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03 May 2012 @ 05:23 pm
Pandora's Box ch 15  
Title: Pandora’s Box
Fandoms: SS501, Super Junior, U-KISS, B1A4, KARA
Chapter: 15/?
Pairing: HyunJoong/KyuJong, JungMin/HyungJoon, YoungSaeng/JongWoon, KyuHyun/ZhouMi/RyeoWook, others TBA
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Two years after the end of the Sylar war, the Proteus makes a strange and disturbing discovery. An echo of the past long thought buried tests the loyalties and bonds of everyone on board.
A/N: Sequel to Proteus.

The tension on the ship was palatable the entire night. Even the Pandora crew knew something was wrong, even though no one was saying anything to them. Though that it seemed was about to change when the Proteus Captain called for a meeting with everyone.

DongWoo shifted uncomfortably in his seat next to GongChan, wings twitching. So many people around made him a little nervous, especially since the pilot, KyuJong, kept glancing at him warily. "I feel like I have done something wrong," he whispered to GongChan quietly.

"I don't think you did though," GongChan blinked, looking up at him. "Unless you broke something in the engine room."

SooHyun sat down slowly with Kevin, glancing around the table with uneasy eyes. The two Shinbi had never been around the entire crew at once; even Nicole was with them. Only KyuHyun was missing, RyeoWook holding on to Zhou Mi's waist and letting the gecko lean against him.

"It's about time we had this meeting," HyunJoong said quietly, looking at those around the table. JongWoon and HyungJoon were sitting at one end of the table, YoungSaeng and JungMin at the other, and he still had no idea what was going on there, but that was a problem for a later time. "Does anyone know why KyuHyun has been acting this way?"

Zhou Mi frowned uncomfortably, looking down at the table. "It's my fault," the Gecko said, his lower lip trembling.

"How is it your fault Mi?" KyuJong asked gently.

"Because... I was the one who wanted RyeoWook to join us, and he didn't want to," Zhou Mi said, his voice choking up. "He did it anyway because I wanted to, but KuiXian is just done pretending now that he's okay with it."

"That...isn't true though," JongWoon said quietly, watching as RyeoWook's eyes became teary. "We've seen you two alone, and it never looked like he was doing it just because Zhou Mi wanted him to. Wook?"

"He didn't like me at first...I thought we got past it though," RyeoWook shook his head, closing his eyes. "But there's no other reason why he would be acting like this.”

"You said it started on the Proteus," YoungSaeng said, leaning forward a little. "Do you remember when it was he started to act differently?"

Zhou Mi frowned, looking at RyeoWook. "The night before the accident... he was acting strange after dinner."

"The night before?" JungMin blinked, frowning. "What happened around dinner?"

HyunJoong leaned back in his chair, arms folded across his chest. "Right before dinner..." He looked at KyuJong sharply. "That box. The one that was missing from the stasis pod. KyuHyun found it and called you?"

KyuJong blinked, trying to recall what happened. "Yes, he said he found it and I told him to put it down and wait for you," he said. "He said he didn't open it though, right?"

"If he opened the box, then... infected," Kevin said sharply, looking to JungMin and YoungSaeng. "The Jeogui inside him is controlling his actions and words. He would have lied about opening the box."

JungMin's eyes widened. "That...oh no. But wait, you said it was an infection, how can an infection control anyone?" That caught the attention of everyone at the table, RyeoWook holding onto Zhou Mi's hand tightly.

"The Jeogui is not just an infection." SooHyun looked at Kevin uncomfortably. "When we spoke with the council, we learned otherwise. The Jeogui are a race of body-snatchers."

"What?!" YoungSaeng nearly jumped out of his chair at that bit of information. "Are you trying to say that... right now, there could be an alien inside of KyuHyun controlling him?"

Zhou Mi paled visibly, his eyes wide as he looked at YoungSaeng. "...What?" he said in a small voice.

"Yes," Kevin replied simply, watching Zhou Mi who started to wail, hiding his face in RyeoWook's shirt. YoungSaeng slowly calmed down, taking in a deep breath. This was far worse than they had imagined it would be.

"And that's what happened to YoungJoong?" KyuJong asked. "That's why he sabotaged the ship?"

"Yes," SooHyun nodded, watching HyunJoong's expression as the Captain paled as well. "Jeogui...control hosts. Scout sent back...from prison. With box, to spread." His words were clumsy, but the meaning was clear.

"What do we do?" JungMin asked, eyes narrowed. RyeoWook was holding onto Zhou Mi tightly, shaking. "How do we get that, that thing out of him?"

Kevin exchanged a look with SooHyun before looking to JungMin. "One of us must bond with him to capture and remove the creature. Then we must go to Shinbi space for the container in which to put it into."

"Wait, if you remove it now, without the container," YoungSaeng said, shaking his head. "I don't understand, what would you do with it?"

"It would stay within us," Kevin said. "It cannot escape once it is in one of us."

"Can't we just kill it?" YoungSaeng said, not entirely understanding still.

"No, not without... kill... host," Kevin said, looking at Zhou Mi with an unreadable expression. "Don't... want... do that."

RyeoWook looked up at Kevin with wide eyes, shaking his head. "Please, please save him," he whispered.

"Must...go, now," SooHyun stood up. "Find him."

HyunJoong stood up. "JungMin, find him through the security feeds."

"Go with him," JongWoon looked at Nicole, who stood and followed JungMin out of the room quickly. "This isn't going to be easy, is it."

"No," SooHyun shook his head. "Expect...fight."

"I'll find him," Zhou Mi said, pulling himself away from RyeoWook's embrace. "I can find him... and maybe talk to him."

"I think it's too dangerous Mi," YoungSaeng said, shaking his head. "Is there any chance Mi could be taken?" he looked to Kevin and SooHyun.

"The creature can't move hosts easily, I don't think there is any danger," Kevin said. "If the Gecko can lure him out where SooHyun or myself can get to him, that may be easier."

JongWoon glanced at YoungSaeng nervously (he had no idea what was being said, not with the block between them) but assumed the answer was a 'no'. "Okay...the rest of us should probably stay back out of the way, or he might not listen to Zhou Mi." SooHyun looked at Kevin before stepping towards the door, waiting for Zhou Mi.

"Mi...are you going to be okay?" RyeoWook asked quietly.

"I'll be fine," Zhou Mi said, touching RyeoWook's cheek lightly. "There is still a part of our KyuHyun in him, he won't harm me." Leaning forward, he gave the human a light kiss before getting to his feet and padding towards the door.

"Everyone else, act as normal as possible," YoungSaeng said, looking to JongWoon. "If you see him, tell him Zhou Mi is looking for him."

"The four of us need to set up a perimeter around wherever it is Zhou Mi brings him to," Kevin said. "He can't be allowed to escape once he realizes what we're up to. Or another ship will be destroyed."

HyunJoong drew in a slow breath, looking at KyuJong as the others slowly filtered out of the room. "Tell JungMin to join us once we find him," he said to HyungJoon quietly. They would only have one shot at this.

JongWoon hovered near the door, not wanting to be too far from the group. "Nicole, we need you to watch the feeds and if he tries to get away, seal that part of the ship off," he said into his com device. "Have you found him?"

"No sir, the upper decks are clear. We're scanning the lower decks now."

"He might be in the storage room still, it seemed like that was where he was spending all his time," KyuJong said, still reconciling what was going on.

"I don't understand something... if he's been... taken over, how come he hasn't tried to blow up the ship?" HyungJoon asked, pacing around. When you find him, come back down here, they're going to need you.

"Maybe he needed the ship for something and was waiting for an opportunity?" KyuJong said. "I can understand why YoungJoong did, with the Shinbi ambassadors on board and knowing what had happened to him. He would want to escape and make sure no one knew where he came from."

"The shuttle was sabotaged too," RyeoWook said quietly, wiping at his eyes and straightening. "He wasn't expecting for us to get out alive."

"That box is missing too...did it come here with us?" HyunJoong looked at KyuJong. "We need to search the shuttle...not just the shuttle, KyuHyun might have moved it."

"He might not have been the one to take it," KyuJong said, though he nodded. "Once we catch him, I'll start on a search through the ship. I know every inch of this ship, and where the best place to hide things are. If it's here, I'll find it."

"Wait, who else would have taken it?" HyungJoon said, looking between them. "If it was with your brother then... well it's as good as destroyed along with the ship."

"YoungJoong wasn't on the ship," KyuJong said, shaking his head. "He took an escape pod."

"That's not much better out in the middle of nowhere..." JongWoon paled then. "But, if a ship did pick him up, with that box..." That was bad, bad news.

"We're going to have to tell Kevin and SooHyun this, after this problem's dealt with," HyunJoong turned and left the room, waiting nervously to hear from the others.

He's back in that room, JungMin told HyungJoon, rushing out of the bridge to join the others. What's the game plan?

Hold on, HyungJoon grimaced, pulling out his com device. "Saeng? Lower level storage, what do we do?"

"We'll send Mi in to draw him out, hold back your positions to the upper level but send JungMin down. I'll get back to you on any further details."

You heard him, head down to the lower level, HyungJoon turned off the com device, looking to HyunJoong. "We're not going to use weapons or anything are we?"

"...I hope not," HyunJoong's jaw clenched. Even if his body had been taken over, that was still KyuHyun. He had no idea how the Shinbi planned on dealing with the body snatcher, but he prayed it wouldn't harm the gecko.

Making his way down to the lower level, JungMin caught up with the other three Shinbi in no time. Standing beside YoungSaeng, he drew in a slow breath and glanced at the man beside him nervously.

"Zhou Mi is going to see if he can draw KyuHyun out of the room to get something to eat," YoungSaeng said, looking up at JungMin with a grim expression. "Kevin and SooHyun will be waiting to take him on the stairs. We'll be waiting at the other end of the corridor in case he turns and runs. Did Nicole lock down the doors to the upper levels?"

"She was working on that when I left, so they're closed by now," JungMin murmured, rolling his shoulders. "Okay, let's get this show on the road." They split up to take their positions.

Zhou Mi had been waiting by the door, watching the four Shinbi until he was given the signal by YoungSaeng to go in. Taking in a deep breath to calm himself, he tapped at the door controls to open the storage room, stepping inside slowly. "KuiXian? Are you in here?"

The other gecko appeared at the other side of the room when Zhou Mi came in. "Hey...what are you doing here?" KyuHyun asked, leaning back against the containers.

Jumping a little when he spotted KyuHyun, Zhou Mi smiled a little in relief. When they were alone, KyuHyun still acted like himself most of the time. "I was worried about you, you missed dinner again. Are you hungry?" he asked, walking towards him.

"No, not really," KyuHyun shook his head, watching Zhou Mi walk closer. "You were with him, weren't you."

"With who?" Zhou Mi blinked innocently, shaking his head. "If you mean... him... then no. I decided that you were right KuiXian. It's not... good for us to be with a human, and he agreed. It's just you and me again."

"Oh...good." KyuHyun pushed away from the containers slightly, looking away. "You spend...so much time with him. I don't like sharing you like that. It was always just us."

" Yes, just us," Zhou Mi nodded, smiling brightly at him. "You're all I need KuiXian, all I'll ever need. Will you please come upstairs and let me make something for you? I miss cooking for you."

"Yeah...okay, one thing first." KyuHyun stopped in front of Zhou Mi, tail wrapping around the other gecko's as he leaned in and kissed him. "Okay, let's go."

Zhou Mi continued to smile, though he had wanted to back off from the kiss. This wasn't his KyuHyun anymore, and the thought made him sick. "So what would you like to eat?" he asked, turning them towards the door, waving their tails back and forth.

"Anything I guess, you haven't made anything I don't like yet." KyuHyun didn't seem to suspect anything amiss, following beside Zhou Mi as they stepped out the door.

"Hmm... I think I may have some of those Deltan poppers you liked so much still," Zhou Mi said, doing his best to stay calm and not look around nervously. He knew JungMin and YoungSaeng were at the far end of the hall, but didn't dare to look behind him. Hopefully KyuHyun wouldn't notice Kevin or SooHyun nearby.

"Those sound good." KyuHyun glanced at Zhou Mi, eyes dancing in mischief. "Do I get to have you for dessert?" It sounded like something the normal KyuHyun would say, something he had said often in the past.

Zhou Mi chuckled softly, looking over at him with warm eyes, though he couldn't help the small twinge of sadness. "Of course, KuiXian," he said, "or main course... whichever one you would rather have first."

"We might not get to the actual food," KyuHyun chuckled. When they turned towards the stairs, he was distracted enough he didn't notice the two small rats hidden by the bottom step.

"Kind of the point," Zhou Mi grinned with a wink, leaning over to kiss him lightly on the cheek. "I'm sorry, KuiXian," he whispered. He pulled away when a shadow out of the corner of his eye rose up, glass hands reaching forward to grasp KyuHyun by the arm and pull him backward.

Shouting in surprise, KyuHyun staggered back. "What the hell?!" Seeing Kevin, the gecko's face twisted into a snarl and he wretched one arm free to punch the Shinbi in the jaw, disappearing once he was let go.

He didn't make it too far, SooHyun appearing and tripping him when KyuHyun pushed past Zhou Mi to the stairs. Fingers gripping invisible arms, SooHyun dragged the struggling gecko back down.

Kevin had stumbled backwards at the hit, rubbing at his jaw when he rejoined SooHyun to help hold KyuHyun. "I will hold him SooHyun, be quick," he said, tightening his grip on KyuHyun's arm. Glancing behind him, YoungSaeng and JungMin were running toward them.

"What now?" YoungSaeng asked, looking between the two ambassadors.

"Now we remove the parasite, help me hold him down," Kevin said, pushing the still struggling Gecko down to the ground with YoungSaeng's help.

Sparing Zhou Mi a glance, SooHyun crouched next to the still-invisible gecko. He pressed his hand against KyuHyun's chest, eyes narrowing in concentration as he pressed down further.

A scream tore out of KyuHyun as he reappeared, the Shinbi's hand melting into his chest. Struggling madly against the two holding him down did nothing, the spot where SooHyun's hand was disappearing turning glassy. Watching and holding Zhou Mi back from getting too close, JungMin's eyes widened slightly as he saw the color of SooHyun's skin slowly changing. A strange mist-like substance was traveling up the inside of his arm from KyuHyun, showing grayer as more was drawn out of the gecko.

Finally the gecko's eyes rolled up and he went limp, passed out on the floor. The last of the mist was drawn up into SooHyun's chest, concentrated into a ball of gray inside him as he withdrew his hand from KyuHyun's chest and slumped slightly.

"Is that it?" YoungSaeng asked quietly, slowly pulling his hands away from the passed out Gecko. "He's free of it?"

"Yes, it is done," Kevin nodded, his eyes fixed on SooHyun. "We must put SooHyun into isolation for the time being. No one but us can touch him or the parasite could escape."

"Is... is he okay?" Zhou Mi hovered anxiously, trying to get to KyuHyun. "Is he okay? He's alive right, you didn't kill him, did you?"

YoungSaeng put his hand to KyuHyun's neck, breathing a sigh of relief at the pulse. "He's okay Mi. Min, we need to take him to the med bay."

"Yeah," JungMin nodded, stepping around the group to KyuHyun's side. With YoungSaeng's help he got the gecko onto his back, straightening. "Let's bring him to KiSeop, Mi," he smiled at the gecko before going up the stairs. SooHyun slowly stood up, one hand against the wall as he looked down at the gray mist inside him.

"How does it feel?" Kevin asked quietly, looking at the mist as well. "Does it hurt?"

"We can use one of the storage rooms for him, if he needs to be in isolation," YoungSaeng said, watching them. "Are you in any danger SooHyun? Can it control you like it did with KyuHyun?"

"It's...very uncomfortable," SooHyun looked at Kevin before turning to YoungSaeng. "No, as long as I remain in this form. Taking another form would remove the protection Shinbi have against their control."

"But you can't stay like that, it will take weeks to get to Shinbi space," YoungSaeng said with a frown. "How will you eat?"

"We will pass the parasite between us every other day," Kevin said. "We will do what we must to keep the parasite from being able to infect another."

SooHyun nodded, looking between them before turning to YoungSaeng. "Please show me to this storage room, the sooner the threat is out of the hallways, the better."

"This one, it's empty," YoungSaeng said, nodding to one a bit down from where they were. Pressing the control panel for the door, he looked inside to make sure it was clean before nodding. "We'll have a cot or something brought down for you so you're more comfortable."

"Thank you." SooHyun stepped inside the room, looking around. He sat down on a container out of the way, looking down at the Jeogui inside him. "The council assured us that removing the Jeogui wouldn't harm it's host."

"I hope for all our sakes that he is fine," YoungSaeng said with a small sigh. "I'm going to go check on him... do you need anything else?"

"We'll be fine for the moment, just make sure none of the rest of the crew comes down here," Kevin said, stepping into the room. "I will be up shortly, I will sit with SooHyun for now."

"Very well," YoungSaeng nodded, closing the door and sealing the lock from the outside. Couldn't take any chances now. Climbing up the stairs, he shifted into his human form as soon as he got to the upper level, heading right for the med bay. When he arrived, it seemed the whole crew had converged in the tiny space.

"He'll be okay, right?" Zhou Mi was following KiSeop around as the medic attended to KyuHyun on the bed. "Please, tell me he's okay."

"I don't know yet, give me a moment please," KiSeop said patiently. "All I know is he's breathing."

"That's a good start," RyeoWook wasn't in a much better state, though he kept out of the way. JongWoon ran his hand along his friend's back to keep him calm, watching the bed with wide eyes. KyuHyun was still unconscious after the ordeal, chest rising and falling slowly.

"How are Kevin and SooHyun?" HyunJoong looked at YoungSaeng as the Shinbi returned.

"Locked in a storage room for the time being," YoungSaeng said. "I think they'll be okay, but it's going to be a long few weeks for them."

"Why do they have to be locked up?" HyunJoong frowned.

"Because SooHyun's holding the alien inside him, and apparently if he comes into contact with any non-Shinbi it might transfer from him to the other person," JungMin said quietly, watching the bed before shaking his head and looking around. "Does everyone have to be in here?"

"Yeah, no," JongWoon looked away from YoungSaeng and shooed GongChan out the door with DongWoo. "Anyone who doesn't have to be here, go, crowding the room won't help KyuHyun."

"Let's talk out in the hall Captain," YoungSaeng said to HyunJoong, following after JongWoon and the others. "You too JongWoon."

"Okay," JongWoon swallowed, staying with them as the rest of the crew dispersed. JungMin leaned against the wall next to HyungJoon, arms folded across his chest.

"Did they say anything else about whatever it was that was controlling him?" HyunJoong asked YoungSaeng quietly.

"Not much, but I'm sure we can get more out of them now," YoungSaeng said, crossing his arms over his chest. "We have to go to Shinbi space."

"That will take...a couple weeks," JongWoon said quietly, thinking about that. "Why do we have to go there, can't we find a Shinbi ship around here?"

"It's not another group of Shinbi we're looking for," JungMin said. "He said something about a container that could hold onto the Jeogui, and we have to go back to Shinbi space for that."

"And before you ask, no, they didn't give any details as to where in Shinbi space we would find this container," YoungSaeng said. "The important thing now is they have the alien contained, though it's going to be very stressful on them. No one but JungMin or myself are to go down to the storage rooms, not for anything. The risk is too great."

"I don't understand that, though." KiBum was hanging around still, interested in what was being discussed. "As long as we don't make contact with the one that has the alien inside him, there's no danger, right?"

"Accidents happen, and I don't think anyone wants to have to be rescued from a body-snatcher," JungMin eyed the younger brother.

"We'll make sure everyone understands," HyunJoong looked at JongWoon who nodded. "So we set course for the nearest border. And make sure they're comfortable down there." He didn't like the idea of someone being quarantined in the lower levels, and he could tell JongWoon didn't either.

"Yes, that's as much as we can do right now," YoungSaeng said. "At the very least, KyuHyun will be okay. I'll try to find out more if there will be any lasting affects on him, but they might not know."

"It's worth a try...they could have told us we were dealing with bodysnatching aliens instead of just some sort of sickness," JungMin scowled a little, not liking being kept in the dark about that.

"We should leave them for now," HyunJoong looked back into the room, seeing Zhou Mi and RyeoWook sitting by the bed.

"Yeah...I'll go put in the new course," JongWoon nodded, turning to go towards the stairs.

"They might not have known themselves," YoungSaeng said, watching JongWoon. "Excuse me," he nodded to HyunJoong and JungMin before following after him. "JongWoon, wait up."

Wavering, JongWoon stopped and looked back over his shoulder at the younger man. "Heading this way too?" he gave a strained smile, trying his best to act like everything was normal.

"I figured I'd just walk with you, I was heading back to the bridge anyway," YoungSaeng said, coming up beside him. Seeing as they were out of earshot of everyone, he sighed a little and looked into JongWoon's eyes. "I missed you last night."

Heart aching, JongWoon had to look away. "...I missed you too," he murmured, willing himself to not get overly emotional. Even with HyungJoon's help, he couldn't help but reach for something that wasn't there. Turning, he started walking again towards the bridge.

Sighing a little, YoungSaeng followed after him, his head down. He didn't know what to do, or how to act around JongWoon. Especially since all he wanted to do was fold the man up in his arms and never let him go. The loneliness he felt from not having JongWoon's thoughts in his mind was overwhelming. Nothing about this felt right.

Knowing YoungSaeng was right behind him made it all the harder to keep walking, but somehow JongWoon made it to the bridge. Seeing Nicole looking at him, he managed a shaky smile for the pilot. "Hey. We're turning around."

"Turning around? Okay," she blinked, bringing up the navigation as JongWoon joined her. "Where to?"

"The Shinbi border." Finding the coordinates, JongWoon struggled to focus on that and not YoungSaeng.

"KyuHyun's fine, they were able to remove the parasite," YoungSaeng said, sitting down in one of the seats. "I know you don't have a reason to, but don't go down to the lower level storage rooms." Even though he was talking to Nicole, his eyes were on JongWoon the entire time.

"Yes sir," Nicole nodded, looking between them in worry before turning back to the navigation.

Finished changing the navigation, JongWoon leaned back, head down. The ambassador didn't have to look to know YoungSaeng was watching him, able to feel the younger man's stare. He couldn't deal with this. If he stayed here for much longer, he was going to be a mess on the floor.

"I'll be...in my office, if you need me," he gave Nicole that same strained smile before turning and leaving the bridge quickly, not daring to look up.

YoungSaeng didn't say anything when he left, just watching him go sadly. Would JongWoon ever forgive him for this? Even if he did, could YoungSaeng forgive himself for hurting someone he loved so much. Sighing to himself, he got to his feet. "Just let us know if you run into any problems Nicole, and take a break once in a while, you need it," he said, heading for the door.

"Yes sir," Nicole repeated, turning her chair around to watch him go. "You should take a break too sir, you look horrible."

"Too much to do Nicole, but thank you for the concern," YoungSaeng said, lips quirked sadly as he glanced back at her. "Don't worry, I've been through worse."

"Just don't neglect your health," Nicole shook his head, watching him go before turning back to the front of the ship. "Men," she sighed softly, resting her head in one hand and wondering if there was any race out there where the men weren't idiots.

hyunaeparkhyunaepark on May 3rd, 2012 09:53 pm (UTC)
Oh thank God ;______________;<3
and yes Nicole, I wonder the exact same thing fdvgb;hnjmy;;
chibikissme: pic#117145532smile_as_a_noun on May 3rd, 2012 10:52 pm (UTC)
well, that's one problem solved... kinda XD
now Youngsaeng just needs to stop being stupid ><
Nicole at the end <3
renichifreakrenichifreak on May 4th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
at least Kyu's okay...

I get the feeling that something huge is going to happen and it kinda makes me nervous...

needs more~~~
박심이 {Kylie.Gwyn}: YoungSaengrawrstarrr on May 4th, 2012 08:45 am (UTC)
HyunJoong's back to being all captainy.. ;) *cuddleshim*

Anyway, I remember my comment in the previous chapter; blaming the infection for Saeng's actions. Then I realized that shit... He's shinbi! He's just being stupid listening to those good for nothing shinbi dimwits!

Fine... I'm glad they saved KyuHyun. I hope he'd be okay.... ;_____;

2YS please. >___<

And I hear you, Nicole! >[
llort_renllort_ren on May 4th, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Ethnocentrism screws with even nice people as we can see in the case with kevin and soohyun /chuckles

lolol Nicole's last line. Ditto girl. Ditto
llort_renllort_ren on May 4th, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
and yes, i'm far too lazy to change out of this account ._.
princessmeli09princessmeli09 on May 5th, 2012 07:02 am (UTC)
yeye for Kyuhyun! Mi is like my baby... and I can't bear to see him hurt T_T

Now let's see if the shinbi grow a brain and stop trying to fuck up 2ys

silverstorm666 on October 17th, 2012 06:00 pm (UTC)
Oh good, Kyuhyun is alright. I actually feel a bit bad for the Shinbi, having to carry that around inside them.