuHyun a hand please?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, master," SooHyun replied, automatically getting up to his feet and following KyuHyun to the door.

That of course sent Zhou Mi's eyebrows to his hairline and he looked at KiBum in question when the three Signs left the room. "He called you master? I thought you were working on that with him? Did something happen?"

KiBum was looking down at the floor again, hands clasped tightly together in front of him. "I was. I don't really want to talk about it," he said.

Zhou Mi exchanged a worried look with Han Geng before getting up out of his chair. He walked around his desk to sit down next to KiBum. "I don't know if not talking about it will help the situation resolve itself though," he said softly.

"There's nothing to talk about really," KiBum didn't look up at them, shoulders hunched. "I've been following your advice from last time, and I just…can't reach him. It's been getting worse, and I don't know if I'm the right person to help him anymore."

"I'm sorry KiBum... I wish I could do more to help," Zhou Mi said. "I didn't think you would give up on him so easily though."

"I didn't give up!" KiBum's head snapped up at that, looking at Zhou Mi with wide eyes. "I've never stopped trying, this whole time. It hasn't made any difference."

"Except the last time that we saw SooHyun, he didn't have that blank look in his eyes," Zhou Mi said. "Something happened, didn't it? KiBum I know this is bothering you, and if you explain maybe Geng and I can help? We've been there."

"I don't want to talk about it," KiBum said, looking both depressed and uncomfortable now. "It's my mistake, I can fix it."

"You don't have to go through this alone, you know," Han Geng said quietly. "We've both made some pretty horrible mistakes ourselves, we won't blame you."

KiBum looked down again, closing his eyes. He took a moment to gather his thoughts. "I like him…and I made the mistake of kissing him," he said slowly. "At first I thought he felt the same way when he responded, but next thing I know he's talking about having sex and when I told him I wouldn't feel comfortable having sex with someone who thought of himself as beneath me, he clammed up and went back to acting like this. I know it was a horrible idea to even kiss him, but I've been trying to work around it since and it's just been getting worse."

"I'm confused," Zhou Mi frowned a little. "You kissed him, and that seemed to be okay with him... and he wanted to have sex but you didn't? Because he doesn't see himself as being an equal yet, so you turned him down?"

"Yeah, and I told him that," KiBum nodded, wringing his hands together. "It was a bad idea to even kiss him…I knew he wouldn't understand, but I went and did it anyways, and I wish so much I could take it back."

"Let me ask something... why does it bother you so much how he thinks of himself?" Zhou Mi asked. "Is it entirely for his benefit? Or is it because you don't want to be with someone who is a slave?"

"It's…both," KiBum murmured. "Not so much that he's a slave, but that he's so convinced that he's worth less, and keeps calling me master all the time. We're not equals mentally."

"Geng, does HeeChul think of himself as a slave when he's with you?" Zhou Mi asked, looking at the Senator. "Has he ever called you master?"

"He hasn't called me master in years," Han Geng blinked. "But he still does think of himself as a slave…it's hard not to when the reminders are everywhere, including around his neck."

"I can say pretty certainly that KyuHyun thinks of himself as a slave as well," Zhou Mi said with a small frown. "We don't treat them that way of course, but that's not something they can get over very easily when they still are technically slaves."

"I know that," KiBum closed his eyes. "But it was too early with SooHyun…he wasn't even calling me by my name yet. It felt a lot like I was taking advantage, not even knowing if he was really okay with it or if it was just because he thought that was what I wanted."

"And what did he say when you asked him if he was okay with it?" Zhou Mi asked. "Did you ask him what it was he wanted?"

"He said it was, but…I just don't know," KiBum buried his face in his hands.

"KiBum... do you trust SooHyun enough to make his own decisions?" Zhou Mi frowned. "Do you think he's not capable of deciding what it is that he wants? After all this talk about wanting him to make his own decisions, when he finally did, you turned him down."

"I turned him down because I wasn't comfortable having sex with him," KiBum said, and even muffled by his hands there was a terse note to his voice.

"But does he understand that," Zhou Mi leaned forward a little. "Or does he think that you didn't want to have sex with a slave."

"I thought I made it clear."

Zhou Mi sighed and leaned back in his seat. He looked to Han Geng, not sure what to say or do at this point. "Maybe you did, but it's obvious to me that something isn't right with him. I think he misunderstood something along the way."

"It's my mistake," KiBum said quietly. "I've just got to keep trying."

Han Geng met Zhou Mi's eyes, shrugging helplessly. He didn't know enough of the situation to lend much support, and KiBum seemed to have closed down to them either way.

Zhou Mi gave KiBum a sympathetic squeeze of his shoulder, hoping KyuHyun was having far better luck than he was. But he wasn't going to count on it.

"So what exactly is it we're getting from wherever it is you're taking us to and why did I have to come?" HeeChul asked, arms crossed and walking rather sullenly behind the other two.

"Because I said so," KyuHyun countered. Reaching the referee room, he opened the door and stepped aside. The snake didn't say anything else until all three of them were in, closing the door behind them.

"All right. What's going on, SooHyun?" He folded his arms across his chest, looking at the goat.

Said goat looked confused, glancing from side to side and then back at KyuHyun. "I don't know? Why are we here?"

"Probably because you're acting like a piece of driftwood, what's the matter with you?" HeeChul snorted, sitting himself down on KyuHyun's bed and making himself comfortable.

"Nothing is the matter with me, we should go back if we aren't here for something," SooHyun said. "Master will need me."

"KiBum won't drop over dead in the next five minutes, and we're not leaving just yet," KyuHyun said, keeping himself strategically beside the door to stop any sudden attempts to leave. "You weren't like this last time we talked. There was more life in you, even if most of it was rattled anxiety. I know KiBum hasn't been beating the tar out of you, so that means something else is bothering you."

SooHyun looked between HeeChul and KyuHyun, his ears drooping a little. "I... did what master wanted of me and now he won't even look at me."

"What did you do exactly?" KyuHyun raised an eyebrow. "He was doing a lot of looking at you back in that room."

"Master asked me to do what it is I wanted to do, make my own choices," SooHyun said, his hands clasped tightly in front of him. "I told him I wanted to have sex with him but he said no. I don't understand why, because he said he liked me and that's what people that like each other do right? After we kissed, I thought he want that, because I wanted it. Somehow that was wrong."

"…Can you clarify that? You're acting like a painted statue because he didn't want to have sex with you?" KyuHyun blinked.

"Master said he wouldn't have sex with me unless we were in a relationship as equals and I didn't think of him as master," SooHyun said. "But... we won't ever be equals, I will always be a slave and always think of him as my master... because that's just how it is. Isn't it?"

HeeChul snorted. "Damn, and I thought you were a tough nut to crack at first KyuHyun."

"I brought you down here to help me, not mock me," KyuHyun sniffed. "Yes, you're a slave and he's your master. Maybe if whatever they're doing pans out, it won't be this way in twenty years, but for now that's very true." He pulled over a chair to sit down once it looked like SooHyun wasn't going to bolt for the door. "But I can tell you right away that if I went around calling Zhou Mi 'master' all the time, I'm not all too sure I'd get much sex either. And sex isn't all that people who like each other do, unless you're HeeChul. Do you really like him?"

"I do like him," SooHyun nodded, slowly crouching down to sit on the floor. "I liked him even before he was my master. When we first met, he tried to help me. I felt so... relieved when he bought me. I told master I would try and call him his name, and that sometimes I might mess up. But I was willing to try even if it feels so weird..."

"I heard some people like to be called master, especially during sex," HeeChul mused out loud.

"Okay never mind, bringing you was a bad idea," KyuHyun eyed HeeChul before looking back at SooHyun. "If you're willing to try, how many times have you used his name in the past week?"

"... None," SooHyun admitted, looking down at his knees. "Ever since that day, he doesn't even talk to me."

KyuHyun exhaled slowly. He was a snake, he wasn't a counselor of any kind. "Okay, I'm thinking we're not getting the full story here, because what you've said so far doesn't make any sense when put together. He tells you he won't have sex with you unless you're in a relationship as equals, and then…just starts ignoring you?"

SooHyun nodded, hugging his knees to his chest. "I figured, if he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me because I'm a slave, then I should be acting as I should."

"You mean how a slave should," HeeChul said, his eyes narrowed slightly. "So one minute you're telling him you'll start calling him by his name and then the next you're right back to calling him master?"

"I am a slave... he said so," SooHyun said. "We won't be in a relationship as equals because I'll never be anything more than a slave. I'll always be a slave."

"Yeah, you're a slave," KyuHyun replied. "So are HeeChul and I. But Zhou Mi's the one person I don't have to feel like a slave with. When it's just us, I'm not his pet snake, I'm his boyfriend. I don't speak to him like I would to a master, I speak to him as a boyfriend. HeeChul, when you're alone with Geng, do you bow and scrape to him like you have to do in public or do you kick your feet up and order him to make you dinner?"

"When I'm alone with Geng, he's the one that takes orders," HeeChul said with a chuckle. "And I'm sure that whatever ass of an owner you had before would have killed you for any wrong look, I don't think KiBum would mind running errands for you like Geng does for me."

"But I like being what I am... I like making KiBum happy by doing things for him," SooHyun said, his brow furrowed. "He said that was okay, as long as I did what I wanted."

"Doesn't seem like you're doing what you want, and it doesn't seem like he's happy either," HeeChul replied.

"He looked like someone killed his puppy and handed him the corpse," KyuHyun said dryly. "Here's what I'm thinking. If you hadn't realized by now, last time we met, KiBum and Zhou Mi were talking about you. Zhou Mi suggested to KiBum that he let you take things at your own pace. Then this happens and you take three steps back, KiBum doesn't understand why, and backs off. And now you're both visibly upset because he turned down sex with you. Sound logical?"

"But why would he be upset?" SooHyun asked.

"Because he likes you and doesn't want you calling him master anymore," HeeChul said with a groan of frustration. "Good grief, are you sure you're not part donkey too? You have got to have the thickest head. He doesn't want to be your master, he wants to be with you in a relationship. I'm sorry KyuHyun, I'm sure that was some kind of self discoverey thing he was supposed to go on but he was never going to get there with his hand being held."

"But why didn't he just tell me that?" SooHyun shook his head.

"We're not KiBum, if you want the answer to that, you're going to have to do what I told you to do the first time we talked and ask him," KyuHyun sighed. "But didn't he tell you that he wanted you to be in a relationship as equals? And not think of him as a master, did you say? Seems to me like he did tell you, only something got lost in translation because instead of talking about it, you both went off into your separate corners and ignored the whole problem."

"I told him I'd try, but he-" SooHyun started but was cut off by HeeChul holding up a hand.

"Just... stop. Yes, you told him you'd try, but then you didn't," HeeChul said. "I don't know how it seems to work in your goat head, but if you like sex like I like sex, then nothing should be getting between you and sex. That includes getting over yourself and listen to what KiBum is telling you."

SooHyun's ears flattened and he looked down again. "Maybe... maybe you're right," he mumbled.

KyuHyun looked between them both, guessing that if that statement had been able to get through to SooHyun somehow, then he shouldn't say anything about it. "Good…we got something settled," he sighed. "Are you going to seriously talk with him about this, SooHyun? Because right now, you're just hurting each other."

"Yes... I thought he didn't want me," SooHyun said, nodding a little. "I'll talk to him... I'll try, for him."

"Great, can we go now? This room stinks," HeeChul got to his feet, stretching out his arms.

"You're near the fighters' quarters, what do you expect," KyuHyun stood as well. "I'm sure KiBum's getting his own lecture up there, if we're lucky we might catch the tail end of it." Walking to the door, he pulled it open.

SooHyun and HeeChul followed KyuHyun from the room and back up to the commissioner's office. It didn't seem like they were interrupting any conversation when they entered, Zhou Mi sitting next to KiBum on the couch and looking up when the door opened. Getting to his feet, Zhou Mi looked to KyuHyun first with a searching look.

It wasn't immediately apparent anything had changed, but instead of going back to the wall, SooHyun hesitantly walked over to where KiBum was sitting and sat down next to him.

KiBum looked up when he felt the couch dip under someone else's weight, and saw SooHyun sitting beside him. He looked at the goat hesitantly, slowly sitting up straight instead of slouching forward over his legs.

KyuHyun gave Zhou Mi a nod before going to drop down on the other couch with a groan. "And there goes almost all of my free time. Why did I even bother coming back up, should have just stayed down there."

"Because you wanted to see me before you did," Zhou Mi said, pouting at him. "Everyone out," he said, making shooing motions with his hands. "Geng, HeeChul, I'll meet you in the viewing box. KiBum, you and SooHyun are welcome to stay and watch the matches with us but you're not obligated to do so."

"Uh…I think we'll just go, I'm not really fond of the matches," KiBum gave a strained smile, standing. "When can we meet to talk about that job again, Senator?"

"It's just Han Geng, or Geng," Han Geng chuckled. "Next week sound good?"

"Yeah," KiBum nodded, stepping back towards the door and looking to SooHyun.

"Thank you for coming by KiBum, I'm sure we'll talk again soon," Zhou Mi said. He watched SooHyun get to his feet and follow after KiBum, opening the door for him. "Bye SooHyun, it was good to see you."

The goat looked between KiBum and Zhou Mi for a moment before he bowed to Zhou Mi. "Thank you sir," he said quietly.

KiBum waited for SooHyun to join him again before heading towards the exit, hands jammed into his pockets. "So…I was thinking, we could stop by the flower boutique on the way back to the dorms," he said after a moment. "Pick up something tasty."

There was a small flicker of a reaction on SooHyun's expression, and he looked over at KiBum. "I... would like that," he said. "And then... we should talk when we get home."

Looking at SooHyun and meeting the goat's eyes, KiBum drew in a breath and nodded. "Yeah, we should," he agreed. There was a small spark of hope; the simple sentence had been more than SooHyun had said on his own without any prompting the past month.

It took almost an hour to get back to the dorms, stopping by the small seasonal boutique on the way there. They left with a full bouquet, KiBum handing the flowers off to SooHyun with a small smile.

Reaching their dorm room, KiBum unlocked the door and pulled it open, stepping inside. "Those should go in the vase we got, if you're not gonna eat them right away," he said, kicking off his shoes.

SooHyun already had one flower in his mouth, one of the petals escaping as he quietly chewed. "Erm... okay," he said, scurrying to find the vase to put the flowers in. It didn't take long to find, and soon he had the flowers in water sitting on the table next to the window. They would only last a few days, but SooHyun was going to savor them as long as he could. "Thank you... KiBum," he said, touching one of the half open flowers.

About to sit on the edge of his bed, KiBum's eyes went straight to SooHyun at that. "…You're welcome," he replied, a real smile pulling on his lips. "You used my name."

Taking a deep breath, SooHyun turned around to look at KiBum. Ears down, he shifted nervously. "I... said I would try. I haven't been doing like I said I would... but I want to try."

KiBum looked down for a moment at the floor, gathering his thoughts. When he looked back up, his smile had grown. "Thank you…it means a lot to me." He held out a hand to SooHyun. "We should probably talk."

"Yes," SooHyun agreed. He looked at KiBum's hand for a long moment before finally taking it and stepping closer. "I don't think I understood what you were trying to tell me before, about relationships and being together."

The human's fingers curled around the goat's, securing the grip. "How did you understand it?" KiBum asked quietly, looking into SooHyun's eyes.

"I thought... you didn't want me because I was a slave," SooHyun said, not able to meet KiBum's eyes. "And that was why you didn't want to have sex with me."

"I…no, that wasn't it," KiBum murmured. "It was because when I was kissing you, to me, I wasn't kissing a slave. I was kissing SooHyun, the silly goat, and you being a slave didn't matter to me. I like you either way. But it really hurt me that you could kiss me back and think of it as kissing your master, not KiBum…not me. I didn't want to have sex if there was a chance you'd call me 'master' during…because that would hurt even more."

"You... are my master, that's not something I can change," SooHyun said, trying to organize his thoughts. "But... you are also KiBum, and I like KiBum. I didn't think of you as my master when I was kissing you."

"You didn't?" KiBum drew SooHyun closer. "What about right now?" he asked quietly, trying to catch the goat's eyes.

SooHyun finally lifted his eyes to look at KiBum, though he was drawn more to KiBum's lips than anything. "KiBum... I want to kiss you," he whispered. "I really liked it."

KiBum bit his lower lip. Kissing had been what had gotten them in trouble the first time…but he felt lighter after talking it over finally. "Say my name again?" he murmured, leaning in slowly.

"KiBum..." SooHyun replied, his arm going around KiBum's waist. He pulled KiBum closer, closing the distance between them into a kiss.

Eyes closing, KiBum returned the kiss and tilted his head to the side so their noses wouldn't be squashed. He let go of SooHyun's hand finally to wrap his arms around the older man.

It started out slow, SooHyun ejoying the light ness of the kiss, enjoying how soft KiBum's lips were against his own. The longer it went on, the more SooHyun wanted and he pressed further, deepening the kiss as his lips parted and his other hand was sliding up and down KiBum's back.

KiBum responded with a low noise in the back of his throat, lips parting at SooHyun's insistence. One hand slowly ran through SooHyun's hair before twining into the soft strands.

Pulling back just enough to breathe, KiBum quickly returned to the kiss as his fingers found one furry ear.

The ear flickered slightly at the touch, and SooHyun whimpered softly. Backing up, he sat down on the edge of the bed, breaking the kiss. He slowly drew KiBum down to sit in his lap, wanting to return to that kiss as quickly as possible.

KiBum had enough time to think about how good a kisser SooHyun was before the goat's lips were against his again. Making himself comfortable in the other man's lap, his fingers continued to play with SooHyun's ears, completely fascinated by them. "SooHyun," he breathed against the goat's mouth, trying to catch his breath as his legs tightened around SooHyun's waist.

SooHyun's eyes slowly opened as he panted. "KiBum," he murmured, his hands having found their way under KiBum's shirt. "KiBum, I really like you."

"I really like you too," KiBum whispered, breath hitching in his throat at the warm hands against his stomach and sides. "Is this going where I think it is?" His hands moved down to play with the buttons at the front of SooHyun's shirt, itching to remove the material.

"If... you want to?" SooHyun replied, giving KiBum another kiss. "I... want you, KiBum."

Smiling into the kiss, KiBum opened his eyes fully to look into SooHyun's. His fingers had already undone the top buttons to SooHyun's shirt, lightly brushing against the skin underneath. To be honest he wasn't thinking much just then, only how handsome SooHyun looked and how the sound of his name coming from the goat sent shivers down his spine.

"SooHyun," he whispered before deepening the kiss, eyes closing. Undoing all the buttons to the goat's shirt, KiBum pushed the material off the other man's shoulders.

When his arms were free of the material, SooHyun returned his attention to KiBum's shirt, pushing up on it to pull it off his head. Hampered only by the fact that neither of them wanted to give up on the kiss, SooHyun pulled away with a frustrated groan as he finally got KiBum's shirt off. Returning to the kiss, his arms secured themselves around KiBum's back and he twisted them around to press KiBum back into the mattress.

Moaning lowly into the kiss, KiBum broke away again so he could push himself up onto the bed properly, pulling SooHyun up with him. His fingers worked to undo SooHyun's pants, popping open the button and pushing the pants off narrow hips. "I suppose I should mention I never had sex with a guy before," KiBum laughed a little breathlessly.

"I have," SooHyun replied, his head dropping to scrape his teeth lightly against the skin of KiBum's neck. "Don't be nervous, it'll be okay."

"I'm not…nervous," KiBum exhaled shakily at the teeth against his neck. Getting SooHyun's pants off the best he could with his limited reach, he kicked them down to SooHyun's ankles before pulling the goat back up into a kiss. "I trust you."

SooHyun managed to get his pants off the rest of the way, breaking away from the kiss and sitting back. "I trust you too, KiBum," he said, undoing KiBum's pants and tugging them off. Tossing them to the side, he dropped back down to kiss KiBum again. "It's okay like this?" he asked, sliding one of KiBum's legs over his shoulder.

Grinning at SooHyun's words, KiBum nodded, face flushed. "Yeah," he replied, hands cupping SooHyun's face before moving down to hold on to the goat's shoulders.

One of SooHyun's ears twitched a little as he leaned down, capturing KiBum's lips in a searing kiss. It was slow going, SooHyun taking a great amount of care in how he touched KiBum. He wanted to make sure he went neither too fast or too slow, making sure KiBum was comfortable and feeling everything he was supposed to in the best way possible. SooHyun encouraged the noises he heard in response to his touch, to the way his hips moved. His lips brushed over KiBum's heated skin, teasing and tasing every inch. The feel of KiBum's fingers in his hair, nails on his back and the way his legs pressed against his sides in response. SooHyun enjoyed every second of it, because he knew KiBum was too.

Maybe it didn't last hours, but SooHyun felt like he'd run a marathon by the time he collapsed next to KiBum. Breathing in and out, his arms flopped to his sides and he looked at KiBum with a grin. "Can we do that again?"

Trying to catch his breath, KiBum laughed at that. He rolled himself closer, wincing slightly at the movement as he wrapped one arm around SooHyun's waist. "After some rest?" he chuckled, kissing SooHyun's shoulder absently. It was still the middle of the day, but he was too tired to even think of moving from the bed.

"Okay," SooHyun smiled, getting himself comfortable, an arm going around KiBum's shoulders. "As long as we get to keep doing that. I'd like to do that with you as ofen as we can."

Flushing, KiBum hummed lowly in agreement. "You know…we can do other relationship things too, if you want to," he murmured.

"What do you mean?" SooHyun asked, a look of confusion on his features. "What else is there to relationships?"

"…A lot of things," KiBum blinked. "I mean, couples hang out together, go on dates, travel, play games…"

"Oh... I thought it was just sex," SooHyun said. "If you want to do those things, then we can. Long as you're happy."

"That…I want you to be happy too, SooHyun," KiBum said quietly, brow furrowed. "Only not serious relationships are only about the sex…but you're very important to me, I care about you a lot, and want to do all sorts of things with you…but only if you want to."

"I've never done any of the things you just mentioned," SooHyun said, shaking his head. "I don't know if they'll make me happy. But I want to know if they would."

"We can try, then?" KiBum's smile was hopeful as he met SooHyun's eyes.

"Yes, sir," SooHyun nodded, covering his mouth immediately after saying that. "Sorry... it's going to be a very hard habit to break. What if I call you by your name in public? You can get into trouble."

KiBum's eyes visibly dimmed again at the word, but he smiled sadly at the goat. "Don't worry about that. I'm more than capable of handling anything that happens, and it's up to me how my slave acts anyways. If I'm fine with it, no one else can say anything."

"I just don't want you to get in any trouble because of me," SooHyun said, nuzzling his nose into KiBum's cheek. "I love the way you smell."

Blinking, KiBum chuckled quietly. "I'm all sweaty." He ran his hand slowly up and down SooHyun's back, closing his eyes. "You're an amazing man, SooHyun," he murmured. "I'm glad we met."

"I'm glad we met too, I'll never be able to thank you for saving me from... that asshole," SooHyun said.

That made KiBum grin widely. "No way I was leaving you with him. With me at least, the worst you'll get is some grumpiness around exam season."

SooHyun chuckled, nibbling a little at KiBum's neck. "I will do my best to relax you during exams."

KiBum made a low noise in his throat. "I don't know if that's relaxing…or just getting me worked up differently, but I won't say no," he murmured.

"In the end, you'll be relaxed," SooHyun murmured softly against KiBum's skin.

"True," KiBum breathed, arms tightening around the older man as he made himself comfortable. He was going to fall asleep like this, and he didn't even care. Falling asleep next to SooHyun was sounding like the perfect end to the day, and every day afterwards.
TakaGacktHydetakagackthyde on April 27th, 2013 05:44 am (UTC)
for some reason i want kibummie to see soohyun in his goat form.
Amaranth Pearbuckleapearbuckle19 on April 30th, 2013 08:09 am (UTC)
I had a dream where Kibum was caught by fans having sex with a goat ... and trying to blame fanfiction.
NT59NT591 on April 27th, 2013 03:39 pm (UTC)
Ah finally!!!!! Thanks Heechul for getting some sense in to that silly head of SooHyun!!!!!!!! :P *smiling madly*
silverstorm666 on April 27th, 2013 09:43 pm (UTC)
*This is me, spazzing*

Soohyun and Kibum are finally getting together! They're so cute. And Soohyun gets to learn about dating and everything. Awwww
the detachment of dreams and reality resemble youryeouknim on April 28th, 2013 02:32 am (UTC)
The year Sungmin wasnt able to participate.. So it's like only a year left before it syncs with the main story. I can imagine Hyungjoon's face when Mi and Geng started debating in front of him hahaha

Awwww Soohyun. Thank god for Heechul's bluntness. Soohyun's just a little slow on the uptake.
dune_ashesdune_ashes on May 2nd, 2013 05:51 pm (UTC)
So sweet <3 I really love this story, can never get enough:)

Please, please...some smutty bits with Qmi too? They beg for it! Well, I do, too:D Kyu and Mi's relationship is my absolute favorite. I blame the sexy half-snake form.

Thank you for writing~