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03 April 2012 @ 12:00 pm
Pandora's Box ch 7  
Title: Pandora’s Box
Chapter: 7/?
Pairing: HyunJoong/KyuJong, JungMin/HyungJoon, YoungSaeng/JongWoon, KyuHyun/ZhouMi/RyeoWook
Rating: R overall
Warning: AU, violence, angst
Summary: Two years after the end of the Sylar war, the Proteus makes a strange and disturbing discovery. An echo of the past long thought buried tests the loyalties and bonds of everyone on board.
A/N: Sequel to Proteus. Crossover with Super Junior, U-KISS

As expected, one of the first things Zhou Mi did when arriving on board was head for the kitchens. YoungSaeng had told them there was no real cook on board, though one of the crew, the pilot, had been making their meals.

"I have missed your cooking so, so much," YoungSaeng had said, smiling in exasperation at the Gecko. "You don't realize just how much you take for granted when it's no longer an option."

It didn't take long for Zhou Mi to find his way around the kitchen, which was actually a bit bigger and had more space than the kitchen on board the Proteus. It wasn't the same though, but Zhou Mi made the best of it. He was surprised however that KyuHyun wasn't bothering him as he liked to do when Zhou Mi was cooking, though he suspected he was with RyeoWook in the room they had taken over.

The mess door swung open. "Nicole noonaaa, what are you making, it smells g — oh wait, you're not her." The curly-haired teen who'd popped up around JongWoon every now and then poked his head around the corner, blinking at Zhou Mi. "You're one of the Captain's friends!"

Zhou Mi had barely heard the soft voice, not until it was right next to him. Shrieking, the spatula he'd been holding went flying, tossing rice and meat in the air as he disappeared.

Yelling in surprise, the teen flailed and landed on his rear, ears going straight up. "...Uh...hello...? Where did you go?" He shuffled forward to carefully pick up the pile of food that had landed on the floor. "I'm sorry, I just wanted a snack...Is this still okay to eat?"

"... You're not going to eat off the floor," Zhou Mi replied, his voice muffled and far away.

"Why not, food's still food." The boy sniffed it before looking up, still sitting on the floor. "And it still smells good, though I bet the stuff not on the floor smells better. Am I scary?"

"Because the floor is dirty and you have no idea what could be in the food now," Zhou Mi said. "You're not scary, you just scared me... and yes there is a difference. Who are you?"

"I'm GongChan, boatswain," the teen replied. "I'd try to shake your hand, but I don't know where you are and don't want to accidentally punch you in the gut or something."

"It's fine... I don't really... shake hands," Zhou Mi said, peeking out of the cabinet he'd hidden in, the door slightly ajar. "Zhou Mi, cook. If you're hungry, food will be ready soon if you just want to wait."

GongChan blinked at the slightly open cabinet door. "Oh, okay." He looked down at the food in his hands and leaned over to dump it in the garbage. Dusting off his hands, he adjusted to sit cross-legged on the floor where he was, waiting expectantly.

The two of them stared at each other from their respective positions for a moment before Zhou Mi finally slid out of the cabinet. "I'm sorry for disappearing on you," he said, picking up the fallen spatula and resuming cooking. "Old habit. We're a very nervous race, don't like people sneaking up on us."

"S'okay, didn't mean to scare you. I thought you heard me." GongChan watched him. "I never saw anyone blue that wasn't a Gevaar, and you don't look like a brain-eating raptor alien."

"... I should hope not. You've never met my kind before? Never heard of 'Geckos'?" Zhou Mi asked, the word, blinking a little and looking down at GongChan. "But you are rather tall for a Geit. I don't think I've seen one come up past my shoulders."

"Yeah, I'm kinda the oddball in the family, still growing too, another two inches this year." GongChan's ears flicked back and forth as he looked up at Zhou Mi. "Never seen a Gecko before. Or really much of anything b'fore I got here. Are Geckos famous?"

"... I think the expression is 'infamous' in the common language," Zhou Mi said with a small smirk. "We're considered vermin, and pests. How long have you been on board here? Is this the first time you're off your planet?"

"Yeah, and only been here for a few months now," GongChan tilted his head to the side. "Why are you pests, your cooking smells too good for you to be a pest."

Zhou Mi sighed a little, his tail twitching slightly. "Most of my kind don't cook, we're scavengers," he said, tasting a bit of the food. "We're born on ships, as stowaways and we hop from ship to ship looking for food and things to steal to sell. Most ships don't even know we're on board. I bet next time we're docked at a station, at least half of the ships in port will have a grouping on board."

"Oh." GongChan watched him. "Well I don't think you're vermin, hyung."

"..." Zhou Mi blinked a little and looked at him with a curious look. "Why do you say that? You've only just met me."

"Why would I think you're vermin?" GongChan looked up at him with wide eyes. "You seem nice to me, and you didn't twist my ears yet."

"Twist your ears? Why would anyone twist your ears?" Zhou Mi said, completely baffled.

"YoungSaeng hyung does it if I annoy him," GongChan smiled widely. "It hurts so I try not to annoy him."

Zhou Mi laughed at that, easily seeing the older shifter getting angry enough to do that. "Not annoying YoungSaeng is a good plan in life, and with that in mind, stay clear of JungMin. He'll do more than twist your ears if you annoy him and with what has been bothering him lately, he will get annoyed easily."

"JungMin? Which one is that?" GongChan blinked. "One of the two glassy ones? They closed the door in my face earlier."

"No, redhead, will probably be clinging to YoungSaeng for a little while now that they're back together," Zhou Mi said, adding in some vegetables to the pan. "The glass ones are Shinbi, Kevin and SooHyun. Stay clear of them."

"Understand that," GongChan chuckled. His stomach growled loudly, and he drew his legs up to his chest in embarrassment.

"When you said hungry, you meant it," Zhou Mi snorted, grabbing a plate off of a stack to spoon some of the meal onto it. "Here, it'll be a bit before everyone else comes down so eat up," he said, holding the plate out to him.

GongChan perked up, taking the plate. "Thank you hyung!" He happily started to eat. "You cook better than Nicole noona!"

"... I don't know who that is, but thank you?" Zhou Mi said in bemusement, going to the coms. Fussing with it for a moment, he managed to get shipwide coms turned on. "Food's ready," he chirped happily.

"She's our pilot, but she cooks too, and I don't think she knows her job's been taken over." GongChan shoveled more food into his mouth. "It's cool to have more people, the ship's kinda quiet most the time."

"Oh, I don't want to take over anyone's job," Zhou Mi said, dishing out more plates and setting the on the counter. "YoungSaeng didn't say anything about having a cook already. I hope she isn't mad at me. You think she'll be mad?"

"No, just don't tell her I said you cook better, or she'll be after my ears."

"Hey Mi," JongWoon came into the kitchen, smiling widely. "Are the kitchens okay for you? Oh, you already met our moocher," he messed up GongChan's hair.

"I don't gossip, your secret is safe with me," Zhou Mi said, giving GongChan a small wink. "The kitchen is beautiful JongWoon, though a little unfamiliar. I'll get used to it I'm sure, but I was told you have a cook already? I don't want to take over anyone's job."

"Nicole cooks for us because she says she doesn't want to suffer with someone else's cooking," JongWoon chuckled. "Don't worry, she won't mind. I miss your cooking too. GongChan ah, help me bring these to the table." The teen climbed to his feet, the plate he'd been given already scraped clean. They started moving plates to the large table.

"Well, if you say so," Zhou Mi said, brightening a little. The others started filtering in at the promise of food, YoungSaeng and JungMin together, the two looking more than a little tired.

"You have good timing Mi," YoungSaeng said, slumping down in a seat. "Min and I worked up quite the appetite."

"Who won?" JongWoon grinned, looking between them.

"Tie, again," JungMin panted, sweaty bangs stuck to his face. "Told you you couldn't beat me, Saengie."

"That's only because you're a cheater," YoungSaeng said, sticking his tongue out at him. "Always have been, always will be."

"Does anyone know if the Captain and KyuJong will be joining?" Zhou Mi asked quietly. "I just.. for the plates. Wondering if I should take a couple plates to them or not."

JongWoon's shoulders slumped. "I'm not sure if they'll be coming or not."

"The Captain and KyuJong?" RyeoWook stepped into the room. "I don't think so...they haven't left their room yet."

"I can take the plates down to them," GongChan put up his hand. "If you want."

"No, I'll do it," Zhou Mi said, giving GongChan a sad smile. "They probably would do better to see a familiar face right now," he said, his eyes going to RyeoWook. "Is KuiXian not with you?" he asked.

Blinking at him, RyeoWook shook his head slowly. "No...not with you?" he asked, his speech clumsy in the Gecko's native tongue.

"No, I haven't seen him since we got off the shuttle," Zhou Mi said with a small frown. "He's probably off sticking his nose in somewhere he shouldn't be again, I just worry."

HyungJoon slipped in behind RyeoWook, pulling his brother along with him. He glanced between the Gecko and RyeoWook talking as he went to sit down next to JungMin. Any idea what's going on with those two? he asked JungMin.

Not a clue, they suddenly started talking Gecko language, JungMin shrugged slightly at HyungJoon. "You two missed Saeng and I sparring," he grinned at the two brothers. He was going to make an effort to be nice to KiBum for HyungJoon, though he had the feeling KiBum didn't really approve of him.

"What? Really? Damn," HyungJoon's shoulders slumped. It had been well over a year since he had seen the two spar, and it was really entertaining. "Can you at least call me the next time? Please?"

"Sorry HyungJoon, I don't think he was thinking about anything else but beating me up," YoungSaeng chuckled. "He gets that look in his eye when he's really focused on something, you should know that look pretty well."

"... Yes," HyungJoon said, feeling his face heating up. "Can we not in front of my little brother please?"

"Yes, not in front of the little brother please." KiBum had one hand over his face. "I don't need to know any details about anything."

"You really are siblings, get embarrassed too easy," JungMin snorted, grinning widely.

HyungJoon scowled at JungMin, hitting him in the shoulder. Be nice, he grumbled.

"I'll be back, I'm going to go deliver food to the Captain and KyuJong," Zhou Mi said, picking up two plates from off the table and starting for the door. Just as he about to reach it to open it again, the door opened outward and someone came barreling in, scaring Zhou Mi enough that he shrieked and disappeared, the two plates smashing to the floor.

YoungSaeng looked towards the door with wide eyes. "DongWoo, what are you doing?"

"Sorry.. uh... sorry," the person who had just come in said, HyungJoon craning his neck around KiBum to look at him. The one YoungSaeng had called DongWoo was shuffling toward the table, head down, but even from where he was sitting HyungJoon knew he was an alien.

It was probably because his skin was a pale white, or the strange black markings that HyungJoon could see going down his arms. Or the fact that he had giant black feathered wings protruding from his back.

"Hyung!" GongChan practically flew at him in a hug, before craning his neck to see over the alien's shoulder and wings. "You scared Zhou Mi hyung, where did he go?"

"Over here," RyeoWook said, reaching behind him and wrapping his arms around an invisible waist. "It's okay Mi, calm down."

"Careful DongWoo, we've got company," JongWoon chuckled, turning to HyungJoon. "This is DongWoo, our engineer. You might find a few loose feathers in the engine room."

"I don't lose feathers," DongWoo said quietly, patting GongChan lightly on the back before pulling away. "I'm very sorry about scaring you, Zhou Mi? Please accept my apologies."

"It's... okay," Zhou Mi said, reappearing where he was leaning against RyeoWook. "New ship, new people, new things to scare me half to death. I'll be fine," he said, giving RyeoWook a reassuring smile before pulling away to fix another two plates for HyunJoong and KyuJong.

"And you made him drop the food," GongChan pouted, going to get a broom and dustpan to clean up the mess on the floor in front of the door.

"Woah!" KyuHyun opened the door and flailed to avoid stepping in it. "What happened here?"

"Zhou Mi met one of our crew," JongWoon grinned, seeming amused by the whole thing. KyuHyun skirted around the mess and towards the table.

"You were staying out of trouble I hope, KuiXian," Zhou Mi said, coming back out of the kitchen with the plates. "I'll be back in a minute, don't disappear again."

"I was just looking around, sheesh." KyuHyun sat down.

"What are they saying?" GongChan looked up at JongWoon from where he was sweeping up the floor, the older man shrugging.

"It's probably better not to ask," YoungSaeng said, watching Zhou Mi leave the room. "Half the time, whatever they say makes RyeoWook blush."

"Hyung," RyeoWook protested, flushing a little at that and poking at his food.

No sooner had Zhou Mi left than the door opened again. Looking up, JungMin's eyes narrowed at seeing SooHyun and Kevin standing there. Now what?

"We must speak with you privately," SooHyun looked between YoungSaeng and JungMin, ignoring the looks he was getting from the others. GongChan had scooted back away from the door; KiBum, who had very little exposure to aliens as it was, was trying not to openly stare.

YoungSaeng glanced at JungMin as he got to his feet. "Alright," he said, lips pursed as he started for the door. Once he and JungMin were out in the hall, Kevin motioned to a room across the way for them to step into, closing the door behind them so it was just the four of them in a small storage room.

"We have a bit of a problem," Kevin said. "All of our food was on the ship when it was destroyed. We have nothing to eat."

JungMin leaned against the wall, arms folded over his chest. "We have enough food for you two in the mess hall right now."

"But it is food for rocks, we can't eat that," SooHyun glanced at Kevin.

"Well we don't have any Shinbi food here cause Saeng and I both eat the same as everyone else, so if you don't want to be hungry until we reach the trading post then you'll practice with human forms," JungMin said bluntly.

Kevin looked troubled, glancing between SooHyun and JungMin before he nodded. "You are right. We don't have the luxury of boycotting the food, not if we want to survive. How many days is it to the station?"

"At least a week," YoungSaeng said. "We understand how hard it is to hold on to your true form. Lucky for you both you weren't tortured with electric shocks and forced to take on a human shape, and then beaten and starved if you changed back. Shifting into a human for a few hours a day is nothing, and complaining about it is childish."

"Barbaric, how do you stand being around humans and taking their shape after that," SooHyun frowned at them.

"It's funny how things change. Do you have any experience with human forms? The anatomy?" JungMin asked.

"We have studied it extensively, but haven't attempted human forms as of yet," SooHyun replied.

"Well, no time like the present," YoungSaeng said, crossing his arms over his chest. "JungMin and I could offer our help, but I don't know why we should."

"That won't be necessary," Kevin said, lifting his chin. "I... have practiced, but not much. I have trouble with the hair. So many colors to choose from."

JungMin couldn't hold back a snort at that, shaking out his own shock of red hair. He knew what they were talking about. "Well, have fun, but if you're going to shift now then we should be here in case you mess up."

"We don't mess up our shifts," SooHyun replied, the embers under his skin sparking slightly in annoyance. Glancing at Kevin, he closed his eyes. His form slowly became more opaque, liquid glass becoming skin.

JungMin watched with a critical eye until the Shinbi was in a completely human form in front of them, hair the same length as before but a dull brown in color.

"Seems good," YoungSaeng said, looking him up and down. "You obviously got the organs right or you would have snapped back by now," he said, turning his attention to Kevin.

The blue Shinbi looked at SooHyun for a moment, curious, and hesitant. "Very strange," he said quietly before closing his eyes. The glass like skin rippled, turning a opaque and fleshy, a little paler than SooHyun. YoungSaeng smirked a little when he was finished, eyeing the blond hair.

"A good choice, I think it suits you," YoungSaeng said. "Now, can you talk?"

Opening his eyes, SooHyun glanced at Kevin beside him, taking in the Shinbi's new appearance with the same curiosity the other man had towards him. He opened his mouth at YoungSaeng's question, a soft exhale escaping before he frowned.

"No, don't try Shinbi language, the voice box is all wrong," JungMin shook his head.

"It...is strange," SooHyun said after a moment, clearing his throat and looking down at his hands. The Shinbi shuffled slightly on the spot, clearly not comfortable in his new skin.

"Yes... strange," Kevin said in agreement, looking at SooHyun as he reached over to poke him in the cheek. He seemed to startle himself at the reaction, looking down at his hands. "Very... limiting."

"In some ways," YoungSaeng nodded. "But not in others. Particularly the fact that you can eat the food the rest of the galaxy does. Will you be able to go in and eat with the rest of us now?"

"That is why...we're in these forms," SooHyun said, frowning at the poke in the cheek.

"Well, let's go then, I'm starving," JungMin stretched out his arms, bored with the whole thing already as he headed to the door.

"Sooner we eat, sooner we... change back," Kevin said, nodding to SooHyun as he started to follow JungMin to the door.

"You do know you'll have to wait a few hours at least to change," YoungSaeng said with a small smirk when Kevin looked to him. "Have to make sure you properly digest that food first."

"We know that," SooHyun said brusquely, following beside Kevin. JungMin could already hear an audible improvement in their accents, though they still seemed to be having trouble with the language.

When they stepped back into the mess hall, JongWoon looked up and blinked repeatedly at the two Shinbi now in human forms. "Oh...hi. Guess this means you can eat now?" RyeoWook, hearing that, got up to get them two plates of food.

KiBum looked between the two strangers before turning to HyungJoon in confusion. "Where did the glass people go?"

"Those are the glass people," HyungJoon replied quietly. "They're Shinbi, shape shifters. You had to have heard about them, right?"

"Well...JongWoon and YoungSaeng told me a little," KiBum blinked, watching SooHyun and Kevin sit before looking back at his brother. "We heard them mentioned once or twice back home, but we were kinda out of the loop."

"The Shinbi are a very private race," HyungJoon said, keeping his voice down. "But if it hadn't been for them, the Fed would have taken over the whole galaxy and everyone here you see that isn't human, would probably be dead."

"Oh..." KiBum looked around the table again. "I think you're going to have to fill me in more on what I missed later."

"Uh...here's your food," RyeoWook nervously placed plates down in front of Kevin and SooHyun before going to sit down next to KyuHyun again.

Kevin looked down at his plate, picking up a fork and hesitantly poking at it. "Thank... you," he said, though by the look on his face, YoungSaeng could tell he wasn't so happy about having to eat strange food.

"Anyone seen KiSeop?" HyungJoon blinked, looking around the table. Seemed like everyone was there except for the strange new medic.

"Uh...nope, not since we got here," JungMin looked around as well. "He's probably in his room."

"Want me to call him?" JongWoon fished out his communicator. "There should be a link to his room."

"No, I was just curious," HyungJoon shook his head. "That guy is strange. He never sleeps, I rarely see him eating and sometimes he just sits and stares at you like you're some kind of puzzle to figure out."

"He could have a staring contest with DongWoo then," YoungSaeng said, stirring the food around his plate, chuckling a little at the way DongWoo squirmed nervously.

"DongWoo hyung would win," GongChan exclaimed, already scraped his plate clean. "Should I go see if he wants food?"

"He'll show up when he's hungry," JungMin shrugged. "Speaking of hungry," he snorted when GongChan's stomach growled again. "I forgot how much Geit teenagers eat."

"Yes... we just stopped for supplies when we left Federation space," YoungSaeng said. "With the added crew we're going to have to get some supplies at the trading post. Was it too much to hope you had any currency on you?"

"Captain has an account at the post I think, too dangerous to carry around currency out here," HyungJoon said. "I'm sure we'll be able to pay for more food."

"We'll have to ask him whenever we see him and KyuJong again," JongWoon nodded. "How were they?" he asked quietly, looking at Zhou Mi.

"Quiet," Zhou Mi said, having just walked back in. "I didn't even see the Captain, just KyuJong, but I could tell from the look in his eyes that the Captain wasn't doing so well."

"Don't blame him," HyungJoon said, looking down at his food, suddenly losing his appetite. "Proteus was his first ship. Losing her is like losing a family member... on top of the family member he really did lose."

"He'll need more than just time to recover from that," JongWoon said quietly. "At least...he doesn't have to worry about any pressing duties for a while."

"Which is going to make things worse," HyungJoon shook his head. "You know how Captain is, when he gets frustrated or upset he pushes it all down and works twice as hard to ignore it. Without anything to distract him..."

"I think KyuJong will be able to distract him enough," YoungSaeng said, putting an arm around JongWoon's shoulder. "Or he'll try anyway. There's not much else about that we can do right now but be there if he needs us."

"Yeah," JongWoon looked down and nodded, leaning against YoungSaeng. "We will be."

"For sure," JungMin took HyungJoon's hand under the table. The others were quiet, RyeoWook getting up again after a minute to start clearing the table after some people had finished.

The rest of the meal passed quietly until everyone dispersed to go about doing their own thing. Life on board the Pandora would be hectic for the next little while until the new additions to the crew found their place on board. Even the two Shinbi ambassadors.

With that in mind, YoungSaeng decided to pay them a visit the next morning. Knocking on the door to their quarters.

The door unlocked after a moment, SooHyun opening it and looking down at YoungSaeng. He was back in his true form. "What is it."

Getting used to the Shinbi's curt way of speaking again was going to be difficult, but YoungSaeng grinned and bore it. "I was just coming by to see if you both were settling in well."

"As can be expected." SooHyun looked back into the room before returning his gaze to YoungSaeng. "There is something we do not understand, why you choose to stay here among humans if you were mistreated so. Why did you not return to the Empire?"

Lips purse, YoungSaeng crossed his arms over his chest. "That's a long story, and I don't know if you'll even be able to understand our point of view on it. We were afraid."

"Afraid? Explain." SooHyun tilted his head slightly to the side.

"Afraid that we wouldn't be accepted," YoungSaeng said, not really wanting to talk about this. "And I don't think we were wrong, considering I was called a fraud yesterday because I choose to stay in this form."

"You lead a life that is very unbefitting a Shinbi, it is puzzling why you would reject your own culture over those who abused you so," SooHyun replied.

"I never rejected Shinbi culture," YoungSaeng said, bristling slightly. "It had just been too long since we had seen another, or spoken the language. We were kept away from our people and forced to adapt to survive. Do you think you would have done differently?"

"I would have returned to my people. Everything you do rejects who you really are, like a solid living in the body of a Shinbi. Fraternizing with other races, pretending to mate with one, is damaging you."

YoungSaeng's expression fell, and his eyes narrowed dangerously. "Pretend to mate with one? I don't pretend at anything, least of all my relationship with JongWoon. I intend to spend the rest of our lives together and have bonded with him completely. You think it's so easy to just return? You know nothing of what we went through, and what choices we had to make."

"Your choices should have included returning to the Empire." SooHyun shook his head. "You are confused, being among rocks for so long has clouded your judgment. Bonds between Shinbi and outsiders are unnatural and will cause you pain, drive you away from your roots."

YoungSaeng shook his head, looking away. "You'll never understand what it was like, and there is nothing I can say that will help you to understand. We were two people without a home, without a people, because returning home was not an option. Why would we want to return to our people when they would denounce everything that we are like you both have done? My relationship with JongWoon is the only thing in my life that I will never regret, and has brought me the only real happiness I have ever had."

"It will bring you sadness before long," SooHyun said simply. "You belong with your people. But if you both continue on this track, you will lose the right to call yourselves Shinbi."

"Who are you to say that? Because if being able to call myself a Shinbi means I have to be an insufferable, judgmental prick, then so be it," YoungSaeng said with a snort. "You keep asking why I wouldn't want to return, why I wouldn't want to be with my people, and you're making my point for me. If you need anything, ask someone else. I'm done," he said, turning to leave.

"We'd be more than happy to teach you the culture again, seeing you've forgotten it all," SooHyun leaned against the door, arms folded across his chest. "It's rather sad actually."

"I haven't forgotten anything," YoungSaeng said, looking over his shoulder. "I am proud of being who I am, and where I come from, you just don't see it that way."

"No, I don't. When I look at you, all I see is a rock." SooHyun stepped back into the room, closing the door.

renichifreakrenichifreak on April 3rd, 2012 04:18 pm (UTC)
Good thing you warned me...I just did a double take...so who is he???

I seriously want YoungSaeng to hit them...or I want something to happen to make them reconsider their words...

And I feel so bad for Hyun.../clings to him
연아 (YeonAh)yeonah on April 3rd, 2012 04:20 pm (UTC)
Keke I know I had to warn you... xD;;; He's CNu~~ his real name is Shin DongWoo <3
saanrio: Dream out loudsaanrio on April 3rd, 2012 04:45 pm (UTC)
Ugh, SooHyun is being such as arse... : (

Interesting chapter, some people added in that I am definitely not familiar with. I thought the DongWoo was Infinite's DongWoo, but after reading the other comment, I'll have to go look him up. lol

I'm horrible, I know. Though, I can't help but wonder what on earth KiSeop is up to, and what KyuHyun was doing.. I hope he hasn't been infected. : (

Looking forward to the next one!
TakaGacktHydetakagackthyde on April 3rd, 2012 05:22 pm (UTC)
dude saengie just needs to beat the shit outta them one good time.
hyunaeparkhyunaepark on April 3rd, 2012 10:37 pm (UTC)
and ugh, only thing I enjoy about Kevin rn is that you made him blond. ;~~;
/hits them both
princessmeli09princessmeli09 on April 4th, 2012 06:32 am (UTC)
ZOMG NEW CHARS! SO happy to read this

so many different view points and everyone thinks they are right... i wonder how you guys will turn those two pricks around

Hyun is breaking my heart T_T
chibikissme: yesungachasmile_as_a_noun on April 4th, 2012 06:02 pm (UTC)
Gongchan and CNU!! How is it that like all my favorite people ended up in this story? I started reading it for Jongwoon, then Mimi and Kyuhyun show up, and Sungmin and Xander and Wookie. Then in the sequel there's Kiseop, Kibum, Kevin, Soohyun (even if I dislike those two right now XD), and now even B1A4 is here. Seriously, these are like all my biases you guys XD

Err... by the way, I should probably say that I only found Proteus like a week or so ago and I sat and read the whole thing in like 2 days and am totally in love with that and the sequel. I haven't had the chance to comment yet, but yeah, while I'm spazzing over characters I figured I should throw in that this is now one of my favorite fan fics ever XD Like, in my top 5 for sure. You two are amazing (I've been reading your other stories as well, finished Never the other day and just read the latest chapters of Life in Purgatory today~). By the way, I knew absolutely nothing about SS501 before this (other than Hyungjoon being Kibum's brother), so if I become a fan it is your fault. I'm really bad about commenting but do know that I will be here reading updates every week =D
연아 (YeonAh): RyeoWook - PEACE~! ^-^Vyeonah on April 4th, 2012 06:12 pm (UTC)
Awww Thank you~!!! >////<

We're always happy for new readers =D Thank you for commenting and letting us know! <3

And we'll gladly take full credit for a new Triple S~~~
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