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17 April 2012 @ 11:16 am
Pandora's Box ch 10  
Title: Pandora’s Box
Fandoms: SS501, Super Junior, U-KISS, B1A4, KARA
Chapter: 10/?
Pairing: HyunJoong/KyuJong, JungMin/HyungJoon, YoungSaeng/JongWoon, KyuHyun/ZhouMi/RyeoWook
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Two years after the end of the Sylar war, the Proteus makes a strange and disturbing discovery. An echo of the past long thought buried tests the loyalties and bonds of everyone on board.
A/N: Sequel to Proteus. Crossover with Super Junior, U-KISS

Lunch in the mess hall was quiet five days into the trip, the few people there chatting absently between bites. Kevin and SooHyun were nowhere to be seen, they seemed to be trying to limit themselves to one meal a day in order to avoid being in human form as much as possible. YoungSaeng and JungMin had just come from another sparring match and were trading insults across the table.

The door flew open with a bang, scaring those sitting closest to it. "Hyungdeul!" GongChan (who had been somehow missing, a feat considering there was food on the table) skidded into the room, flailing.

"What is it, Chan ah," JongWoon blinked, turning around to see the Geit.

GongChan seemed to realize the noise he was making and quietened, scampering to crouch between JongWoon and YoungSaeng. "I just saw that Captain guy, not you Captain but the other Captain, and some other person leaving their room!" he whispered loudly.

"What? Where were they going?" YoungSaeng blinked, setting his utensils down and starting to get to his feet. No one had seen HyunJoong all week, but if he was leaving the room it had to be a good sign.

"How did they look? Happy? Sad? Angry?" HyungJoon asked, leaning across the table a little toward GongChan.

"I dunno, didn't look angry though," GongChan tilted his head to one side, ears flicking back and forth in thought. "They were...holding hands? I think they were just walking, I followed for a bit, but I think the non-Captain guy saw me so I ran."

JungMin breathed loudly in relief. "We're making some progress then."

"Maybe we should just wait for them to come here," JongWoon suggested quietly, touching YoungSaeng's arm. "KyuJong knows where we'd be around now, and if he's not ready to be around us..."

"You're right," YoungSaeng sighed, looking towards the door as he slowly sat back down. "It is progress at least. The non-Captain guy as you so eloquently put it, is KyuJong, and this is technically his ship, GongChan."

"She hasn't been my ship in years," KyuJong said with a smile, standing in the doorway with HyunJoong. "I think she has a fine Captain right now."

"You're not serious," JongWoon chuckled, eyes going between them both. "Hey...long time no see."

"Hey guys, you're just in time for lunch," JungMin grinned widely.

The smile HyunJoong gave them was tired and drawn, as were his eyes, but it was a smile nonetheless. "Wouldn't want to miss that."

"It's a good thing you arrived when you did, or GongChan would have licked the pan clean," YoungSaeng said, smiling warmly up at them both. "Good to see you Captain."

"I'll get plates," Zhou Mi shot up out of his seat next to RyeoWook, scurrying towards the kitchen.

"Thank you Mi," KyuJong chuckled, pulling HyunJoong lightly towards the table.

HyunJoong sat down when prompted to, keeping his grip on KyuJong's hand to ground himself. He looked around the table, taking in the two new faces he didn't recognize, two aliens.

"Oh, these two are my crew, plus Nicole who's up on the bridge right now," JongWoon hurried to introduce them, taken off-guard by HyunJoong's and KyuJong's appearances. "DongWoo here is our engineer," he pointed to the winged alien, "and GongChan is boatswain."

"That's a fancy way to say I'm the janitor," GongChan piped up cheekily, still crouching between JongWoon and YoungSaeng.

"Nice to meet you both," KyuJong said, nodding politely. "Apologies for not greeting you when we arrived on board, it's been a difficult time."

"There's not need for that Kyu, everyone understands," YoungSaeng said, looking between them. "It's good to see you out and about though, we were really beginning to worry." Zhou Mi arrived with plates and utensils, setting them down in front of KyuJong and HyunJoong.

"Thank you, Mi," HyunJoong said quietly, picking up his chopsticks after KyuJong did. "We're sorry for worrying you."

"No, he just finished saying you don't have to apologize, we're just glad you are here now," JungMin chuckled softly, managing not to show the worry he felt. HyunJoong was obvious not okay, and if this was five days later, he couldn't imagine what he must have been like before. "You missed the morning's sparring match though, we'd do a rematch for you but I think we might pass out."

"Just stick to the insults, that's entertaining enough," HyungJoon said, nudging JungMin gently in the ribs. "How are you doing Captain?" he asked, wanting to retract the question immediately when KyuJong gave a small shake of his head and a warning glance.

"Where are the two ambassadors?" KyuJong asked quickly. "Are they still giving you a hard time JungMin?"

"Yes, though thankfully for me they've transferred half their focus onto YoungSaeng," JungMin gave a forced chuckle, trying to raise the mood again after HyungJoon's question. HyunJoong had made no attempt to reply, eyes dropping to the table. "I think we've switched roles somehow, cause if you believe it, I'm calmer dealing with them than he is."

KyuJong raised an eyebrow at that, looking to YoungSaeng who was scowling down at the table. "I don't think you've been calmer, I just have had little patience when talking to them. It's been very stressful lately."

"It really has been, we're glad to be out of talks for a while," JongWoon smiled, taking YoungSaeng's hand under the table and squeezing it lightly.

"Well, maybe when we reach the station those two will be able to leave, and you can relax a little more properly," RyeoWook said hopefully.

"I hope so," YoungSaeng sighed, leaning a little against JongWoon.

"But isn't the whole point of this exchange to get to used to one another?" HyungJoon said, looking around. "If they're just going to turn tail and run whenever it gets too bad for them, then relations between Shinbi and the rest of the galaxy is never going to change."

"And as far as I can tell, that's exactly what they want," YoungSaeng said. "Maybe there are some Shinbi who feel otherwise, but those two don't give a shit about anyone but themselves."

"We've be better off letting them run back to mommy and daddy and waiting for better replacements," JungMin snorted, shaking his head. "You've seen them, even though they have to be in human form to eat now they barely talk to anyone, and if they do it's usually something insulting."

HyungJoon frowned at JungMin. "I'm honestly surprised at how you're acting," he said. "You of all people, and you too Saeng, you know what it's like to be dumped in the middle of a foreign culture. Sure, they're assholes, but I bet you were too."

"We were kids," YoungSaeng said simply. "We didn't have the luxury of being assholes when we were being beaten for not knowing the language. Far as we're concerned, these two don't know what it's really like to have to adapt, and if they're not up for it, send them home."

"It's not like we haven't tried to be nice, all of us," JungMin said, glancing at HyungJoon. "Everyone's given them the benefit of the doubt several times over, if they're still determined to be jerks after all that then nothing we can say or do will stop them."

"I just...I don't know, sometimes they just look scared to me," JongWoon said quietly. "Maybe they're not...facing the same conditions you both were, but they're scared too."

"All I'm saying is... you both told all of us many times how Shinbi are, what their culture is like," HyungJoon said, ignoring the look from JungMin. "And you were right, they're kind of jerks, but you're holding that against them when you knew exactly how they were going to be. I'm not saying we can excuse how they're treating the rest of us, but why is it I'm more forgiving of their actions than you two are?"

"Because they aren't insulting you to your face, not questioning your decisions about how you live your life," YoungSaeng said, scowling.

"Maybe it just takes...getting used to," JongWoon played with YoungSaeng's fingers to help keep him calm, pressing their palms together. "I can hear them too when they're talking to you. If they've been in the Empire their entire lives, it probably confuses them how people can live any other way. It's not a bad thing, we just have to show them it's okay."

"What do you think we've been trying to do," JungMin's hands clenched in his lap.

"I know you have, and I can see how frustrating it is," HyungJoon said, reaching over to put his hand over JungMin's. "I just don't think threatening to shove them out the airlock or hoping they go away is helping anything."

KyuJong sighed a little, shifting in his seat. "I know Hyun and I haven't really spent any time with them, but if being around them is upsetting to you two, maybe it would be best if you two weren't the ones who handled them," he said. "You said they have to take human form to eat now? Maybe HyunJoong and I can talk to them and tell them that from now on any problem they have they need to speak to a non Shinbi, which means they would have to be in human form more. Let them see what it's like from the other side."

"Not sure how well that would work," JungMin frowned, looking up at KyuJong as he turned his hand around under HyungJoon's to twine their fingers together. He could just see those two going to bother them anyways. "But couldn't hurt more than locking them in their room the rest of the trip."

"They're kind of scary though," GongChan's ears went down. "Always glaring and stuff."

"Yeah, well that's something all Shinbi seem to do," HyungJoon said, smirking a little at JungMin. "You and Saeng glared at all of us for the first couple of weeks you were on board, but then you got used to us, and we got used to you."

"It's worth trying, if for nothing more than to give you two a break," KyuJong said. "I'm sure it's not pleasant hearing what your people think of you after all the time you were away."

"No, but it's exactly what we expected would happen," YoungSaeng said, picking at his plate.

"They don't know you as well as we do," HyunJoong murmured. "Give it time."

JongWoon smiled to hear their Captain speak again, wrapping his arm around YoungSaeng's waist. He's right, everyone needs time right now, he whispered, resting his cheek on YoungSaeng's shoulder. Remember, around this time when we first met, you still thought I was an insufferable failboat. Now, I'm a lovable failboat! he teased, trying to raise his boyfriend's spirits.

YoungSaeng's lip quivered into a smile and he leaned back against JongWoon. I don't think you're a failboat.

"I guess we should decide who it is that's going to be the ones to deal with the ambassadors then," KyuJong said, looking around. "Anyone want to volunteer?"

"Not it!" GongChan stated hurriedly, trying to hide behind one of DongWoo's wings.

"Well...if no one else wants to do it, I guess I can..." JongWoon looked around the table. "Since I'm an ambassador too, maybe they'll listen to me. Or not, but well, someone has to do it."

"I don't know if you would be a good choice," YoungSaeng frowned. "They know of our relationship, and they'll use it against you. Same goes for you as well HyungJoon."

"Good thing I wasn't volunteering then," HyungJoon muttered.

"I'll do it," KiSeop, who had been largely quiet during the conversation spoke up. "I'm actually very interested in the Shinbi, their anatomy, and I don't think they'll hurt my feelings. I don't really care what they say about me."

"Okay, if you're up for it," JungMin frowned. He could only hope that went well. "Let us know how it went afterwards, okay?"

KyuJong leaned over to talk to HyunJoong quietly. "Would you be up for talking with the ambassadors? It's okay if you're not, but I think they respected you as Captain... at least I hope."

HyunJoong had been lost in thought, looking back at KyuJong at the question. Thinking about that, he nodded after a moment. He did have a good chance of being able to deal with them.

"I'll go with KiSeop," he said, glancing at the medic as everyone looked at him. "Once we're finished here?"

"Sounds reasonable to me," KiSeop nodded, folding his hands together on the table and waiting. His narrow eyes were going back and forth between GongChan and DongWoo.

"Maybe you can convince them to eat a little more," Zhou Mi said, picking up some of the empty plates around the table. "I don't think they realize they need to eat more than one small meal a day."

"I think they're trying to limit how much time they're in human forms, but if they're going to have to get used to talking to you all then it's pointless for them to starve themselves," JungMin shrugged.

"Human form is such a big deal they would starve for it?" KiBum blinked.

"They're just being overdramatic," JungMin shook his head, then looked over at GongChan and DongWoo when the younger (noticing the stares they were getting from KiSeop) tried to hide behind one of the other alien's wings again.

"A Shinbi be overdramatic? Who would have thought that could happen," HyungJoon mused, squeezing JungMin's hand.

"What are you doing?" DongWoo glanced behind him to GongChan, ruffling his wings a little.

"Hiding," GongChan whispered loudly, sneezing when a black feather tickled his nose.

Squeezing HyungJoon's hand back (but not before tweaking his nose in revenge), JungMin glanced over at the pair. "Why?" He blinked, before noticing KiSeop. "Oh. If you think his staring is bad, you would have hated Xander."

"Yes, at least KiSeop isn't sizing you up to eat," HyungJoon nodded. "I think. You don't eat people, right KiSeop?"

"Hm? Oh no," KiSeop shook his head, smiling brightly at them. "I could... but my people stopped eating others a very long time ago. Only if we're desperate for food would we consider it."

"Comforting," YoungSaeng snorted. "Then why are you staring at them?"

"Because I think they're nice," KiSeop said, tilting his head. "Isn't it a custom to look at the people you want to get to know?"

"Not...specifically, usually the only people who do that are creepy or Xander," JungMin snorted. "You might want to try a conversation instead."

"Hi," GongChan waved around DongWoo's wing, the tips of his curled horns poking over the top of the mass of feathers.

"Hi!" KiSeop grinned, waving back.

"Still better than Xander," HyungJoon muttered.

"Captain?" KiSeop had turned his attention back to HyunJoong. "I'm ready to go whenever you are."

Placing his chopsticks down, HyunJoong nodded. "Let's go then." He stood up.

"Want one of us to be around in case?" JungMin looked at the Captain with a frown.

"No, we'll be able to handle this," HyunJoong shook his head, hand slipping out of KyuJong's after a moment to go to the door.

KyuJong watched him go worriedly, but kept quiet. It was HyunJoong's decision if he wanted to go somewhere without him, and KyuJong hoped he was ready for it.

"I'm sure it will be fine," KiSeop said, following HyunJoong out of the mess hall. "I know where their quarters are, I'll lead the way," he said. "But before we go... is there anything I can do Captain? Are you sleeping okay?"

"Not particularly, but I'll be fine," HyunJoong shook his head. "Thank you for your concern. Have you been adjusting well to the new ship?"

"Yes, it is a rather nice ship," KiSeop said, starting down the corridor. "It took a moment to adjust to the med bay here, but I have adjusted well. If you aren't sleeping well Captain, I can prescribe a sedative for you. I know your thoughts on drugs, but you do need good non-interrupted sleep."

"I'm going to decline for now, if it continues then I'll see you." HyunJoong walked along beside KiSeop, breathing in deeply. Being around the others again had helped him stay grounded in reality, though he was uncomfortable away from KyuJong's side.

"Please do, we are all very worried about you, sir," KiSeop said quietly. "I know I wasn't on board for long, but I know how you all felt about the ship, you in particular. She was a good ship, and didn't deserve that to happen to her. Nor did you deserve to lose your brother in that way. Maybe... when you're up for it, we can hold a funeral for him? I hear it's a human custom, it may bring you some peace."

HyunJoong looked down, heart aching as he thought about his brother lost out at space. "...It's hard to have a funeral when there's no body," he murmured. "But thank you, I'll keep that in mind."

"It's the sentiment that counts I would assume," KiSeop said. "A chance to say goodbye. I won't tell you what my people do with the dead."

"...I have a feeling I wouldn't want to know," HyunJoong's lips quirked slightly, shaking his head. "Let's focus on the conversation we're about to have, because I doubt it will be very enjoyable."

"Probably not, but there is nothing they could say that would really offend me. My people take insults as a positive thing," KiSeop said with a smile. "It's actually how we greet each other, tell the other what things are wrong with them to fix."

"Is that why you volunteered for this?" HyunJoong chuckled quietly. "I'm not so sure greeting them with an insult would solve our problems, but at least you'll be able to handle whatever they throw at you more than JungMin or YoungSaeng could. Things have been...strained out here I take it?"

"Strained is putting it mildly," KiSeop hummed. "JungMin and YoungSaeng have sparred pretty much every day this week after spending a bit of time with the two. I don't get details on what's said, but it doesn't seem good."

"I'd hoped the four of them might get along better than this, but guess it can't be helped," HyunJoong shook his head. "Maybe with time they'll warm up to each other and the rest of the crew, YoungSaeng and JungMin weren't exactly rays of sunshine themselves when we first met them."

"We'll see what happens, hopefully not having to talk to them every day will be good," KiSeop nodded. "This is their quarters here," he said, stopping in front of a door and knocking. When the door opened, the one KiSeop recognized as Kevin looked out, his expression impassive.

"...Captain?" Kevin tilted his head to the side.

"Good afternoon," HyunJoong nodded politely. "Is SooHyun with you? We'd like to speak with you if you can spare a moment."

At that, SooHyun appeared behind Kevin, opening the door further. "Yes?"

"I've been informed by my crew that few of them aside from YoungSaeng and JungMin have had an opportunity to speak with you both yet," HyunJoong replied. "Those in JongWoon's crew even less so. Are there any problems?"

"No problems... hard to speak," Kevin said slowly. "The language... still difficult."

"Perhaps it wouldn't be so difficult if you were in a form that could speak the language easier," KiSeop said.

"Human form...difficult too, uncomfortable," SooHyun said, looking at Kevin.

"Well, you know what they say about practice," HyunJoong smiled lightly at them both. "Maybe you would both be more comfortable with the language and the form if you had more opportunity to practice. Unless the questions are directed specifically towards YoungSaeng and JungMin, I think it would help you both to direct your questions towards the rest of the crew instead. They're just as qualified to answer them."

Kevin obviously looked uncomfortable, glancing at SooHyun briefly before looking at HyunJoong. "We do not... understand," he said. "Why not.. JungMin... and... YoungSaeng?" he asked, obviously frustrated that he couldn't say what he wanted to say. "We want... deal... with them."

"I'm not saying you can't, but since you are both here as ambassadors, having no contact with the others on the ship won't be a very positive experience," HyunJoong said quietly, looking at them both. "None of us want you to be isolated while you're here, so even if it might be uncomfortable at first, I'm asking you both to make more of an effort to communicate with the others here. I'll be asking the crew to do the same."

"No, not... acceptable," Kevin said, geting more agitated. "We will.. discuss," he said, closing the door in their faces.

"That didn't go well," KiSeop said, glancing at HyunJoong.

"No, but were you expecting it to?" HyunJoong stepped away from the door and slowly headed back. "They're being taken out of their comfort zone. I could probably order them as Captain, but that wouldn't help the situation."

"Probably not," KiSeop said, walking with him. "Maybe next time then."

"Yes...give them a chance to discuss and get used to the idea, then we can try again." HyunJoong slipped his hands into his pockets. There were quite a few similarities between these two Shinbi and how JungMin and YoungSaeng had been when they first arrived, even if they were hard to see at first. He just hoped Kevin and SooHyun would warm up to them eventually as well.


It was another two days before they arrived at the trading post, the same one they had stopped at more than two years ago when first reaching unclaimed space. It was much different now, grown double in size. The leaky pipes and corroded walls replaced, the whole station shining.

"Nicole, see if there are any Shinbi ships docked here," YoungSaeng said to the pilot once they had docked.

"Yes sir," Nicole said, flipping through the station's public logs. "There's a scout vessel a few ports over, just arrived a few hours ago."

"Someone should go with those two if they're insisting on going... We also need fuel and supplies," JongWoon stood, lips pursed slightly.

"We can go take care of the fuel," JungMin looked at HyungJoon. He did not want to follow after Kevin and SooHyun to the Shinbi ship, but he had a feeling they weren't going to have a choice.

"Works for me," HyungJoon said, stretching out his arms.

"I guess I'll go and tell them there's a Shinbi ship here," YoungSaeng said. "Up to them if they stay or not," he said, turning to head off the bridge.

"Wait, Saeng, I'll go with you," JongWoon jogged to catch up, twining his fingers around YoungSaeng's. I don't like it when you go talk to them alone.

I'll be fine, I can handle them, YoungSaeng said. "Captain should stay on the bridge."

"But..." JongWoon pouted at YoungSaeng. "Are you sure?"

"It's not like you need to be with me to hear what they say, and I'd rather not have them direct any insults at you while I'm standing there," YoungSaeng said. "It's better if you're not there."

"If you're sure..." JongWoon watched him in worry before letting go of his hand. "I'll send GongChan and DongWoo out for supplies. Are we going to go visit HeeChul after?"

"We'll see," YoungSaeng shrugged. "Hopefully he isn't too busy. Be back in a minute," he said, turning the corner to go to the ambassadors quarters. When he reached it, he knocked.

The door opened after a moment, SooHyun looking down at YoungSaeng. "We've arrived?" No one had seen the two Shinbi since HyunJoong and KiSeop went to speak with them, taking their meals in their room.

"Yes, and there's a Shinbi scout ship here," YoungSaeng said. "So if you want to leave, leave. We don't care," he said, turning around to go back to the bridge.

"Has the ship been notified of our arrival?" SooHyun asked, watching him go.

"No, so if you want them to know, do it yourself," YoungSaeng said, climbing up the stairs and disappearing to the next level.

You know we're going to have to wait to make sure the other ship takes them before we leave, JongWoon said quietly.

Not our problem, YoungSaeng replied.

It'll be HyunJoong's problem if they get stranded here, JongWoon pouted. I wish you'd have let me come with you, then I'd be able to kiss you and make you smile right now.

If they get stranded then it's their own fault. They want to leave, they can leave and explain to the council why they left in the middle of a mission, and I'm really not in the mood to smile right now so it's probably good you aren't here.

But...they didn't say anything. JongWoon shuffled from foot to foot worriedly, not paying attention to what was going on around him. What's wrong, Saeng?

Nothing, I'm just tired of them being here.

Okay... JongWoon retreated for the moment, hoping a bit of quiet might help YoungSaeng's mood. And he had Captain stuff to do. He'd never fully appreciated how hard HyunJoong worked until he suddenly had a crew of his own.

"GongChan, you have the supply list?" he asked into the communicator. JungMin and HyungJoon had already left to take care of fuel.

"Yes sir! We'll go do it right away!"

"I can watch the ship sir, if you want to be somewhere," Nicole said, tapping at a monitor.

YoungSaeng waited at the airlock for JongWoon, arms crossed. The Geckos had just gone through, giving the shifter a wide berth by the look on his face.

Seeing his chance to escape, JongWoon headed down to the airlock to meet with YoungSaeng. When he found his boyfriend and saw the expression on his face, he smiled hesitantly and stepped up beside him. "Let's go see HeeChul...argue with him a bit, that always cheers you up," he leaned over and kissed YoungSaeng's cheek lightly.

"Maybe," YoungSaeng sighed, turning to go out the airlock. "I may punch him in the throat if he's too annoying though."

"Punching him usually cheers you up too," JongWoon tried, following beside him and taking YoungSaeng's hand lightly. "Or you can do what JungMin does and pitch KyuHyun around like a bowling ball."

"That's JungMin's amusement, not mine," YoungSaeng shook his head. "I don't even know what to do anymore to relieve this kind of stress. Not what I used to anyway."

"I can help," JongWoon offered, smiling hopefully. "I am a medic, we do have stress management training you know. Or we can just lock ourselves in our room after, whichever."

YoungSaeng's lip quirked slightly and he squeezed JongWoon's hand. "Thanks, but I think the only kind of stress relief that is working right now is sparring with JungMin. I do appreciate your efforts though."

"Well, the offer's always open," JongWoon ran his thumb lightly over the back of YoungSaeng's hand in return. He could see and feel how unhappy YoungSaeng was, and it pained him that there seemed to be nothing he could do to help change that. But he wasn't going to give up.

"I guess it's a good thing the Captain stayed on the ship this time, I don't think HeeChul has given up on wanting his human," YoungSaeng said, glancing around the corridors as they headed to the promenade.

"I'd be surprised if not...but there's definitely more humans around than before," JongWoon looked around as well. With the inclusion of the Federation in the greater galaxy, more humans had ventured past their borders. This stop, between Fed and Faction space, was a popular spot.

"Yes, though whether that is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen," YoungSaeng said, pulling JongWoon towards a staircase to head down into the lower levels. With the trading port being classed up, all the seedy and less legal activities that had made the port thrive before were now pushed down to the lowest levels. Keeping a tight grip on JongWoon's hand, they went down a couple of flights of stairs to the gambling level. HeeChul's gambling house was in the same place it had been before, if not expanded. "Let's go see if he's home."

Nodding, JongWoon followed YoungSaeng. While he'd never actually met HeeChul himself, he'd heard plenty through the others.

TakaGacktHydetakagackthyde on April 17th, 2012 04:07 pm (UTC)
i think the new shinbi are just out of their comfort zone. and i wonder what type of alien kiseop is?
renichifreakrenichifreak on April 17th, 2012 10:11 pm (UTC)
...they should bring HyunJoong because fending off HeeChul's advances would be epic, especially if they bring Kyu, too~~~

protective hubby FTW~ :DD

and Hyun would the perfect PR person...he's ridiculously diplomatic and also doesn't seem to mind other races and works extraordinarily well with others...

this chap was awesome and I want to adopt GongChan...

박심이 {Kylie.Gwyn}rawrstarrr on April 17th, 2012 11:47 pm (UTC)
I don't think Kevin and SooHyun will be leaving, I'm sure.

And Whooooo HeeChul! This'll be exciting.

Update! :)

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