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19 April 2013 @ 11:53 pm
Decerto: Road to Freedom  
Title: Decerto: Road to Freedom
Chapter: 23/40 + epilogue
Fandoms: Super Junior, U-Kiss
Pairings: KyuHyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/HeeChul, KiBum/SooHyun
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Taking place six years before the events of Decerto, the story of how a human and a slave started a revolution.

It took about half an hour to get back to the school dorms, KiBum glad it was the weekend and he didn't have to worry about classes. Though he did have some research papers to go over. Sighing as he unlocked the dorm door and stepped in, he kicked off his shoes. "I need to get some studying done, there's a research outline due next week."

SooHyun didn't respond to that, shutting the door behind them and immediately dropping onto his knees, forehead against the floor. "Forgive me Master," he said, body trembling. "I didn't mean to lie, I would never lie to you I promise."

"…What?" KiBum blinked, turning around in utter confusion. "What's this about?" He crouched down in front of SooHyun.

"KyuHyun, he told me I lied to you," SooHyun said, not budging or looking up. "I didn't mean it. I just wanted to please you Master, but I don't want to be like KyuJong, or KyuHyun. I want to be me, please forgive me."

"I…I'm not sure I understand the problem," KiBum blinked. "How is that lying to me?"

"He said I was lying about not telling you what I want," SooHyun replied. "I'm sorry, sir. I'll never lie again."

KiBum looked at the goat in confusion, before sighing and sitting down on the floor properly. "I'm not sure what all this about lying is, but there's nothing wrong about not wanting to be someone else. I…I owe you an apology, I'm sorry for trying to push you so much. Please sit up SooHyun, I'm not going to hurt you."

SooHyun wailed, fingers reaching across the floor to tug at KiBum's pant legs. "No sir, you don't have any reason to apologize to me, it's my fault for not listening sir," he said, half sobbing. "Please, punish me as I deserve."

Alarmed at the tugging on his pants, KiBum scooted back out of reach quickly. "SooHyun, I'm not punishing you," he managed to keep his voice level.

That finally brought SooHyun's head up, and he looked at KiBum with wide, horrified eyes. "Have I displeased you that much sir? Are you going to give me to the Games Commissioner? Is that why we went to see him?"

"No, it had nothing to do with anything like that," KiBum shook his head. Looking down, he reached out and covered one of SooHyun's hands with one of his own. "Just relax, and we'll talk about it, okay? You're not being punished, and I'm not giving you away to anyone."

SooHyun looked at the hand on his and then back at KiBum as he slowly shifted back up. "I'm very confused sir. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do."

"Anything," KiBum said. Fingers curling around SooHyun's more securely, he slowly shifted to stand. "Anything you want. If that's doing laundry and reorganizing my desk on me, then you can do that. If that's eating flowers, you can do that. Whatever you're comfortable with."

"But you don't like it when I do those things," SooHyun said, getting up as well. "You complain when I do your laundry like I'm supposed to. Or when I try to clean. Am I not supposed to clean? What if I want to clean?"

"If that's what you really want to do, then you can clean," KiBum said, bringing SooHyun to sit down on the edge of the bed. "I complain because…I'm not used to having anyone wait on me hand and foot like this. Even with servants and slaves around, I've always done my own chores. But if that's something you're comfortable doing, then go ahead. Just don't tire yourself out too much."

"Never too tired to serve you, sir," SooHyun said. "I... am happy when I serve you. It's what I want to do," he said firmly, following KyuHyun's advice as best he understood.

KiBum's lips quirked a little. "If that's what you want to do, then okay. Whatever makes you happy, that's what's most important to me."

"I want to know... what would make you happy sir," SooHyun said softly.

"Seeing you happy," KiBum squeezed SooHyun's hand lightly. "Seeing you smile and be comfortable, and not afraid…that would make me happy."

"Then you should know that I am," SooHyun said, lips quirking slightly in a half smile. "Being here, with you, makes me happy. Even if I don't know what's going on half the time, just seeing you makes me happy."

"I'm glad to hear that," KiBum chuckled, eyes crinkling slightly. "I went to see Zhou Mi today because I wasn't sure if you could be happy with me. If I was doing what would make you happy. I just needed advice from someone who had been in a similar situation. I'm sorry if I scared you into thinking I was giving you away."

"I should have known you wouldn't," SooHyun said, looking down at their hands that were still joined. "I know you wouldn't do that to me... because you believe in the rights of Signs and.. you would want me to make that kind of choice myself, right?"

"Right," KiBum's eyes softened. "From now on, you always have a choice. And if you ever find you're not comfortable with something…all you have to do is tell me."

SooHyun's brow furrowed at that, and he looked up at KiBum again. "Sir... it makes me uncomfortable when you treat me like... like a human. I don't know if I'll ever be like KyuJong or KyuHyun and learn to read and write, or have hobbies. That's not who I am. This is new to me, and it's very scary."

"You don't know how to read and write?" KiBum blinked at that. He should have known that already. "I…I'm not sure what to do about that," he sighed softly. "How do you want me to treat you? I speak to all the slaves back home this way, not just KyuJong. Would it make you feel better if I stop trying to find hobbies for you?"

"It would," SooHyun nodded. "Don't try so hard to make my life better... I like my life as it is right now. I couldn't have asked for a better master... even if he doesn't think of himself that way."

No, KiBum didn't think of himself as a master; he never wanted to be any sort of master, and it hurt to hear the word coming from the goat. "Okay…I'll ease up on that, if it'll make you feel better. But you have to promise me something." KiBum looked at SooHyun beside him. "If there's ever anything you want to do in the future…anything at all, even if it's just visit somewhere new…you tell me, okay?"

"I will," SooHyun nodded, breathing a small sigh of relief. "I don't really have anywhere in particular to go though... I'd rather stay with you." His expression pinched slightly and he looked like he was fighting himself about something. "I want you to be happy sir, and I know it would make you happy if I didn't think of myself as a slave or as unequal. I admire people like KyuHyun who can say his master's name without being punished... is that what you want?"

KiBum's brow furrowed and he looked away, trying to think of how to phrase what he was thinking without breaking his new resolution not to force SooHyun to change. "The name 'master'…it makes me very uncomfortable, because I don't see myself as that kind of person, and I don't want to. But I understand if you don't feel comfortable calling me by my name. If you want…we can compromise, and you can keep calling me sir if it suits you better."

"This... is going to be an adjustment for both of us," SooHyun said. "It would be an honor to call you by your name, with your permission... I just don't know if I'm ready for that honor." His head tilted slightly. "KyuHyun... he reeked of Zhou Mi, they're intimate. The same with HeeChul and Han Geng. they say each other's names as... lovers would."

"Uh…oh," KiBum blinked. There were some things he didn't need to know about people, and that was one of them. "Does that bother you?"

"I don't think so," SooHyun shook his head. "It's just... strange. If we hadn't had talked to them, I would have assumed KyuHyun and HeeChul were just... bedwarmers. But they're more than that. Until I met you I didn't think it was possible for a human and sign to be together in that way."

The younger man's lips quirked slightly. "Anything's possible. If they love each other, there's no reason they shouldn't be together. It just makes it sad that they can't declare that publicly…but it's another reason why what we're doing is so important."

"They must care about each other a lot to go through so much just to be together," SooHyun said, lowering his eyes. "You told them that the reason you started the club was because of a slave you had got in trouble... you were talking about me weren't you?"

"…Yeah," KiBum nodded, frowning. "I know you don't remember what happened back then, but that run-in did a lot to convince me that what's happening now is something that has to change, and that I'm not willing to just sit by and let bad things happen to people who don't deserve it."

"I do remember," SooHyun said softly. "I remember you being kind and trying to not get me into trouble... You were the first human here to look at me like I wasn't a piece of furniture. How could I forget that? I kept an eye out for you after that, saw you in the halls but you didn't see me. When you walked into that dorm room, I felt something I hadn't felt before and was so scared."

"Why were you scared?" KiBum asked quietly, turning more towards SooHyun. He still hadn't let go of the goat's hand, their fingers gently intertwined. "When I asked you about meeting on the stairs, it didn't look like you remembered."

"I was scared that you wouldn't be as kind as I remembered," SooHyun replied. "I... didn't want Master finding out about us having talked, or met before. I didn't actually tell him about it. If he knew I had kept something from him..." he looked away, his fingers reflexively tightening on KiBum's.

"Hey…you're safe now," KiBum murmured. Reaching out, he lightly touched SooHyun's cheek to coax the goat into looking at him. "That asshole can't hurt you anymore, no one can. I won't let them."

SooHyun turned back to look at KiBum, smiling a little at the words. "I wish there were more humans like you sir. So kind, and wonderful. I don't understand why you make me so happy."

"I'm just happy that you're happy," KiBum smiled softly in return. "And I'm even happier that you feel comfortable talking to me like this." This would have never been possible a month ago, he knew.

"It... feels nice to be able to talk with you," SooHyun murmured. "I'd like to do it more often. I want what they have... to be comfortable with you like they are. Is that okay?"

"It's more than okay, SooHyun," KiBum chuckled. "I'd be happy to talk to you like this more." Realizing he still had his hand against SooHyun's cheek, he reluctantly lowered his arm. He still held onto the goat's other hand though. "You have an amazing smile, I hope I'll get to see it more often."

"Feels weird to smile so much," SooHyun said, fighting the blush overtaking his cheeks. "I think you look better with a smile too, sir. Better than me."

"How about we just say we both look better with smiles, and call it even," KiBum shook his head, looking down at their hands. "Can I just…have one minute to not look at you as a slave, and you not look at me as a master? Then we can come back to this, whatever this arrangement is now. For a minute, could you look at me as just KiBum?"

SooHyun gave KiBum a speculative look, but he nodded. "Okay... I can try? Why?"

"Because…I want to do something, but I don't want you to look at it as a master and a slave thing," KiBum chewed on his lower lip nervously. "Just for a minute, us as equals. Please?"

"That's... not an easy thing to do, but I'll try," SooHyun said. "What is it you want to do?"

KiBum looked up at the goat, exhaling slowly as their eyes met. Sitting as close together as they were, KiBum didn't have to lean in far to brush his lips softly against SooHyun's in the ghost of a kiss.

SooHyun took in a short breath of surprise, eyes widening at the kiss. He pulled back a little, looking into KiBum's eyes for a moment before leaning back in to give KiBum a kiss back, though a little firmer this time.

Some of the tension in KiBum's shoulders relaxed when the kiss was returned. His eyes slipped closed, free hand lifting to gently cup SooHyun's cheek. There was no pressure, KiBum not trying to go any further than that, just enjoying the kiss.

He pulled back slightly after a long moment, eyes opening to look into SooHyun's again. "I hope that was okay," he whispered.

"Yes, it was... KiBum," SooHyun replied, a smile tugging at his lips before pulling back a little more. He looked down at their hands, covering KiBum's with his own. "I didn't think... When you rejected me before, I thought you weren't... that you didn't like me."

It was impossible to miss how KiBum's whole expression lit up when his name was used, instead of 'master' or 'sir'. "When did I reject you?" he blinked in some confusion, thumb lightly brushing against the back of SooHyun's hand.

"That first day, after master had left," SooHyun said. "I offered, and you rejected me. I didn't offer because master had said to, but because I wanted to."

"Oh, I… I thought it was because JaeSoo said to," KiBum shook his head. "It's not that I don't like you…I do. You're handsome, sweet and your ears are absolutely adorable," he smiled sheepishly, looking down at their hands as well. "But I don't want any of this to come across as a human taking advantage of a slave."

"But you wouldn't do that," SooHyun frowned. "You wouldn't hurt me like that, I know you wouldn't. You told me to tell you when I want something... well I do."

KiBum lifted his head, searching SooHyun's eyes. "You want this?" he murmured. "Are you sure?" One hand was still against SooHyun's cheek, and he lightly tucked a few strands of hair behind one goat ear.

"Yes," SooHyun answered. "I like kissing, I like you, I like kissing you. Have wanted to kiss you for a while. Is that okay?"

"It's more than okay," KiBum smiled at that. "As long as you understand that I didn't kiss you as any kind of master." He rested his forehead lightly against SooHyun's.

"I know," SooHyun said, his free arm sliding around KiBum's waist. "Like this, I can think of you as not my master... but KiBum."

KiBum chuckled softly. "I like hearing you say my name," he murmured, tilting his head slightly to kiss SooHyun again, eyes closed.

"Will still be hard for me to say it often," SooHyun replied once he'd returned the kiss and pulled back.

"I know," KiBum smiled at him sadly. "I'll take what I can get. And I think our minute's up."

"Does... that mean I can't kiss you again?" SooHyun asked, crestfallen.

"No," the other man laughed quietly at that. "I said that you can do whatever you want, remember?"

"So I can kiss you whenever I want?" SooHyun asked. "I can kiss you again?"

"If that's what you want, I'm not going to say no to more kisses," KiBum grinned.

SooHyun didn't reply to that, pulling KiBum closer and nearly pushing them both down on the bed with his kiss. This was something he had been wanting to do for a very long time, maybe he was a little too eager.

Squawking when he nearly fell over, KiBum was quickly distracted by the kiss. His eyes closed as he returned it, one hand running through SooHyun's messy hair as his other arm looped around the goat's neck loosely.

It was a good deal of time before SooHyun finally pulled himself away, panting at the lack of oxygen. By then, he'd pulled KiBum down onto the bed with him, one arm holding himself up, the other hand having slid up the underside of KiBum's shirt and rested on his side. There was a question in SooHyun's eyes as he looked into KiBum's. "What would you like?" he whispered, fingers brushing over KiBum's skin.

"Huh?" KiBum blinked, dazed and flushed. He was a little too out of it to really think about the goat's sudden boldness, mind still on the kiss. "Like what?" His fingers traced the edge of SooHyun's ear, the fur soft against his skin.

SooHyun shuddered at the touch to his ears, his eyes fluttering and he let out a fairly low groan. "Would you like me to suck you?" he asked once he could get his head screwed on right enough to answer the question.

Blinking repeatedly, KiBum's face heated up as he processed that. "Wait…what?" Something wasn't entirely right here, and as happy as he would be to continue… "That's…a little fast SooHyun, isn't it?"

"It is?" SooHyun blinked back. "I don't understand what you mean. Is this not what people do? To be intimate?"

"Yes, but…" KiBum frowned, knowing why he couldn't agree to this. "You still think of me as your master, don't you."

"Yes, but you told me if there's something I want to tell you," SooHyun replied. "I want to, not because you're my master."

"Then, why?" KiBum asked, looking into SooHyun's eyes.

"Because..." SooHyun faltered slightly, brow furrowing as he pulled away to sit up properly. "Because I want to... because I like you and I want to make you happy. Sex makes people happy, that's what it's for."

Feeling the loss of the hand from under his shirt, KiBum slowly sat up too. "Yeah, but…you still think of me as your master," he said quietly. "You said you won't even be using my name most of the time. It would bother me to have sex when you think of me as a master."

"I... don't know how to get past that," SooHyun said, shaking his head. "You are my master. But I like you, I like kissing you and I would like to be more with you. Why isn't that enough?"

"I'm sorry," KiBum looked down. "I like kissing you too. But unless we're in a relationship as equals, I wouldn't feel comfortable having sex with you."

"Oh... very well," SooHyun nodded, getting back up to his feet. "Would you like me to get you something to eat, sir?"

KiBum's shoulders slumped at the word 'sir', and he closed his eyes. "No, I'm fine. I'm just gonna go take a shower." Standing, he went to the dresser and pulled out new clothes.

"Very well sir," SooHyun replied, hands clasped in front of him as he sat down on his cot. "I'll wait here."

It had been a bad idea to try kissing SooHyun, KiBum thought, unable to even look at the goat as he left the room. There had been no chance of a good outcome, because to SooHyun, they weren't equals. He should have just stopped while he was ahead. As it was now, he had to hope that the long conversation they'd had earlier wasn't gone to waste, and do his best to ignore how much it hurt.
TakaGacktHydetakagackthyde on April 20th, 2013 05:39 am (UTC)
dude poor kibummie.
silverstorm666 on April 20th, 2013 06:01 am (UTC)
That kiss was so sweet and adorable and thy should JUST ADMIT THAT THY ARE IN LOVE! *dies from the wonderful feels*

This chapter is awesome!