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19 April 2012 @ 05:16 pm
Pandora's Box ch 11  
Title: Pandora’s Box
Fandoms: SS501, Super Junior, U-KISS, B1A4, KARA
Chapter: 11/?
Pairing: HyunJoong/KyuJong, JungMin/HyungJoon, YoungSaeng/JongWoon, KyuHyun/ZhouMi/RyeoWook
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Two years after the end of the Sylar war, the Proteus makes a strange and disturbing discovery. An echo of the past long thought buried tests the loyalties and bonds of everyone on board.
A/N: Sequel to Proteus. Crossover with Super Junior, U-KISS

The gambling room was dimly lit, groups collected around various tables with weapons in plain view. HeeChul was sitting at his usual table, feet up and reclining like a king as he tapped the cards in his hand with manicured nails.

When YoungSaeng and JongWoon were close enough, the alien looked up, slitted eyes focusing on YoungSaeng as his lips curled into a smirk. "Well, well, what have we here?"

"HeeChul, been a long time," YoungSaeng said, picking one of the seated gamblers up by the collar and pushing him away so he could sit down. "How've you been?"

"Quite busy, your friends in high places have made me a rich man. Well, I was already rich, but you can never have too much money." HeeChul placed his cards face-down and looked between the new arrivals with interest. "What about you, it's been a while since you've shown your face here."

"I've been busy as well, making sure you stay in business," YoungSaeng said, crossing his arms over his chest. "We were just passing through, thought I would stop in and say hi to my old friend."

"Took you long enough, you break my heart." HeeChul's eyes danced. "So, who's the cutie you're holding hands with under the table?" JongWoon turned bright red.

"JongWoon, he's human, and no you can't have him," YoungSaeng said, lips quirking. "And when exactly did you get a heart to break?"

"Haven't lost that sharp tongue yet, have you," HeeChul chuckled. "Did I ask if I could have him? He's cute, but my human's much hotter."

"Ah, so you finally got yourself a human," YoungSaeng said, leaning back in the chair. "What, did they lose a bet against you? Or did you acquire your human through less than legal means... Federation civilians are off limits for the slave trade you know."

"So mistrustful of me," HeeChul sniffed. "Maybe I wooed him with my charms."

"Your charms leave much to be desired, HeeChul," YoungSaeng said, rolling his eyes. "Well? Where is he? Do you have him chained up somewhere or can I meet him?"

"He thinks so little of me, it really breaks my heart," HeeChul tutted as he looked at JongWoon. "What good is eye candy if he's chained up somewhere I can't see him? Yah, Fried Rice!" he called over the din.

"Fried Rice?" YoungSaeng blinked at that, looking around until he saw a man walking toward them. The man looked resigned, lips pursed as he came up to the table.

"Why do you have to call me that?" the human asked with a small sigh. "What?"

"Because it gets your attention faster." HeeChul pinched the human's side before spinning him around to face the other two. "Meet my human. Speak slowly, his commoner is like a broken record."

"Uh...hi," JongWoon waved. "I'm JongWoon, and this is YoungSaeng."

"Han Geng," the man nodded, swatting at HeeChul's hands. "Please don't call me Fried Rice."

"Wasn't planning on it," YoungSaeng chuckled. "Nice to meet you Han Geng. Can I ask how it is you ended up being the plaything of HeeChul?"

"Play...thing?" Han Geng's head tilted slightly and he looked to HeeChul. "What does that mean?"

"It means honored guest," HeeChul smiled sweetly up at him. JongWoon bit his tongue to keep from smiling. "Well don't just stand there making me look short." HeeChul got Han Geng to sit down before transferring to his lap.

"Guest, right," YoungSaeng snorted. "So? Why don't you tell me the story then HeeChul, about how you finally landed yourself a human, and a good looking one at that?"

"I told you already," HeeChul made an extravagant gesture with one hand. "With my charms. He got here and couldn't bring himself to leave."

Han Geng blinked at HeeChul, one eyebrow raised. "Does charm mean begging? Because you begged me to stay."

"Oh, how cute," YoungSaeng grinned. "Did he get down on his knees and plead? HeeChul likes being on his knees."

"Missed you too Saengie," HeeChul flipped him the finger. "And I'll talk with you later," he pinched the inside of Han Geng's thigh. "Where are the rest of your grouping, anyways?"

"On board the Pandora," YoungSaeng said, chuckling at the look of irritation on Han Geng's face. "Or crawling around the station. My ship has become a little crowded," he said, leaning forward a little. "Proteus is gone."

"Oh?" HeeChul raised an eyebrow. "That was that cute Captain's ship, wasn't it? Well, everything has it's time I guess."

"If you consider sabotage the right time," YoungSaeng frowned. "HeeChul, have you ever heard of the Jeogui?"

"Jeo-whatsits?" HeeChul shook his head. "Is that some backwater pirate ship or something?"

"No, it's a race," YoungSaeng said with a small sigh. "My people have a legend of a war that took place thousands of years ago. About a race of people that had turned the galaxy against each other through some form of trickery. They were called the Jeogui."

"Interesting," HeeChul tapped his fingers against Han Geng's knee. "Well, not really, I usually ditched history classes. But my people have a similar story, though it doesn't mention anything by name."

"Really? Do you recall anything about it?" YoungSaeng asked.

"Just that everyone was paranoid as hell because family and friends were suddenly turning against each other for no reason," HeeChul shrugged. "There was a lot of backstabbing going on, puts how things were a few years ago to shame."

"Yes, our story says that it took a long time before the Shinbi were able to root out the threat and imprison the Jeogui," YoungSaeng nodded, looking to JongWoon for a moment before leaning forward. "I only mention this because of what has happened... A Federation deep space vessel was found near the Shinbi border. Based on their navigation records, it is believed that the vessel stumbled upon the Jeogui's prison, and infected one of the crew, who then sabotaged the Proteus."

HeeChul's eyes narrowed. "...You better not be fucking with me. What happened to this infected person now?"

"Dead," JongWoon said quietly. "Didn't survive the sabotage."

"Well, good riddance to that then. I don't remember much about the story, and quite frankly didn't care up until five seconds ago, but who needs that happening twice?"

"Exactly, the only problem is... the rest of the crew was missing," YoungSaeng said. "It is entirely possible that they somehow... escaped some other way. And we don't know for certain if YoungJoong was killed JongWoon."

"But...didn't they say he was dead?" JongWoon frowned, glancing at YoungSaeng. "That's what JungMin and HyungJoon were saying."

"We haven't heard one way or another from the Captain or KyuJong," YoungSaeng shook his head. "The ambassadors said that the Jeogui were clever, and if he was infected, there's no way to be sure about anything, not unless we saw a body."

"Well, we can hope," HeeChul shook his head. "Horror stories should stay in the past. Now, are you two here to play? Cause I was in the middle of wiping the floor with these clowns."

"No, we wouldn't play against you," YoungSaeng said, sliding his chair back and standing up. "You cheat, and I really don't feel like owing you anything ever again."

"I don't cheat, you're just a sore loser," HeeChul smirked. "Don't forget to stop by again, and don't take two years to do it this time."

"Of course you cheat, this is your establishment," YoungSaeng said, putting his arm around JongWoon's shoulder. "Goodbye HeeChul, don't break the poor guy. It was nice meeting you Han Geng, I would run if I were you."

"Uh... thank you?" Han Geng blinked, his arms going around HeeChul's waist.

"Sometimes I'm glad you only understand a quarter of what's said to you," HeeChul patted Han Geng's cheek.

JongWoon grinned all the way to the door, following YoungSaeng out and leaning into the half-embrace. "He didn't seem as bad as you were making him out to be."

"That's because I don't let you go poking around the memories I have of him," YoungSaeng said. "He's not a nice man, and I've had to deal with his antics far too many times for my liking."

"Well...at least he seems to have a new focus than you," JongWoon chuckled, wrapping his arm loosely around YoungSaeng's waist. "We should probably go find the others, they might be done with supplies by now."

"Maybe, unless GongChan got distracted by food," YoungSaeng said, leading him out of the gambling house and back out into the corridor. "At least this time I didn't have to hog tie HeeChul and escape with JungMin as a squirrel in my shirt. Even if it was fun rolling him down the hall like a bowling ball."

JongWoon laughed, having seen the memory of that incident in YoungSaeng's mind. "I think he'd appreciate not being tossed around. By the way, don't scare me like that again," JongWoon pouted at YoungSaeng. "We could have stayed in the cargo hold until you had enough energy, you didn't have to go and make yourself pass out."

YoungSaeng appreciated JongWoon's concern, squeezing his shoulder gently. "I just wanted to sleep JongWoon, and I would have passed out either way. At least that way I could be carried away easier."

"Says you, I was worried I was going to sprain a wing or something." JongWoon ran his thumb lightly against YoungSaeng's waist. "You're gonna have to give me more bird-care training if you keep passing out in that form."

"You did fine, stop worrying," YoungSaeng said, shaking his head.

"They don't exactly have birds on a water planet you know," JongWoon chuckled sheepishly. "But if you're sure. Still, don't scare me again."

"Yes sir," YoungSaeng said, keeping JongWoon close.

Meanwhile back at the docking bay, Zhou Mi, RyeoWook and KyuHyun were waiting outside the ship for the supply shipments to come in to be loaded. "Hey, Mi, look," KyuHyun nodded towards one of the other ships. "See what I see?"

"See what?" RyeoWook blinked back at them, glancing at the ship in confusion.

Looking up from where he had been fussing with RyeoWook's hair, Zhou Mi turned his head to where KyuHyun had motioned to. Pressing his lips firmly together, he turned away and continued with what he was doing. "Yes, I do. Don't give them away KuiXian."

"But there's a whole bunch of them," KyuHyun continued to watch with interest. "Why can't we go over and say hi, it's not like we're doing anything standing here." RyeoWook continued to look between them in confusion.

"Because talking to them would give them away," Zhou Mi said, looking up at KyuHyun with a frown. "Since when are you so interested in other Geckos?"

"I'm allowed to be," KyuHyun wrinkled his nose. "And it's been a while since we've been around a proper grouping."

"...I don't want to go talk to them KuiXian, and neither should you," Zhou Mi said, his hands resting on RyeoWook's shoulder. "We promised each other a long time ago that we wouldn't interact with others because they didn't understand us."

"I know..." KyuHyun gave in at that, though continued to watch the group of other Geckos at the other end of the dock.

Zhou Mi looked between KyuHyun and the other group of Geckos, who had by now noticed their presence. A couple of them were looking at them strangely, others looked curious. "KuiXian... would you rather be in a proper grouping? Like them?"

KyuHyun just shrugged. "Don't know. I just miss having more people around than just us."

Zhou Mi felt his heart drop, his lower lip trembling. "We're not enough for you?" he asked quietly, his grip tightening on RyeoWook's shoulders.

"How often do you see two geckos by themselves?" KyuHyun asked him. He seemed to refuse even adding RyeoWook's name into the conversation, the young human taking Zhou Mi's hand gently.

"KyuHyun, what's wrong?" RyeoWook asked quietly. This wasn't like KyuHyun at all, he never did anything to make Zhou Mi upset.

"Nothing's wrong."

"We're not by ourselves, we have RyeoWook," Zhou Mi said, not understanding what KyuHyun was saying. Hadn't he just said not more than a week ago that he was happy with their grouping? "I thought we were past this KuiXian."

"We were past it because you stopped talking about it," KyuHyun said, glancing between them. RyeoWook was sure he didn't imagine the way the gecko's eyes turned a little more hostile towards him.

Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of the supplies, GongChan and DongWoo following and the teenager waving at them cheerfully. "Hey! Mind helping a bit?"

Zhou Mi was glad for the distraction of the two, not really sure what to say to KyuHyun after that. "KyuHyun can help you, RyeoWook and I were just leaving," he managed to get out, surprised at his own voice when he turned to go back inside the ship.

Tugged along, RyeoWook glanced back over his shoulder at KyuHyun before following Zhou Mi back inside. He wasn't sure what to make of that conversation. "Are you okay?" he asked Zhou Mi quietly.

"No," Zhou Mi shook his head, blinking rapidly to keep the tears from falling. "Something's wrong, he has never acted like that before."

"Is he...mad for something?" RyeoWook asked clumsily, eyes worried as he looked up at the gecko. "Mad at us?"

Stopping in the corridor, Zhou Mi turned to look at RyeoWook, taking both of his hands. "I don't know... I thought he and I had settled this, that he had accepted... you. He said he had, he said he was happy with you being with us. I don't understand what's going on."

RyeoWook's shoulders slumped slightly, looking down at the blue hands holding his own. "It is...not normal, human in gecko groupings. Maybe he just pretended, for you," he said quietly. KyuHyun always seemed to take Zhou Mi's feelings to heart...maybe this was his true opinion coming out.

"No, no, don't think that way," Zhou Mi shook his head, pulling RyeoWook a little closer. "Does KuiXian seem the type to pretend? He's not, not even to me. A human being with Geckos isn't normal, no, but KuiXian and I aren't normal, we never have been. He left a grouping to be with me. Geckos don't leave a grouping, ever. I know he cares for you, which makes this so confusing."

Sighing softly, RyeoWook released Zhou Mi's hands to wrap his arms around the other man, hugging him loosely. "He wouldn't have acted like that if he didn't regret something," he murmured.

Zhou Mi rested his arms around RyeoWook's waist, closing his eyes. "Which doesn't make sense. He doesn't regret the things he does, because if he really didn't want to do it, he wouldn't."

"Maybe it was just seeing other geckos again," RyeoWook tilted his head up to look at Zhou Mi's face. "Maybe he just needs a bit of time."

"I don't... he's been acting weird for a few days now," Zhou Mi shook his head. "He disappears, won't talk to me... and when he does, he's angry. Maybe I did something wrong and he's punishing me for it, using you to get to me, but this just isn't like him at all."

"Mi...KyuHyun thinks the world of you, he wouldn't try to hurt you like that," RyeoWook said quietly. He cupped the gecko's cheek lightly. "We'll find out. What's wrong. Okay?"

Zhou Mi leaned into the hand, his tail wrapping around RyeoWook's leg as he pulled the human closer. "Okay... thank you," he said with a small smile, leaning down to brush his lips over RyeoWook's.

Kissing him back softly, RyeoWook closed his eyes, leaning lightly against the other man. He could only hope they were able to find out what was wrong.

By the time JongWoon and YoungSaeng arrived back at the ship, supplies were loaded up and JungMin and HyungJoon had returned. "Hey," JungMin waved. "We're just waiting for the fuel then we can push off. How's the dictator?"

"Surprisingly pleasant," YoungSaeng said. "He found himself a human. One that can barely understand him, but I don't imagine they do much talking."

"Probably not," JungMin snorted, hands shoved in his pockets. "I'm less surprised about that and more surprised he found a human at all. He wasn't chained up, was he?"

"No, that was my first question," YoungSaeng laughed. "He seemed nice enough, and if he puts up with HeeChul calling him Fried Rice then I'm sure they're destined for each other."

"You'd need a will of steel to put up with HeeChul," the redhead chuckled. "Well, want to head back to the bri..." He trailed off, looking over their shoulders with his eyes narrowed. "Look who's coming back."

Blinking, JongWoon glanced over their shoulder. Kevin and SooHyun were walking back to the ship.

YoungSaeng's arms crossed his chest, watching the two Shinbi walking toward them. "I didn't think you would be coming back," he said mildly, catching Kevin's eye. "Did you forget something?"

"Speak... the Captain," Kevin said slowly. "Where?"

"The Captain is right here," YoungSaeng said, putting his arm around JongWoon's shoulder.

"No, the other Captain, from the Proteus," SooHyun said.

"You're not on the Proteus anymore, and the Captain of this ship is standing right in front of you," JungMin said, the hand that wasn't holding HyungJoon's on his hip. "And you can talk to him just as well."

SooHyun's eyes narrowed in frustration for a moment, before looking at JongWoon. "Request...to rejoin Shinbi, denied."

"Denied?" YoungSaeng blinked. He had threatened the two that it would happen, but seeing them come back with their tails between their legs was a bittersweet victory. "Well then. Care to explain?"

"No," Kevin said sharply. "Our business."

"As far as I see it, you left the ship," YoungSaeng said, eyes narrowing. "To come back on board, you're going to have to explain why the Shinbi said no."

"Reason is, mission must continue," SooHyun said bluntly. "No other reason."

Looking between them, JongWoon sighed inwardly and kept his loose grip around YoungSaeng's waist in an effort to keep the younger man calm. "Well, welcome back on board then," he smiled lightly.

YoungSaeng was sure there was more to it than that, but the two ambassadors didn't look in the mood to talk. "Alright then, but the guidelines still stand. You have something to say, you talk to the crew, you don't demand for JungMin or myself."

"Understood," Kevin's eyes flashed, pushing past YoungSaeng to board the ship.

JungMin watched them go, shaking his head. "How many chances are we up to now?" he asked HyungJoon. "Oh, by the way, I lasted a week without punching them, I deserve a medal."

HyungJoon rolled his eyes. "And I deserve a medal for putting up with you, so we're even," he said, shoving JungMin through the door. "Let's go."


"No..." YoungSaeng's eyes widened, recognized the high-pitched voice.

Turning around, JongWoon's face broke into a wide grin and he waved excitedly. "Hey! We didn't know you were here!"

"We didn't know you were here," Daniel said, walking to them. GyuRi was sitting on his shoulders like a princess.

"Huh?" JungMin poked his head back out of the cargo hold, a mistake.

"Oppa!" GyuRi grinned, pushing off of Daniel's shoulder, flying towards JungMin in a flash of gold. Colliding with him, her tiny arms went around his neck. "I have missed you so much Oppa! Did you miss me?"

"It's nice to see some people never change," YoungSaeng snorted, nodding to Daniel. "I thought you were still in Fed space, what are you doing out here?"

JungMin shrieked at the sudden attack, flailing around. "GyuRi! What the hell? Daniel get your crazy wife off of me!"

"The Federation decided to send me to see how the Shinbi put their ships together," Daniel smiled at YoungSaeng and ignored JungMin. "I already got the 'no' from the council, so I'm going to stay out here for a bit to make it look like I argued before heading back to tell them their systems are too advanced to understand."

"A wise move," YoungSaeng chuckled. "The Shinbi Empire may be opening it's borders and communicating with other races, but they'll be damned if they share technology. Why don't you two come on board, have a meal with us?"

"Sounds like a plan to me," Daniel smiled. "Who else is here? I didn't see the Proteus docked anywhere." He glanced around the bay to be sure.

Eyes dimming sadly, YoungSaeng sighed a little. "And you won't ever again," he said, shaking his head. "She was destroyed. Reactor containment breach. Luckily everyone on board got off safely, and we managed to be nearby to pick them up."

Daniel's smile faded. "Reactor containment breach? But that entire system was replaced just last year, it shouldn't have had any problems. How's HyunJoong?"

"Devastated," JongWoon said quietly. "That's not the only reason though. We have a lot to talk to you about, it's probably a good thing not to ask HyunJoong anything though, he just started leaving his room again."

Nodding slowly, Daniel looked between them. "We should talk somewhere more private, I think."

"Yes, we can go to JongWoon's office to talk," YoungSaeng said, motioning for Daniel to go in first. Even GyuRi had quieted down, looking up at JungMin with wide, worried eyes.

"Will the Captain be okay?" YoungSaeng heard the pixie ask JungMin quietly.

JungMin looked down at GyuRi, hugging her lightly. "Probably not for a long time, but at least he has KyuJong. Come on, let's go talk somewhere. How have you been, princess?" He waited until the others had stepped into the ship and walked past them before following.

"Bored," GyuRi pouted, resting her cheek against JungMin's shoulder. "Daniel has forbidden me from doing anything fun while here. He says I get into too much trouble, I don't get into any trouble, right Oppa?"

"Yes you do, and as shiny as this place is now you don't want to step on the wrong people's feet," JungMin snorted, carrying her around. "Daniel has the right of it. What about living in the Federation? You fitting in okay? People aren't picking on you or anything? Cause you know I'll go beat them up for you."

"I know you would, but it's okay Oppa," GyuRi sighed, her wings drooping. "Daniel's family and his crew treat me well enough, but some of the ship crews that come through... they think I'm there for their entertainment or something. It's disgusting. If Daniel has to keep throwing people out, he's not going to have any business soon, and it's all because of me."

"Hey, don't talk like that," JungMin frowned, looking down at GyuRi. "It's not your fault people decide to be assholes. You can't blame yourself for people not being able to accept change. And they're the ones who'll lose out on business in the end, not Daniel."

"I know..." GyuRi said, looking up at him with giant, sad eyes. "I know he loves me Oppa, but sometimes I feel like I'm just a burden to him. Do you ever feel that way?"

Blinking down at her, JungMin smiled sadly and ran one hand through her hair. "I used to. Talk to him about it, okay? You two are good together, don't let other people being jerks ruin this for you both."

"I'm trying not to," GyuRi said, smiling a little. "I wouldn't let stupid idiots get between me and Daniel, I'll gouge their eyes out first, but doesn't mean I don't still feel guilty for it."

"Well don't, the GyuRi I know doesn't let people get in her head like that," JungMin tweaked her nose. "Wouldn't you prefer your husband carrying you around?"

"No, not right now," GyuRi said, ignoring the nose tweak and tightening her grip on JungMin. "I've missed you Oppa, he knows that."

JungMin's lips curled into a smile. "I missed you too, brat." He carried GyuRi the rest of the way to JongWoon's office, the door closed once they were all inside.

"So, what exactly has been going on," Daniel sat down with a frown after the others had taken seats around the room.

YoungSaeng looked to HyungJoon, who squirmed a bit before starting to speak. "Okay, so we picked up two Shinbi ambassadors, and as we were heading back to Federation space we got a distress call from somewhere near the Shinbi border in neutral space. We get there, and some ship had crashed into an asteroid field. Turned out the ship had been the ship Captain's brother had been on that disappeared years ago. We went on board, found one stasis pod still operational with his brother inside. Take him back to the ship, I grabbed the data recorder from the bridge. The data recorder said the ship flew into a particular part of space before disappearing for four years. Then reappeared in the exact same place a year and a half ago before crashing into an asteroid."

JungMin watched Daniel's expression as he tried to process all that, picking up where his boyfriend left off after a moment. "The Shinbi have a story about the Jeogui, a race that caused a great war ages ago. These two new Shinbi, Kevin and SooHyun, told us the ship must have found the Jeogui's prison and HyunJoong's brother was infected. No one really believed them at first, but we put the guy in a medicated sleep so he could recover enough to go back into stasis. That was when he sabotaged the ship and we had to get out. As far as we know, he died when the ship was destroyed."

Daniel didn't say anything for a long moment, looking to GyuRi with worry. "That's quite the story...I want to be glad the infection was stopped if that's what it was, but I knew YoungJoong personally."

"You did? I didn't know that," HyungJoon blinked. "Well I didn't even know Captain had a brother until a couple of weeks ago. Was he a nice guy?"

"He was a jokester," Daniel chuckled. "But nice, yeah. He and HyunJoong are...were...a lot alike, head always out in deep space. YoungJoong just...got there first."

"Maybe you should talk to him," YoungSaeng said. "He hasn't talked much since it happened, and won't leave KyuJong's side, or their room unless he has to. Maybe talking to a friend will help."

"I will," Daniel nodded, standing. "Are they in their room now?"

"Yeah," JongWoon nodded, standing as well. "Do you need directions?"

"I'll find my way around," Daniel chuckled, looking to GyuRi. "You staying with JungMin for a bit? I'll be back soon."

"I would just be in the way if I went with you," GyuRi said, shaking her head. "I'll stay here with JungMin Oppa, we've got some catching up to do."

"All right," Daniel nodded and smiled lightly, turning and leaving the room.

JongWoon pursed his lips, looking between YoungSaeng and GyuRi. "So I guess we're sticking around here for a bit. Are you two coming along with us?"

"No, unfortunately," GyuRi sighed, leaning back against JungMin. "I would much rather fly around with all of you then go back home and have to deal with Federation more. Or... I mean deal with Daniel who has to deal with the Federation. He gets so cranky afterwards."

"Federation does that to everyone," JungMin wrinkled his nose. "Why don't you both come out here? Set up shop in Faction space, he'd get a ton of business and it would be easier on you both."

"He doesn't want to leave his family," GyuRi shook her head. "He has considered it, and believe me, I have been pushing... maybe some day."

"Yeah, maybe some day," JongWoon smiled. "Who knows, maybe in a couple more years distance won't be a problem anymore."

"We'll come visit you sometime, whenever all this is settled out here," JungMin ran his fingers through GyuRi's hair. "Or maybe before that, give Kevin and SooHyun more of a culture shock."

"We could give them a culture shock right now, introduce them to GyuRi," YoungSaeng mused with a small smirk.

"How am I culture shock?" GyuRi scowled.

"Shinbi have never met someone like you," JungMin snorted, looking down at the pixie sitting on his lap with a smile. "Well, wanna look around while you're here and waiting for Daniel?"

"Yes, I want to see the rest of the crew," GyuRi said, standing up on JungMin's lap and lifting up into the air. "Where's SungMin?"

"Not here..." YoungSaeng frowned. "He and Xander are on a Shinbi ship at the moment, but you can meet the crew of Pandora, and Zhou Mi and KyuHyun are here, along with RyeoWook."

"New crew huh? Neat," GyuRi grinned before zipping over to the door and leaving before anyone could stop her.

"Follow the screams," HyungJoon sighed, slowly standing up.

"Where are the others, anyways?" JungMin asked, following GyuRi to the door. "GyuRi, slow down!"

"No clue," JongWoon followed too, curious at what was going to happen. No one could predict what the pixie would do. "They tend to be all over the pla—"

He was cut off by twin shrieks of surprise, then silence. Running to catch up with where GyuRi had gone, JungMin turned the corner to see Nicole crouching to GyuRi's eye level. "Oh my God, aren't you cute? Hi!"

GyuRi's wings were twitching a little behind her, arms crossed. "Cute? You think I'm cute?" she asked, her voice raised. "Well... duh."

"GyuRi, meet our pilot, Nicole. Nicole, GyuRi, resident pixie and pain in the ass," YoungSaeng said, once he'd turned the corner behind JungMin.

"It's nice to meet you!" Nicole smiled widely at the pixie. "It's so rare to see another woman here, I think they like their all-male crews. Not that I'm complaining."

"Of course they like all male crews, then they can be disgusting pigs together," GyuRi huffed. "You keeping them in line I hope?"

"Yep," Nicole chuckled. "I wouldn't be doing my job otherwise. Hey, have you seen around the ship yet?"

"She makes friends way too easily," JungMin looked back at the others behind him.

"Especially if they call her cute," YoungSaeng chuckled.

"I've been on the ship before, but I want to meet the rest of the new crew," GyuRi said, lifting up off the floor again. "Come on, let's go!" She took Nicole's hand and started pulling her down the corridor.

Standing, Nicole followed after her. "There's only two others here besides me, I think you'll like them. DongWoo's a little weird, but GongChan's adorable."

"Well, are we following or leaving the girls by themselves," JungMin looked back at them.

"Might as well follow," YoungSaeng shrugged, following after the girls. "At least it'll be entertaining."

They tailed the two girls through the ship's corridors, Nicole chuckling as GyuRi pulled her along. "Wait, I have a feeling I know where they are..." And she made a beeline for the mess hall. Sure enough, GongChan had found a couple of snack bars and was sitting at the table chatting animatedly with DongWoo.

Soon as they stepped in, GyuRi stopped, dropping to the floor and staring at DongWoo with wide eyes. "Oh... no, no no..." she said, immediately backing up. DongWoo look up at the noise, his expression confused until he saw GyuRi.

"You," DongWoo said, slowly getting to his feet. The black markings on his arm melted together to form black bands going up his forearm. "You are supposed to be in prison!"

"It was a mistake!" GyuRi whined, ducking behind Nicole before trying to make a hasty exit.

"Woah, hey!" JungMin snagged GyuRi by the waist on her way by, holding her close. "What's going on here? How do you two know each other?" Seeing how panicked GyuRi looked, he held her protectively.

"DongWoo, what's wrong," JongWoon frowned, squeezing past the group in the door to step into the room. GongChan looked back and forth with wide eyes and ears back.

"That pixie is a criminal!" DongWoo said, wings flapping irritably behind him. "How did you escape?"

"I'm not telling!" GyuRi replied, hiding her face in JungMin's shirt.

"Someone explain, now," YoungSaeng said, looking between them.

"She is a lying, deceitful traitor," DongWoo said, stepping towards those in the doorway. "Everyone on our world knows her face, and everyone knows what she did."

princessmeli09princessmeli09 on April 19th, 2012 10:04 pm (UTC)
Gyuri!!! I'm glad to see her again! I'm glad I get to see more depth to her character now :D

HanChul <3

Qmi >_< but at least Ryeowook is there is comfort him :]
hyunaeparkhyunaepark on April 19th, 2012 11:05 pm (UTC)
Gyrui <3333 8D omg bb girl what did you do LOL
and Qmi :( asdfrtgyjukmil8o;9l'o'
renichifreakrenichifreak on April 19th, 2012 11:15 pm (UTC)
one, I just have to say that that the hanchul is fantastic and I kinda died when HeeChul yelled out 'Fried Rice'

two, yay for the return of GyuRi and Daniel~~~

three...can't wait to find out what happened with GyuRi and DongWoo(-__-)
curionenenecurionenene on April 21st, 2012 02:22 pm (UTC)
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and i think i know what's happening to kyuhyun >< I hope they can save him
silverstorm666 on October 17th, 2012 04:32 pm (UTC)
Hehe, Gyuri is back.

Even I could have told Kevin and Soohyun that they weren't going to be able to leave so easily. Hah, I could practically feel them pouting as they came back. Or at least, in my mind they were.